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Latest research in the UK has led to the proposal that consciousness is the brain’s energy field, Consciousness is .. electromagnetic.

The University of Surrey’s Johnjoe McFadden “posits that consciousness is in fact the brain’s energy field,” the university says in a statement, making McFadden’s dualism a question of matter and energy, the institution says—not the classic “body and mind” distinction. Throughout history, philosophers around the world have tried to account for the special-seeming nature of human beings within the world or even, some fear, the entire universe.

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Dualism is the belief there is a mechanical materialistic universe, and a separate spiritual domain, or something extra, indefinable, and generally an immeasurable separateness; Materialists don’t believe this and insist there is only material that is observable and measurable. Thus religion is concerned with the “other” and science with the material world. Reality is different, however.

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An additional Reset Opinion

I’m watching James Corbett’s 16 October 2020 Great Reset Video:

My interpretation of the data is different. The Great Reset is the mechanistic materialist understanding of panpsychism in terms of objective physics which evolved from The Enlightenment during the 17th to 18th Centuries of the current era. It seems pre-enlightenment cultures understood the spiritual foundation of reality they were living as; until they were traumatized by some global catastrophe we remember as the Little Ice Age that predicated The Enlightenment and the institutionalized cultural appearance of religion and separate state.

As Russel Targ with his group involved with remote viewing show, at the Quantum level nothing is secret. Physically it’s the non-local connection property of the Quantum level as defined by Bell’s Theorem. Practically there are no secrets at the Quantum level; their existence is simply drowned out by the noise of the intellectual chattering of the millions of human brains we are all connected to, assuming our brains are nothing more than radio transceivers. It’s all about signal to noise ratios. The 5G radio network is but a mimic of Quantum communication.

The Great Reset is a robot’s explanation of biological evolution. Continuous resetting is synonymous with biological evolution and the idea that the means are the ends.

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The Great Conundrum

The following opening sentence of a news report:

There has been a 98% plummet in flu infections this year, dispelling fears of a Covid and flu ‘twin-demic’ about which many had warned. Experts say we can thank masks and social distancing. But does this really add up?

Although there is no mass testing for flu as there is for Covid, the WHO says that surveillance of data from around the world shows flu rates collapsing everywhere. Australia essentially ‘skipped’ their flu season this year, with not a single case reported since July (their peak). In fact, flu has more or less vanished throughout the Southern Hemisphere, and early indicators suggest it will follow suit north of the equator. What can explain this unprecedented decline?


But there is a politically manipulated viral pandemic that seemed similar to the regular flu season. There is a statistic that more than 225,000 deaths are directly attributed to you know what in the US. Assuming the US has a population of 330 million, that works out as 0.0682 % of Americans died from you know what. Given that the climate change proselytizers obsess over a similar magnitude statistic for CO2 in the atmosphere, a mere 0.04%, it is fairly obvious that the usual suspects are not only making astrophysical galaxies from mere atoms, but are also totally certain they are right and this leads me to wonder whether we have actually experienced the 4th industrial revolution and that most of us, 99%, are actually silicon-brained idiots.

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The Great Reset

The Armstrong Economics website seems to be panicking over the ignorance of the American voters, and by extension the rest of the world, concerning the 2020 POTUS election this November 3. Apparently it’s not about Biden or Trump, but implementing the great lockdown to destroy the middle class small businesses and US economy to facilitate the implementation of the Green New Deal, the elevation of the EU as the new cultural hegemon and as the global response, to catastrophic climate change, to herald the Great Reset Utopia when by 2030 we will own nothing and all be happy about it.


If there is a looming economic crisis hidden over the horizon, the world’s various automobile manufacturers don’t seem to be aware of it, judging by the deluge of 2021 new vehicles advertised on the various internet news sites. And if we have happily nullified private property rights, who then is going to hire the new cars? And with what? Money? If there aren’t any property rights, then there are no markets, no exchange of goods and services and thus no money. Have the ruling elites thought this through, you might wonder, because in Utopia, where money is not needed, what would happen to the monetary wealth of the ruling elites and bankers? Those pools of wealth become worthless because the elites will not have property either, assuming that our elites are also in Utopia. Money only comes into being when goods and services are being exchanged in unhampered market economies.

It is going to be interesting because if we globally collate and aggregate all the non-tax paying entities, we might realize that it is the tax-evading trusts, charities, NGO’s etc., who are the parasites feeding off the taxpayers, that might have a role in the, so-called, social inequalities the cultural-Marxists obsess over.

Physically there is electrical charge separation, what we call positive and negative charge, and it is this unequal distribution of electric charge that ultimately drives the Universe. Life is the response to inequality. Equality of outcome only exists in the graveyard. That’s what the Great Resetters don’t understand.

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Earth Age and Evolution Problems

The Thunderbolts Space News series of posts reported, October 4, 2018, that a recent scientific study of biosphere DNA categories pointed to a

In 2018 scientists from New York and Sweden published the results of their sweeping study of 5 million DNA barcodes from about 100,000 different animal species. As reported by on May 28, 2018, the results are “sure to jostle, if not overturn, more than one settled idea about how evolution unfolds.” In addition to a shocking absence of genetic diversity, the authors were stunned to conclude that about 9 out of every 10 species on Earth appear to have come into being at about the same time, apparently sometime between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago. Study co-author David Thaler said of the findings, “This conclusion is very surprising, and I fought against it as hard as I could.” One unavoidable possibility these results raise is articulated in the report, which asks, “Was there some catastrophic event 200,000 years ago that nearly wiped the slate clean?”

The problem is easily resolved, however. Animal fossils are reified remains of biosphere species subjected to a rapid freezing or mummification process. Ordinarily the biosphere involves the continuous recycling of animal life-forms in the regolith or deeply weathered land surfaces and shallow seas. Active biomasses do not accumulate anywhere on the Earth’s surface. To fossilize a life form requires an almost instantaneous cessation of life, including the extinction of the putrefying bacteria found in the guts of various animals.

If the early Earth was similar to Jedi Master Yoda’s Dagobah rainforest planet, in which no rock outcrops exist, then no fossils would accumulate since life itself is recycling everything continuously in the deeply weathered regolith underlying the planetary extensive rainforests. Then something happened which our ancestors remembered, but which we continue to deny.

H/T Jupp. op cit.

The sudden appearance of 9/10 species 100,000 to 200,000 years ago, is simply the time of a global catastrophe using the standard uniformist chronological model, marking the first time of fossilization. Before that event there were no fossils. And there wasn’t one catastrophe, but many, as narrated by various uncivilized tribal peoples as the various myths and legends today’s Unenlightened uniformitarians and Cartesian Dualists dismiss as primitive delusions.

As to which geological era this study was restricted to, needs further study but the controversial results have nothing to do with the Earth’s “age”. Rather, these DNA results falsify the theory of Neo-Darwinism and its foundation of geological uniformitarianism.

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Survivors Write History

Conservative website American Thinker published an interesting article about the “Gruesome Battle of Sagrajas” during 1085CE in Spain when the Muslims defeated a Christian army. The author paraphrased an account of the battle that is interesting in that :

“Always in the background was “[t]his weird drum beating, which so dumbfounded the Christians.”  It was, in fact, part of the new tactics brought into play by the Almorivades, whereby military units rhythmically advanced to the beat of drums.  As one historian explains:

The thundering roll of the Almoravide drums, now heard for the first time on Spanish soil, shook the earth and resounded the mountains.  And Yusuf, galloping along the serried ranks of the Moors, nerved them to bear the fearful sufferings inseparable from holy war, promising Paradise to the dying and the richest booty to those who survived the day.

Soon even the effete Moorish kings who had been driven off the field had returned to the fray.  Now “the clash between the two kings was terrific.”  Now “the earth quaked under the hoofs of their horses,” writes a Latin chronicler; “the sun was obscured by the clouds of dust rising under the feet of the warriors; the steeds swam through torrents of blood.  Both parties, in short, fought with equal animosity and courage.”

Muslim accounts agree: “the stormy din of drums, the clash of clarion and trumpet, filled the air; the earth quaked [under the weight of the warriors], and the neighboring mountains echoed the thousand discordant sounds.”

This description seems eerily similar to the Jewish Old Testament describing human battles involving earthquakes, loud sounds, etc., which might be better explained as a battle between the Earth and some cosmic interloper, or planetary God(s). This account of a major battle between the Arabs and Europeans also coincides with the Hecker Horizon, the Norman invasion of England, and other climate catastrophes caused by departed natural agents that were, dimly, remembered by the survivors and interpreted as punishment meted by God or Allah.

The Hecker Horizon could thus re-interpreted as a global thermal catastrophe that led to the Little Ice Age our cultural era emerged, along with the awakening of, or more likely retreat into, a metaphorical fantasy world of the abstract as the defining cultural characteristic of The Enlightenment: The Cartesian Duality.

As always, study the data and think.

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Drill Hole Update

This is the problem simplified.

  1. The Ionosphere carries a positive electric charge.
  2. The Earth’s surface carries a negative electric charge as does the MOHO. This is a plasma double layer that appears spontaneously when an electrically conductive object is immersed in a cell of plasma.
  3. The MOHO is interpreted as a negative electric surface below which we have no data. In fact we also do not know what the MOHO is, apart as an interpreted seismic velocity change, but it is a global physical discontinuity.
  4. G represents gravity, E the ambient electric field, B the magnetic component at right angles to the page, and the Lorentz force which is horizontal. E,B & L are orthogonal vectors (The magnetic field is a secondary effect, as is the Lorentz force).
  5. Atoms are assumed to be dipoles with the positive being the proton. The shell is the electron, as a very simplified model.
  6. The Left side shows the regional electric field deforming the atom which is electrical gravity as initially proposed by W. Thornhill.
  7. The Right side shows a more stressed atom due to the higher negative electric charge associated with the artesian water logged sediment pH 8+. The net result is that more dense matter is apparently closer to the surface due to the artesian water layer effect.
  8. Immediately underneath the artesian stratum the net E-field is reversed and the atom is attracted upwards. This is measured by the surveys at 90 and 120 meters downhole as posted here below.
  9. Deeper, under the stratum, on the right the E field is normal. This is represented by the unstressed atom model.
  10. What is the Lorentz Force? It is the Earth’s axial rotation.
  11. How far down does the E field extend? Theoretically at least to the MOHO.
  12. The solid Earth is a Newtonian body.
  13. The plasmoidal Earth, (solid plus atmosphere plus plasma/magnetosphere) is a Coulomb body and is described using the same form of equation as gravity but with different units. It is the Coulomb Earth that interacts with the Sun and solar system, not the Newton Earth.
  14. Magma glows at plasma glow-mode state, is thus a thermionic emitter and hence electrons are actually quanta of radiation. Electrons are photons are EM radiation which is light.
  15. Because we are all trained in Newtonian mechanics, we treat everything as mechanical bodies including the invisible particles of the Quantum domain. We only understand energy transference as Newtonian kinetics. As 99.997% of the visible universe is comprised of matter at the plasma state, Newtonian mechanics are thus only applicable to 0.003% of the visible Universe. We have created our problems by assuming that gravity is universal. It’s not, it’s the Coulomb force that operates in the plasma, but what is happening in the invisible world is best left to the denizens of The Matrix where mainstream astrophysics is found.
  16. The total force acting on a test mass is F = FC + FG10-39 where FC = Coulomb force and FG the gravitational force. Apparently it is politically correct to ignore FC.
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Minds and Consciousness

In a previous post I mentioned Wolfgang Smith’s ideas on Quantum mechanics and how it’s paradoxes have been resolved. There are no quantum particles and this conclusion is controversial, to say the least but it can be explained by a short thought experiment.

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European Expansion 15th Century

There’s a bit of a kerfuffle over Columbus and his arrival in the new world, and I wonder if this European expansion was in reaction to them surviving the last global catastrophe to go out and evangelize or save the rest of humanity in order to placate the catastrophic forces the Europeans believed caused their terrible experience during the Hecker Horizon. ( The logic I am using is that having survived the Hecker Horizon catastrophe, Europeans seemed to have concluded that the reason they survived was because God had chosen them. It is from that historical event that our present day troubles seem to be anchored to.

Just saying.

Additionally the Europeans did what they did because the global catastrophe was a bit lopsided, affecting the circum-pacific cultures more than the European cultures. It was Pacific Ocean biassed.

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Uniformist Lunacy

There seems to be a global madness afoot with new incidences of Covid-19 infections being reported, and no one seems to understand why. One opinion is that’s the means by which the Davos crowd are creating the Great Reset. Others think its linked to the 2020 US presidential election. I think it’s due to real time “evolution”, both of the Earth, and its part in the evolving or changing solar system, and the Earth’s biosphere reacting to the latest biospheric population explosion in its anticipation of the next climate change catastrophe.

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