New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal V7 N1 (NCGTJ V7N1)

The latest issue of the journal is available here as a PDF download.

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It’s An Electric Universe

Thanks to the pioneering work of the Thunderbolts team and their latest video on Space News which reported a new scientific text settling the argument that the universe is essentially electrical in nature in the following video presentation.

Wal Thornhill: Black Hole or Plasmoid?

A book review is here.

Aspects of the Electric Universe model are also used by the research team behind the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center who also publish their work in the NCGT Journal.

Gravity has nothing to do with the physics of electrodynamics, but as gravity also remains a core Western scientific myth, the paradigm shift to the Electric-Plasma Universe model will be acrimonious and controversial. A.J. Peratt and the writer believe this paradigm shift won’t occur during our lifetimes; but we could be wrong.

Finally I suggest gravity might be the electro-dynamic, (ED), force, the ubiquitous plasma Z-Pinch effect that seems to operate at all scales. If matter attracts other matter, then that only happens because of electric charge separation in the first place.

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More Godly Gravity

I previously uploaded a post on July 28, 2017, about Gravity possibly being a secular replacement for the Christian God,

I just watched Dr. Irving Wolfe’s YouTube lecture on Velikovsky at the 2017 EU Conference from 17 – 20 August 2017 again and discovered that Dr. Irving Wolfe came to the same conclusion, that Gravity is the secular science’s replacement for the, then, role of a theological God to explain physical reality.

It’s no wonder there is so much opposition to the EU model of the Universe, or the Plasma Universe, plasma being essentially an uncontrollable phenomenon.

What we recognise as science today is actually technically sophisticated religion and a product of the English imperial culture since AD 1600 that reached its zenith at the end of the 20th Century AD, or CE if you want to be secular.

The problem with religion is its inherently unchallengeable authority which remains dominant in modern science where criticism of the core ideology isn’t permitted, whether Gravity, Darwinism, Plate Tectonics or the Standard Model of the Universe. The problem is exascerbated with the Churches running many of the universities, bearing in mind that it was the Roman Church itself that formed the first universities.

This leads to the religious mind that I define as a human brain inculcated with a particular pattern of thinking involving the the dominance of authority that cannot be questioned. As absolute free will does not exist, expecting the devout to change their minds becomes an impossibility since the religious are totally captured by their cultural mores, whether simply banal or as scientifically embroided variants of porkine lipstick.

It explains why the Climate Change meme is a variety of religion. It explains many of the astrophysical impossibilities such as the recently “photographed” Black Hole published in the mainstream media. Astrophysical black holes are physically impossible objects because physical matter cannot self-gravitate. Stars cannot collapse into themselves though the structures used to depict Black Holes are simply structures formed by plasma Z-pinch effects. It is the belief that matter attracts matter which dominates our scientific mindset. It is belief that creates atomic particles that no one has ever seen. It is belief that creates space between particles and objects.

Beliefs are simply ingrained habits of specific thoughts.

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Soft Rocks

During late 1977 I worked for the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation on the Cordeaux Dam underground railway project proposal to haul coal underground to Port Kembla. The tunnel was designed to pass under the Cordeaux water-catchment storage and because of the presence of a fault, an accurate map along the proposed tunnel line was needed. Field work included going underground at the Keira colliery, and also commissioning a surface diamond cored hole to locate the 3D position of the fault. It was during the diamond coring operation that a geological surprise occurred.

Drilling was done using a standard diamond coring machine in which a continuous core of rock, here Hawkesbury Sandstone, was cut and placed in core trays.

The Hawkesbury Sandstone outcrops as a hard quartzite-like rock but when cored at depth wasn’t hard at all, and had a soft plasticine-like characteristic; This was quite a surprise for me as I was used to the underground conditions at the Kambalda Nickel Mines where “soft rock” was absent. The driller told me this was normal for the rocks of the Sydney Basin, that of being like plasticine at depth. Exposure to ambient air quickly (48 hours) converted the moist sandy plasticine to hard quartzite.

At minimum the understanding of the geological process called diagenesis is incomplete, apart from the physical impossibility of any fluvial regime having the ability to transport large volumes of quartz grains across long lateral distances. Impossible under the prevailing paradigm of geological uniformism as enumerated by Sir Charles Lyell during the early 19th century.

My exploration geochemistry lecturer recounted another time when working at the Johannesburg gold mines when deep down in the Witswatersrand sandstones these too were plastic like and water saturated when initially tunnelled into, but over a day or so became hard and quarzitic in nature when exposed to air.

This fact has serious ramifications for the idea that coal deposits are squashed or vertically compressed piles of vegetated sediments. Since I was actually underground under the fault location in the coal colliery, that was subsequently drilled from the surface.

In the mining industry we recognise two types of rocks, hard and soft, but I had never entertained the idea that hard rocks at the surface actually became very very soft with increasing depth. So much for the compaction due to gravity model – it’s basically BS.

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Mesmerisation and Knowledge

I came across the following description of hypnosis:

Hypnosis is based on repetition: You gaze at the watch swinging back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, or the spoon clinking round and round and round the teacup, and sink into a suggestible trance. The verbal equivalent of this kind of hypnotic repetition was admirably summarized by Lewis Carroll as: “What I tell you three times is true.”


The hypnotised could then be more accurately described as the mesmerised whose thinking is dominated by the habit of thinking with a small number of, memorised or inculcated, ideas as an entirely robotic process. Thus the mesmerised easily obey orders, and only experience cognitive dissonance when psychological novelties are encountered. The hallmark of the mesmerised is mindless recitation, facilitated by near constant head-bobbing as they recite their prayers and devotions.

Acquiring knowledge also involves repetitive thinking and one then wonders whether knowledge is actually the politically approved inculcation of ideas, and heresy it’s opposite. And it all occurs within the domain of the human brain’s thinking process that is nothing other than the recollection of previously inculcated ideas.

Which leads to the insight that the inhabitants of The Matrix are unaware of reality, having become disconnected from it by cultural mesmerisation.

The mesmerised don’t think, they instead recite.

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Faking History

I wonder how much self-awareness exists among the general liberal-progressive demographic when the minders of the green church, Greenpeace, disappear the name of one of their founders from their mast head.

Tech Tyranny’: Google promptly vanishes Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Moore from enviro group’s history after Trump tweets his skeptical climate views

If we assume human nature hasn’t changed over the centuries and millennia, then how much official written history was politically adjusted? How much was edited to comply with what the ruling elite believed to have happened, in contrast to what actually happened? Obviously some of it must have happened as written, and some of it might also seem fantastic to our modern understanding, but was banal reality for our ancestors. And if our ancestors witnessed some natural phenomena that hasn’t happened since, does that mean that past event never happened?

In a geological sense no one has witnessed kimberlite or phreatomagmatic volcanic features erupting, so we have no idea what deposits or lavas these volcanoes put into the environment. Then we have vast surface deposits of loess and mineralogically heterogeneous sand deposits forming the world’s deserts, of mysterious origin, scattered over the continents, with no evidence of these sediments also occurring in the adjacent ocean basins. The origin for the loess and sands are guessed to be associated with ice ages, but the link is controversial and, to this writer, implausible if the mechanism is glacial grinding. Flowing ice does not erode or grind – it flows like a viscous solid much like cold treacle.

The sands are believed to be the erosion products of granitic mountain ranges, and then is it chemical erosion or mechanical attrition? Weathered granite does not yield sand. Ice cannot attrition granite to produce quartz sands that are then transported laterally by fluvial or aeolian processes.

But what if the surface deposits of loess and desert sands were eruption products of kimberlites and phreatomagmatic diatremes? And what if these deposits were formed before the major ocean basins were formed? Of course some of these loess and sand deposits occur on the continental shelves, but they seem conspicuously absent on the continental slopes and abyssal plains.

We have vast sand and loess deposits with no obvious provenance. We also have a large number of “volcanic” features for which there are no associated eruptive deposits. Maybe there is a link between the two phenomena and the loess and sands were ejected by the various kimberlites and phreatomagmatic eruptive features?`

Just thinking in an unapproved manner.

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More Cycles and Connections and Geocentricity

Armstrong Economics, as if on cue, posted another comment on the periodicity of solar forcings and recurring cold periods/hot periods to which the biosphere contracts and expands, Climate/climate-change-real-fake-exaggerated.

From Armstrong Economics cited above

Marty is on the money when he asserts that everything is interconnected and that you cannot attribute weather/climate simply to one specific forcing, human activity. The problem is that we are still obsessed with geocentricity and assume geophysical phenomena are solely due to human activity since we refuse to accept the possibility that the Earth’s physical behaviour is dominated by solar and extra-solar forcings. This denial of external forcings which originated with Charles Lyell and his Liberal colleagues during the 19th Century, from which Uniformitarianism and Darwinism evolved, and which continues to limit our scientific thinking to only endogenous forcings, grudgingly coupled with infrequent meteorite impacts, is the problem.

We think we are separate and spiritually superior to the rest of the biosphere.

We are not.

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