Parliaments or Republics? Martin Armstrong

An interesting comment by Martin Armstrong here but the reason Rome collapsed was not from political skulduggery but a global geological catastrophe that almost destroyed all of Rome.  The anarchic conditions at the time were simply humans from everywhere trying to survive. The archaeological facts are overwhelming but the recognition of those past events rather underwhelming.

However the memory of those past catastrophes, while being suppressed at the species level, continue to be played out by the survivors and one intellectual ploy used was to deny the past was ever cataclysmic, enumerated by Lyell’s Principles Of Geology, that formed the foundation of Uniformitarianism that drives the modern scientific effort.

Except that modernity somehow seems convinced a future climate catastrophe is imminent, this time from humanity’s sin of burning hydrocarbons. an unusual moral failure given our biosphere is a carbon based on, and utterly needs CO2 to exist, let alone survive.  Proselytisers of this CO2 climate change meme truly are brain-dead.

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Dumb Darwinists

The Darwinists have one core problem – how to start with a single living cell that progressed to the existing biological complexity of modernity. How do you get a dinosaur from a tribolite, for example. And why have the Darwinists this problem? Because they,  like the biblical fundamentalists, assume creation in the past.

Thermodynamically energy can neither be created or destroyed, which simply means creation never occurred. Did planets form? Yes, but not from nothing. The following video is helpful.

Illogical theories such as gravity (matter attracting matter instantaneously) and creation, are collectively fabrications of the human brain that many have become addicted to. Firm beliefs are nothing other than reified imaginals or memories.

The Universe and Life has always existed, and will always exist.  Biodiversity is simply the existence of lifeforms compatible with a particular environment.

Single cell life forms did appear early on in a planet’s evolution, but that wasn’t, and isn’t creation but the natural spontaneous manifestation of life into that particular environment. As the late David Bohm put it, life explicates out of the implicate, the two domains being the one and same and holographically interconnected. And just as there is peace in the Universe, so too violence. Then shit happened: Catastrophe, violence when the biosphere had to adapt to the new environment, the geological stratigraphical record.

However some humans became disconnected from reality by the appearance of thought and the ego, which they became enslaved to by their memories; simple addiction to their thoughts and thus memories. Those seemingly unforgettable memories were the global geological catastrophes the Earth experienced, due to no fault of the biosphere; Shit happens, after all.

Except that some humans, the religious, remain chained or addicted to the past, memorialised as a fear of the unknown. The response was to imagine a future utopia where everything would be plentiful, and immortality the reward of righteousness and observance of belief. Humanity escaped from its violent memories into the safe spaces of their minds in The Matrix. And when the enslaved become culturally sophisticated, they fabricate history and science in terms their addicted brains can understand. Fiction then becomes fact when authority is invoked to support one’s rhetorical position or belief.  Actual fact then becomes incomprehensible as cognitive dissonance.

At the Quantum level everything is connected. At the physical level everything is still interconnected but many have become disconnected when they couldn’t turn off their beliefs orchestrating in the brains as a constant blur of sounds that memory is. The past is gone, it cannot be changed, but the addicted, chained to the past, keep extrapolating the past into the future by the process of thinking.

This is the problem – the human enslavement to the reified beliefs fabricated by their frightened brains as they try to survive in The Matrix. Those who proselytise religion and its secular version of social collectivisms, are simply brain-fucked, literally.

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Petroglyphs and Molten Rocks ?

A fascinating video has been posted on YouTube by the Mystery History Channel

The various petroglyphs documented in the video are best interpreted as facsimiles of atmospheric plasma phenomena as initially described by Anthony Peratt. Unfortunately the scientific papers describing those phenomena are no longer accessible on the site due to the zealotry of the mad mullahs of the global scientific mafia and PC police. In a general sense the people who drew the petroglyphs were documenting atmospheric plasma phenomena visible at the Earth’s south pole in antiquity. It is a controversial subject.

Of interest here are the indented petroglyphs into the sandstone deposit at White Mountain national park in Wyoming, USA. The sandstones have been dated to some 30 millions of years before the present. The location is shown below by the thick red line.

White Mountain Petroglyphs location.PNG

Figure 1 – Petroglyph locations, White Mountain, Wyoming

White Mountain hand prints.PNG

Figure 2 Indented palm prints

The naïve explanation is that our ancestors were able to soften the rock, here sandstone, to make the impressions but a comment made by one of the readers of the video is perceptive:

White Mountain comment.PNG

Figure 3 – Comments

The young commentators are perceptive, the hand prints were made when the rock was soft, probably just after it was deposited. However this explanation might be considered problematical in terms of received geological lore, for sandstones are sedimentary rocks deposited in shallow seas or fluvial environments. Maybe.

Inspection of the topography to the left of the red line could be interpreted as Lichtenberg figures and in a plasma sense a deposit of sand formed by a magnetohydrodynamic mechanism; or put simply, a plasma deposit of loose sand or loess etc of quasi-volcanic origin. Humans seeing this being formed would have probably amused themselves by imprinting their hands into the soft sandy deposit that had to be in a coherent shape, probably maintained by electric charge. Whatever, the imprints were made by humans into recently formed soft rock. The main problem is that this rock is supposed to be 30 millions of years old.

Which raises the inevitable question – primacy of theory or physical evidence?

Elsewhere the video points to large polygonal stone structures that have also been, allegedly, softened by some magical process. However the presence of vitrification on these stone structures suggests an alternative explanation – intense thermalisation of the structures during a global climate catastrophe caused by the erosion of the Earth’s surface by highly corrosive electric plasma discharges frequently described as Rainbow Serpents by native peoples. This thermalisation would have softened the rock structures by constant inflow of plasma current, along with vitrification from intense radiation emitted by the plasma discharges.

Thermalised rocks are simply metamorphosed rocks, and instead of being buried deeply in subduction zones to be metamorphosed at depth, it is here proposed these rocks were thermalised at the Earth’s surface by highly corrosive plasma arc currents during a global climate/geological catastrophe. This process cannot be used to explain the fine and detailed workmanship of the pre-existing megalithic stoneworks.

It also lends support to the interpretation that the Roman Empire was terminated by a global catastrophe, presumably the geological Alpide or Tertiary event. This explanation flies in the face of the mainstream geological uniformist and Darwinian western cultural myths of creation and the supremacy of the chosen, saved and divinely ordained followers of the Abrahamic religions. But those myths were fabricated by the survivors of these catastrophes, who for the most part had seriously addled and traumatised brains totally lost in their imaginations forming The Medieval Matrix from which our fake history was fabricated.

Mainstream science places these petroglyphs at 10,000 years ago. So too the megalithic constructions. And if we take account of the roman aqueduct buried under 60 metres of Miocene to Holocene sediments in the Garzweiler open cut mine near Cologne, Germany, we have a problem, Houston. This is to be expected when received history is documented by the demented, brain addled, psychopathic survivors of the catastrophes. Like the survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, who believed they were chosen by virtue of their survival, so too their predecessors, the survivors of the Roman Termination catastrophe, who believed they were chosen by God and expressed that choseness with religion, the worship of authority.

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More Consequential Fallacies

The logical fallacy of arguing the consequent is a widespread thinking error.  An example should suffice – pianos have ivory keyboards; elephants have ivory tusks: therefore elephants have ivory tusks because they eat piano keyboards.

The latest geounscientific example is the interpretation that the rising crust in west antarctica is caused by melting of the glaciers causing isostatic rebound. The rising effect is deduced from GPS data.

The crust is rising but its not due to melting ice.  Ice has a specific gravity that is slightly less than water and hence floats. Melting the ice does not cause the water level to rise.

Crustal rocks are more dense than ice and an average is about 2.5 g/Cm^2 whereas ice is 1 g/cm^2. Less dense rock cannot depress or sink into more dense rock.

However the observation that ice loss is coupled with crustal rise, while real, does not mean the loss of ice has caused the actual crustal uplift. Asserting it has is to make a logical fallacy. It is tantamount to arguing that melting sea ice will result in a sea level rise.

The error appeared over a century ago when, during a geodetic survey , a surveyor’s theodolite plumb-bob did not deflect as expected next to a mountain range as predicted by Newton’s theory of gravitation, that matter attracts matter. The logical response would have been to question the theory. The religious response would have been to conclude the data were wrong.

Religion is maintained by rhetoric. Science is by simple observable of physical fact. Computer modelling is rhetoric, but not necessarily scientific, and becomes prophesy when used to forecast the future.

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What Global Warming ?

GISS Temp.png

H/T Greenie Watch

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Ice Ages

There seems some confusion over how ice ages occur.  Ice ages are assumed to be climate events when massive ice deposits are formed forming polar ice caps. The mainstream view is that this is caused by the Earth getting a little cooler, aka the Milankovitch Cycle.


In order to form massive ice caps you need lots of snow. And lots of snow requires lots of water that gets evaporated into the atmosphere where it then combines with the influx of solar protons to form ice crystals that then get dumped at the planets poles.

So when a coronal mass ejection impacts the Earth, one that is far worse than the 1859 AD Carrington event, say, when the CME causes massive electric discharges between the ionosphere and oceans, causing evaporation, then ice ages are actually caused by catastrophic rises in temperature or  global warming that evaporates the equatorial oceans which then get dumped as snow at the poles. This catastrophic event also causes mass extinctions of some of the species of the biosphere.

But global cooling does not result in ice ages, catastrophic global warming does.

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Quantum Aether

The famous Michellson-Morely experiment supposedly eliminated the idea of an aether but not so fast – the aether didn’t disappear, it re-emerged, phoenix like, as Quantum physics with particles behaving as waves.

The problem is that neither electrons nor protons have actually been observed by anyone: they remain invisible. Their effects are interpreted physically but then only in terms of our knowledge that is simply memory.

Daybreak may indeed cause protons to leave the surface of the oceans to cause wind, but as we also cannot see the atmosphere, but only feel the wind, how could we know the presence of protons in the air?

We’ve studied the electron, or what we think it is, for over 100 years and a recent book describing the physics of the electron lists 12 different explanations, which can be doubled if we add the wave mode.

But gravity is instantaneous and that means there is no space between two objects. Which means there cannot be particles in the quantum domain but only waves or ripples in the aether. Which means protons are not particles either but different ripples in the aether.

But we in our 3D world use language that is the retrieval of phonetic memories (all words are sounds mapped to perceived objects) and what we imagine exists in the Quantum domain is actually extrapolated from our memory.

And then the model of the atom – the nucleus represented by a ping-pong ball and the nearest electron 300 meters away, say. So what’s between the electron and the nucleus of 1 proton?

Or can’t we ever know ?

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