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C C & C-19

The hysteria associated with the C-19 so-called viral pandemic has much in common with the hysteria of CO2 changing weather patterns, invariably that unless sinful humanity changes now, our future will be terrible. Just like the OT when Yahweh would puunish the sinners. Both memes are prophesies and thus religions driven by abstract beliefs (Not sure if I am tautologising ).

The fact is that the future cannot be predicted, despite the apparent success of Armstrong Economics’ Socrates software. Especially so when it is realized that the Roman Empire was terminated by a global climatic catastrophe. The origin of this humanist arrogance might be located in the Council of Trent when the Latin Church monopolized spirit or consciousness, The Hard Problem, and banned science from studying it, or after wards when Galileo erred after which The Enlightenment dismissed consciousness as an ephemeral epiphenomenon of brains.

We are dealing with religion and not science when estimating present non-existing physical states in the future. Science is always about understanding the known, not the unknown and hence cannot ever inform future physical states. Climate Change and Covid-19 are belief systems, since the phenomena they pretend to predict do not at present exist. Scientific hypotheses cannot be formed for non existing phenomena.

Panpsychism assumes irreducible consciousness as fundamental, continually manifesting existence where the observer and observed are the same.

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The police bodycam transcript of the events associated with George Floyd’s tragic death:

You can finish reading the transcript for yourself. But the bottomline is clear–Floyd’s respiratory crisis was caused by the Fentanyl he had ingested before the police showed up on the scene. That evidence is quite clear in the autopsy report. Those who have rushed to judgment in condemning the Minneapolis Police Department will have to do some major mea culpas.


The fact is that many “conservative” commentators also didn’t fact check and actually supported the lie voiced by the Marxists running BLM.

People could be categorized as either religious or irreligious. The religious are informed by belief that always trumps empirical facts, and hence they only see what they believe.

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Tsunamis, Beaches and Bottles

I’m reading Armstrong Economics latest analysis of The Great Reset, and on page 82 an example of physical cyclical behavior is presented using a bottle thrown into the sea.

Armstrong Economics :The Great Reset

A tsunami is similar to the ocean waves except bigger. Like ocean waves, they also cannot move stuff laterally. To believe they do is to commit the logical fallacy of arguing the consequent. Nor can transverse waves pick up material and transport it horizontally.

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Earth Alignments

Brien Foerster has uploaded a rather large, (7+ hours) YouTube video about inexplicable ancient stonework. 20.48 minutes in looks at the vitrification of the megalithic stonework of the Egyptian Karnak location where one side of a structure shows intense vitrification, interpreted as a solar plasma impact, or CME, at dawn. There is a problem with this observation and conclusion because the Karnak alignment is some 23 degrees off from the east-west direction that is assumed the builders originally designed. Foerster suggests a catastrophe might have realigned the Earth’s rotational angle, in the past being perhaps perpendicular to the ancient ecliptic, and now 23.5 degrees off the perpendicular 12,000 years ago at the end of last ice age.

Google Earth View of Karnak

If the Earth was orthogonally aligned to the ecliptic, the climate would have been quite different with no seasons and hence trees would not have any rings. Another irritation is the Amenhotep III Nile River water clock, that suggests a 12 degree tilt occurred in the past.

All rather baffling.

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Mind is Matter ?

Stephan Schwartz recently gave a talk about Edgar Casey, the American remote viewer and in passing replied to a questioner mentioned the Council of Trent during which the Roman Church decided that religion and spirit/consciousness was the church’s domain and physical matter science’s domain, with the implication that scientists transgressing the church’s domain is forbidden and death the usual outcome for any transgression, inter alia. From this start the Enlightenment appeared and physical materialism became the dominant scientific paradigm.

He also mentioned some quotes attributed to Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics,

As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about atoms this much: There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” ~ Max Planck

This explanation fits a holographic universe, not a materialistic one and leads to the unsettling realization that subatomic particles don’t exist either, let alone atoms and molecules whose existence is determined by the thinking process itself. How then is gravity explained?

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Quantum Quandaries

Apparently physics has two problems, the hard problem of consciousness and the paradoxical problem of the double split experiment – particles or waves?

Wikipedia tells us that the interference pattern produced by the two-slit experiment is comprised of alternating dark and light bands that are actually comprised of small discrete points, interpreted as being caused by impacting photons, the main differences being the density of the discrete points on the reception screen forming the interference pattern. (Source) Equally the same result is obtained by shooting electrons at the splits.

Wrong. The discrete points on the screen are actually the individual atoms making the screen being energised by the incident light, hence the discrete points.

As for the hard problem, that is solved by adopting monistic idealism, that consciousness is continually forming holographic reality.

The origin of these two problems can be found in the fascination that the physical materialists have with The Un-enlightenment when consciousness was exiled as an epiphenomenal abstraction. Particle physics is much like the rhetoric of witch doctors using their sacred chicken entrails explaining the movements of bodies to the credulous.

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What the Heck happened at the Hecker Horizon?

It seems an ancient continent, Zealandia, has been mapped under the Pacific Ocean east of Australia, (H/T Kim Yuu).


There’s an old Australian aboriginal story attributed to the Kurnai people that there used to be land south of Gippsland that the sea has now covered. (page 26, Australian Dreaming, compiled and edited by Jennifer Isaacs, Landsdown Press, 1980). Another story mentions a distant time “when all the land in the world was joined up in one big country”, followed by a big flood after which all the lands broke up, (op. cit p.28).

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Wholeness and the Implicate Order – David Bohm

A new documentary about physicist David Bohm (H/T Rupert Sheldrake) may be watched here.

I was introduced to Jiddu Krishnamurti’s ideas when twelve years old, 1960, in Sydney, NSW. Decades later I came across U.G. Krishnamurti’s ideas. It led me to the realization that the implicate order, the Quantum potential, or consciousness, is continuously unfolding 3-D reality. Nonlocal connection is a physical fact demonstrated by remote viewing and by more recent experiments.

Imagine this thought experiment – one has a body B1 separated from another body B2 by a distance D observed by observer, O, in this case me. We know that if B2 moves, B1 moves instantaneously in a gravity or electrical field, but a problem arises because O does not see/observe any change in D. No motion is observed. This is not physically reasonable unless we realize that D is zero, realizing also that the distances between the Bs and O must also equal zero if D is zero. In another word, irreducible Wholeness that is consciousness of which we are part. In other words the observer and the observed are the same. Added: Physically this is impossible in a mechanistic materialist universe but logically the only solution for a holographic universe enfolded by consciousness.

It is the activity of our thinking by naming, and thus objectifying, what is observed into an observed and observer duality, that also creates space between the observer and the observed that fragments reality into separate bodies or objects or the embodied physical reality we exist in.

We do not have separate minds, souls, spirits and so on, but seem to tap into a global or universal mind determined by our culture with our brain acting, in a metaphorical sense, as a two-way radio transceiver; our problem, the human problem, is our addiction to beliefs that manifest as continuous radio transmitting by the brain, submerging reality into the background of noise. This addiction is also known as brainwashing, whether by religion or ideology.

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Climate Energy Traps

The latest climate change inanity is the discovery of coal fragments in the basalts of the Siberian Traps that have been interpreted to have caused climate change 250 million of years ago.


The problem with this interpretation is the source of energy that produced the massive outpourings of volcaniclastics, basalts and mafic intrusives which, incidentally burned some underground coal beds etc.

It is also likely that the underlying sandstones and sediments were also deposited at the same time during that climate catastrophe 250 million years ago.

That the climate changed is not questioned but it wasn’t from the burning of some coal but the massive eruption of volcanics. The only logical source for the energy had to be a solar coronal mass ejection that probably also caused the eruption of the Kharamai kimberlite field after the outpouring of the Siberian Traps. Similar scenarios could be interpreted for the effect of the Indian Deccan Traps and the South African Karoo flood basalts.

Therefore it is far more probable that the Permian-Triassic climate change extinction event was caused by a global coronal mass ejection impact which happened to have also burnt some coal that was carried up with the erupting dolerites and basalts.

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Politics and that Bug

Martin Armstrong was interviewed recently and the podcast is available here. Briefly, the present-day economic calamity is being implemented by the Davos Set, politically active billionaires and lightly educated leftover Marxists running the climate change religion. The calamity seems to be based on Thomas Piketty’s book describing his theory of capital accumulation proposing an inferred increase in global inequality, which Robert P. Murphy reviews here.

There is a general belief among the political progressives, BLM, and sundry NGOs that the richest 1% park their money and don’t spend it. This is nonsense. They do indeed park their money and earn interest on it but at the same time the banks and funds which borrow that capital, lend the parked money to others at a higher interest rate, who then use that capital in productive wealth generating projects. If no one saves, no capital is created and all production is immediately consumed. This is the socialist way, by the way. The only way one gets income from accumulated capital is to lend it. Wealth does not exist in or of itself but has to be continuously produced. Those who consume but produce nothing are simply parasites.

The Davos Set also don’t understand life and the behavior of living systems. In such systems initial response to external stimuli occurs at the individual level from which it is then propagated through the rest of the system which then exhibits group behavior, as described by Sheldrake in a previous post here. Instead they believe in the efficacy of top-down hierarchical systems which they assign themselves as the ruling elite.

Life’s purpose is simple – to stay alive – all human activity is ultimately directed to this purpose. How we individually go about it is entirely another matter leading to two choices – produce something to exchange or steal it, the socialist way.

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