Biblical Bulldust and Velikovsky

Ron Unz manages an interesting website “The Unz Reciew” and occasionally sails close to the wind when commentary focuses on controversial topics.  His American Pravda editions are thought-provoking and often cause scales to fall off my eyes. It was researching Talmudic topics that I learnt of a provocative opinion concerning the historical accuracy of the biblical Old Testament (OT) by an Egyptian scholar, Ashraf Ezzat, who wrote a short book entitled “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Or Israelites” in which he shows that the OT history was fundamentally wrong and that true Jewish history in Palestine begins with the Hasmonean Dynasty, before which it was located in southern Arabia and that the Jews were one of many competing semitic tribes. This interpretation is corroborated by various historical facts delineated by Arabic scholars, and the source of the historical muddle was the Septuagint Bible and its translation from the original Hebrew when a different history was fabricated. Not falsified but fabricated by brain addled priests.

The Velikovsky link concerns the fact that he noted the fundamental historicity of the Jews was misdated and ancient Egyptian history expanded by some 800, or so, years. Velikovsky decided to link Jewish history with an earlier Egyptian period so that the catastrophe related in the Jewish Exodus story corresponded to a similar catastrophe described in the Ipuwer scroll.

Except this version of Jewish history was plainly wrong since the Israelites were never in Egypt, according to the Egyptians and Arabs. There never was any missing Jewish history in Egypt, so the catastrophe that was the Exodus happened elsewhere, from a southern Arabian town where slavery was the norm, and it wasn’t 600,000 Israelites but perhaps 300 members of a particular tribe who were enslaved, and so on. In other words the Israelites lived in what is now known as Yemen.  This conclusion will not go down well with the devout.

Did the authors of the Septuagint Bible willfully falsified history? No, because the fabrication of history has a long pedigree and continues to this very day.  Fabrication of history seems to be the production of culturally traumatized brains where the imaginal is considered more real than physical reality itself.  It seems to be a type of cultural narcissism. The reason for this problem lies in the human brain and how it thinks, or doesn’t.  It reduces down to whether one elevates belief over empiricism, or vice versa. One is either scientific or religious in one’s reaction to life.

In the 19th Century when the British Empire was at its ascendancy the British movers and shakers sincerely believed they were superior to the coloured races, an attitude that can be traced to their Christian culture that they also imposed on their subjects by the application of fear. (Fear of not having spiritual utopia in the after-life; Marxism is simply utopia in the here and now, so there’s no fundamental difference between socialism and Christianity – just different protocols for the here and now and the after-life).   Their goal was to establish a world government run by them as self-ordained superior people. That goal has not changed and to this day can be considered as social democracy or some or other wishy-washy model of collectivism.

I don’t see any difference between the attitudes of progressives, liberals, collectivists or religionists – they all believe they have a legitimacy conferred on them by one or other authorities whether racial, religious or ideological and are thus superior to the rest of humanity. Collectively they can be identified as messenger shooters since the message can never be at fault.  They are intrinsically totalitarian and thus intolerant since ideological competition cannot exist.  They believe they are the pinnacle of creation and the rest of Nature at their beck and call. Some even believe they are racially superior and the rest of us are no different to beasts of burden.  They can be identified by their urge to missionise and convert the unbelievers.

And that’s the problem – they believe, and the belief du jour is climate change.

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Losing Religion

Just a short note on why my Christian friends are sad because I have not been saved.

Saved from what? I guess immortality in the after life. But the afterlife is something the human brain has made up by the process of thinking.  The stuff my body is made of doesn’t disappear when the organism dies, but is recycled back into the Earth.

Oh! You mean my  survival, my ego, or ID, But that’s only the creation of thinking. No thinking, no ego.

Or maybe they are referring to the spirit that animates the organism – it’s survival once the organism dies. It too survives because it is the agent that’s forming physical reality itself. Down in the quantum world we are all one which could be called the implicate order that explicates into the 3D existence we dwell in.

Or one dwells in The Matrix and believes the mindscape is real.

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Do I Believe In Fairies?

The answer to that question is no, I don’t.

Do fairies exist? I don’t know. Children say they do. I suspect knowledge of this is beaten out of children by brainwashing or the inculcation of culture so they stop seeing what adults cannot see.

Who is I?

Is the existence of I dependent on the existence of a tree or something unseen?

Observe and study yourself thinking to understand that.

At the subconscious level there is unity, such as a flight of birds or a school of fish or a crowd of humans collectively reacting as one.

At the conscious 3D level reality there are individual objects which we see and interact with.

At the thought level created by the human brain there are only imaginals based on our individual and collective experience. Memories are always of the past and thought is always the reguritation of the past that is then extrapolated as wish, faith or belief.

No one can foretell the future.

Slavery is when you are addicted to thinking.

Go figure.


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The 6000 year “age” is based on the Judaic lunar calendar, and would have been when people started counting “time”.

Time is not a physical object but simply human memory of a repetitive physical motion, here moon orbiting earth.

Nothing was created 6000 lunar years ago, but was when some human tribes started to first remember.

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Earth Rotation Physics

What drives the Earth’s daily rotation? The mainstream view attributes it to the spinning accretion disk during the solar system and hence the earth’s creation 4.6 billion yrears ago. This mechanism is nothing other than a perpetual motion machine.

Some years back I corresponded with South African astronomer Hilton Ratcliffe and we both agreed that when rotational motion is observed, we assume the operation of magnetic field aligned currents, aka Birkeland currents, or BCs.  The Earth has polar BCs.

In 2015 retired professor of electrical engineering, Prof. Donald Scott, published a paper describing “Birkeland Currents: A Force-Free Field-Aligned Model“. In a nutshell BCs form counter and co-rotating “tubes” aligned around the direction of current direction. These counter rotating phenomena have now also been observed on some planets. Schematically these phenomena are shown in Figure 3 of Scotts paper.

Scott Fig 3.PNG

This co-rotational structure is displayed by plasma, and not condensed matter. (Bear in mind that 99.997% of the visible universe is made of matter in the plasma state).

And if a novelty walks and talks like a duck, it’s a good bet it’s also a duck.

wind patterns

Earth Prevailing Wind Directions

If one looks down onto the North Pole then counter rotating shells can interpreted and this is similar to Scott’s model in Fig. 3 above.

This model can be extended outwards to include the two known Van Allen belts, one of which is positively charged (inner belt), and negatively for the outer one.

Winds that move faster than the earth’s rotation. the Westerlies, are not powered by the magical Coriolis effect. since gases are not Newtonian objects, but by the BCs. Having the atmosphere moving faster than the underlying rotating earth is much like arguing that a body being pushed by a bulldozer is travelling faster than the bulldozer itself. These field aligned shells are cartooned as follows:

BCshells cropped.jpg

Where N = North Pole rotating counter clockwise, P = polar motion clockwise, W= Westerlies counter clockwise, T = tradewinds clockwise, I=Ionopshere counter clockwise, VA1= inner Van Allen belt (+ve) clockwise, and VA2 (-ve) Van Allen belt going counter clockwise, or co-rotating with the Earth.

It also beconmes obvious that rotating tori of ions generate magnetic fields and thus the Earth’s geomagnetic field in all its perplexing complexity since we also need to include the contribution of the electrically negative oceans, among other possibilities.

And if you put a sphere of condensed matter in the center, which itself seems to be comprised of shells of alternating ionised and non-ionised matter, then this seems to be the dynamics of the Earth, a rotating plasma system. Variations to the dynamics of this system seem to be intrinsically exogenous, but this is presently taboo.

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Getting Religion

The highlight of the week is This Week In Pictures on the Powerline Blog. This week a nail was emphatically driven into the nature of religion.

Getting Religion.PNG

During the Pagan times the gods were many and some the planets.  The statements made in the cartoon above only make sense when the expected calamity comes from the heavens. Ever notice that the newly religious mostly seem to gaze enthralled into the heavens? That’s where heaven is, apparently.

For those of us free of religion, all that’s in the heavens are stars, planets, meteorites, comets and moons, some of which apparently affected the Earth physically as recounted in various holy books and native beliefs and myths. It’s obvious the cartoon narrative is describing a future astrophysical catastrophe.  These beliefs are sincerely and devoutly believed and while some take advantage of human gullibility, most don’t.

What’s interesting is the present-day obsession over a CO2 generated thermal Armageddon or holocaust, an obsession apparently based on the memory of a thermal holocaust interpreted having terminated the Western Roman Empire and other global civilisations.  Thermal because the Western Roman Empire structures are buried under a dark earth strata attributed to fire. Elsewhere rock paintings and outcrops are coated with a thin silicious patina or vitrification also known from Easter Island outcrops and stone monuments that are thought to have been caused by a nuclear explosion (Peratt.  Similar patinas are observed in the Kimberley region of Northern Australia where the Bradshaw art is vitrified onto the rock.  Whether the vitrification was caused by a nuclear explosion or from the thermal effects attending plasma rainbow serpents electro-machining the Earth’s surface remains moot. The rainbow serpent model seems more plausible since it was observed by many native people.

Given the Maori legend that the Moas were extirpated by heavenly fires, corroborated by Australian Aboriginal legends about the Aurora Australis extirpating many of their people during the recent past, it seems likely the Roman Empire was terminated by a globally extensive coronal mass ejection-like thermal catastrophe subsequently memorialized as religion’s hell-fire.  Survivors would then believe they survived because they were chosen or saved by their metaphysical authority, with the more plausible plain luck off the memory menu.

However difficulties arise when memories of the past are conflated with the present into religious beliefs. Those who dwell mainly in The Matrix would thus have little chance of discriminating between reality and meta-reality. As The Matrix is formed by the activity of thinking, the only way to see reality is to stop thinking. But if religion was inculcated in one, when thinking has become an entrenched habit, then discrimination becomes nigh on well impossible as one is not allowed the freedom to think independently.

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Catastrophic Reality and Religion

Player One.PNG

Winter is a useful time to attend to unimportant matters since the seasons and weather stop any useful work outside. Brain exercise then becomes dominant and to while away time reorganising the hi fi, figuring out how to get output levels right for all the various inputs and mulling over ideas formed long ago becomes possible.  My internet service is Bigpond by Telstra, and they have a movie streaming service, Bigpond Movies. Whilst fine tuning the movie streaming service I discovered I had obsolete hardware with the replacement paid for and on its way. It was familiarizing myself with the software update, or app as it is now termed, that I came across the latest movies, including Steven Spielberg’s latest, “Ready Player One”. The trailer narrative is really interesting.

Set in 2045, the world is on the brink of chaos and collapse, but the people have found salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe created by James Halliday. When he dies, he leaves his fortune to the first person to find an Easter egg he has hidden in the OASIS, sparking a contest that grips the entire world. When an unlikely hero named Wade Watts decides to join the contest, he is hurled into a reality-bending treasure hunt.

Imagine yourselves back in time at the collapse of the Roman Empire, here viewed as a global catastrophe caused by the heavenly prodigy, the Comet of Justinian, and physically most likely Venus, the precise identity being irrelevant for the moment.

How to escape the chaos of the Roman collapse? By retreating into one’s imaginal mindscape promised by religion. Incessant chanting and praying does distract the human mind most excellently, and if repeated long enough, becomes an unconscious habit. Organised ventures into the imaginal mindscape could be called religion, and it is interesting that both Christianity and Islam both appeared as fully fledged organised institutions after the Roman Collapse. Were these faiths engineered to distract the people from the climate catastrophe that sundered the Roman and other global civilisations?

No different to escaping the brink of chaos and collapse of 2045 CE catastrophe by retreating to the Oasis, an imaginal world.

An interesting outcome for survivors of any such global catastrophe is development of the belief that because they survived they must have been chosen, or saved, and thus different to others. And those who are unable to forget and get on with life,  become enslaved to become a ready-made market for various drug dealers, physical and metaphysical, whether  of opiates and prozac or the virtual realities of religions.

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