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History And It’s Fabrication

One of the unusual characteristics of historical fabrication is the ignorance of logistics and the daily hum-drum of life, including the provision of food, the problem of human waste disposal, especially of large urban populations, and the need of a reliable supply of water, among other basic necessities. Historical accounts also tend to be romanticised in order to tell a story that might be remembered. This fact was driven home when I read an article about the 1683 AD siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Turks here. This war occurred during the Maunder Minimum period, 1645 to 1715 AD. and I wondered if instead the official history of this event was actually a fabrication by a later generation to explain the remains of the perplexing massive loss of human lives caused by a global climate catastrophe that no one really remembered?

In other words the massive loss of human life found in Vienna was not caused by a Muslim invasion but from a global climate catastrophe which no one remembered. And if that catastrophe also affected the civilisations around the Mediterranean, then the survivors would probably have been the nomadic tribes peoples rather than the urbanised populations, peoples which were literally sent back to the stone age. Hence the “invasion” of Europe by the nomadic peoples roaming for scarce food and water in competition with the benighted survivors of the urban and rural regions.

And if the survivors were brain addled and traumatised, then no one would have remembered the natural catastrophe except as godly punishment and superstition which later generations fabricated as more plausible histories to make sense of the present, or post Maunder Minimum time. In other words official history was fabricated in terms of what its authors believed had happened, dismissing alternative narratives as superstitions of ignorant rural hicks or uncivilised natives. In our era that historical view point was the birth of Uniformitarianism.

Today the young generation have no knowledge of World War II and its antecedents; official history then becomes a politically correct fabrication forming the basis of a subsequent cultural creation myth.

This leads to making sense of the Australian aboriginal narrative that the Rainbow Serpent sculptured the present day landscape of continental Australia, and also as a Koori legend relates, the time when the lands all split up. Assuming that oral history is limited to the last catastrophe, the Aboriginal Dreamtime story has to be the Maunder Minimum period. Which implies that the present day historical narrative of aboriginal occupation of Australia for the last 60,000 years somewhat of a history fabricated from whole cloth.

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Gravity, Again

Seems the belief that a deposit of ice or sediment depresses the crust it sits on seems permanently coded into the human brain. It involves the weird idea that less dense bodies can sink into more dense bodies, here liquid or “ductile” crust.

I worked as a geological sampler when I was a callow youth and the first job was extracting heavy minerals out of beach sands collected off shore from Tweed Heads in Northern New South Wales. The technique was simple – a small aliquot of sample was obtained by the process of cone and quartering the sand, and combining the derived aliquot into a beaker or container of bromoform, a liquid of specific gravity of about 3.0  which when left undisturbed for an hour would resulting in gravity separation of the sample with lighter floaters and heavier sinks of heavy mineral, < 3 and > 3 gm/cc respectively. A more efficient recovery operation was performed back in Sydney at Warman Laboratory when vortex flow separation using water and pressure variation was conducted. In the diamond business HMS plants using heavy media (usually very fine grained iron particles mixed with water to get a cutting density of 3 gm/cc that is used to extract diamonds of SG 3.5 gm/cc). So I might know something about gravity separation technology and theory.

Ice has a SG of 0.9995 gm/cc and floats in sea. Ice or water placed in a beaker of bromoform also floats.

Ice placed on rock with a density of 2.7 gm/cc or greater does not sink into the ground. If water can’t sink into a liquid having a SG of 3.0 gm/cc, then it certainly can’t sink into a lithified crust.

If you want to argue mathematically using Newton’s theory of gravity, then the distance between the large ice cap and the crust under it is ZERO. Gravity is about moving bodies attracting each other, not about immovable bodies that an icecap resting on crust is. This belief would logically then argue that the Pacific Basin is caused by the weight of the Pacific Ocean depressing the crust. It doesn’t make sense until the realisation that the gravity equation is a mathematical representation of God. It’s religion.

Crust that is showing uplift is thus not due to the previous presence of an ice cap but from some type of internal degassing.

What is also wierd is that while graphite is a low pressure-temperature form of carbon, while diamond is believed to be a high pressure-temperature variant, crushing or polishing diamond into a fine dust does not produce graphite. And there;s another interesting physical phenomenon – the incompressibility of liquids.

Much of science is actually religion. It’s priestly class understand mathematics but not necessarily physics.

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Brain Action

The human brain seems to have three modes of operation:

1. Does nothing

2. Recites

3. Thinks.

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Wrong Direction

Five times a day the devout kneel and prostrate themselves in the direction of their authority. Except that one researcher has worked out that the location of that authority is at another place, the abandoned location of Petra in Southern Jordan.

I suspect the torching of the Library of Alexandria by the Caliphate mentioned in the video was fabricated much later as a logical explanation for the global catastrophe, linked to Venus, that terminated Antiquity. The sheer size of the remaining constructions at Petra, along with Gothic architecture in Europe, and other inferred Middle Age architectural anachronisms suggests that the era of megafauna and flora was terminated by a series of catastrophes that humanity memorialised as religions.

It leads to the scenario that perhaps much of official history is unwittingly fabricated from whole cloth. It implies that the prophets weren’t, but who were conjured up to make sense for the uncomprehending survivors. After all if one’s authority needs obeisance, that authority needs compelling facts to support its primacy. Which implies that the Biblical prophets were added to history after the events occurred: catastrophes are, by definition, unpredictable. In other words history was rendered politically correct. What did Orwell write? He who controls the present, controls the past. And he who controls the past, controls the future.

Perhaps there is a reason why the three Abrahamic Faiths are monotheistic and also evangelical. Monotheism is intrinsically totalitarian and the hall mark of a cultural inability to adapt to a changing environment. They are, perhaps, living fossils.

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Climate Change Pseudoscience

An incontrovertible fact is the existence of atmospheric downwelling infrared radiation that is interpreted to come from CO2. Much intellectual gymnastics are used to use this fact as a feature of the Greenhouse Effect of our atmosphere. It is based on the belief that infrared radiation that is absorbed by CO2 is remitted as downwelling infrared radiation causing warming.


The observed atmospheric downwelling infrared radiation is caused by the flow of electric currents through the atmosphere. (The atmosphere is defined as the physical object between the Earth’s surface and the base of the Ionosphere). That IR radiation does not come from CO2.

Joule heat atmosphere

In other words there is no greenhouse effect since molecules of gas are not thermal batteries. The image was copied from an excellent presentation by Ben Davidson at the 2019 Observing The Frontiers Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

And the fatal flaw in climate science? By restricting the energy input to the Earth as the total solar irradiation, TSI, and assigning the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum to the human contribution to climate change.

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Chain Mail, or Anachronistic Clothing

One of life’s puzzles is the existence of chain mail, or clothing made from small metallic loops knitted into a fabric and worn by middle age to medieval knights when duelling or warring. The problem is explaining its manufacture, since it presupposes metalliferous mining, smelting and highly specialised manufacturing to “knit” millions of small metal loops into a “cloth” that was then tailored into a suit. Made by a knight’s granny with her knitting needles? Perhaps and then what might I have been smoking to imagine such an unusual scenario?

A similar problem exists with the wearing of hose or skin tight pants worn by medieval men – where are the looms needed to produce that fabric? Who were employed to manufacture it? Black plague and all that, with Huns and Goths and Vandals all wandering about, warring with each other, and at the same time “civilised” town folk were manufacturing most magnificent sartorial vestments.

Clothes made from chainmail do lead to one interesting possibility – they are essentially personal “Faraday Cages” or suits to protect the wearer from induced electric shocks.

Electricity during the Middle Ages or Medieval period? Noooooo… Have I lost the plot?

It very much looks like history has been more than simply muddled by benighted monks in monasteries factoring their dreams from whole cloth. Rather, it is likely history was fabricated by very artificial stupids (AS rather than AI) to fit their dreams into past realities. Why bother with facts when argumentum rhetoricum can prove anything and everything.

And then the existence of chain mail begs the question of why? And who manufactured them, and where?

It all depends on how many ideas one thinks with, as the late Fred Hoyle would have mused. And these days not many at all. Just ask some climate change believers, they actually don’t think at all but simply recite their scriptures, apart from when they are super-gluing themselves to pedestrian zebra-crossings to rebel against coal mining.

Addendum: Muslims prostrate themselves five times a day in the direction of Mecca by touching their heads on the ground in front of them; ostensibly to electrically ground themselves to remove the accumulated electric charge. Chain mail suits may then be a means by which others insulated or isolated themselves from over-charged atmospheric electricity. Which is all and well but still leaving the problem of manufacture and the necessary work-flow from mining to production.

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Fabrication of History

A sort note about historical revisionism. 

Jef Demolder has posted an extremely interesting summary of the historical revision of one Edwin Johnson, an 19th century English historian, in which that author arrived at the conclusion that the Roman-Greco civilisation ended in modern times and that Middle Age history and chronology is simply fiction. (Read here).

I downloaded a copy, PDF, of one of Johnson’s books from, The Rise of Christendom, in which that author prefaced his work with, to me, the astounding revelation that prior to the modern era, provisionally dated as starting during the 17th century, orthodox education involved the deduction of facts from theory, or as the author put it, “…nor do men seek to arrive at facts by dreaming first and observing later”.

But nothing has changed! Fake facts derived from delusional dreams continue to be propagated by the Universities and Main Stream Media to this day as Fake news, fake history and fake chronology.

The Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age seems now to be extremely significant and not a minor climatic blip in the evolution of the Earth’s biosphere.

It also means that Heinsohn’s dating of the Roman Civilisation, circa 930 CE, needs revision itself, and brought closer to our era in terms of chronology.

One thing I do stress is that history was not so much falsified but fabricated by well meaning monks and friars who were driven by their dreams rather than empirical facts. While modern propaganda can indeed be wilfully falsified, (see Corbett Report here, Language is a Weapon video),  I suspect the social engineers ardently believe they are doing the right thing. As the aphorism goes, the road to hell is always paved with good intentions.

It seems very likely that the Roman Termination catastrophe was the Maunder Minimum event.

As for Christianity, and its Abrahamic siblings, Judaism and Islam, these faiths seem to have been deduced from the dreams of the severely traumatised survivors of the Maunder Minimum catastrophe.

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