Tungusta Deja Vu

There was a terrible rainstorm in NE Italy last week, causing loss of life and demolishing some 14 million trees. So how could a rainstorm destroy so many trees? What went on? 

All rather simple – trees are the easiest means by which electrical energy leaves the crust to the ionosphere. Forests are massive emitters of electrons through their leaves (why leaves are called leaves) and thunderclouds and dark clouds are the source of abundant protons. If there is an excess of atmospheric protons, to the point of perhaps being overloaded, then a proton dump (acid rain) will occur and as the Lorentz Force is 90 degrees to the descending surge of protons (water), then whammo, trees and forests are flattened by the catastrophic surge of proton charged rain and winds. Probably the same disaster that occurred in 1908 in Siberia when and even bigger zone of forest was flattened. 

It’s why the equatorial region is characterised by rainforests, everything else being equal. Of course this explanation  won’t cut in mustard with the CO2 weather fanatics, and probably sinful humanity will be blamed again.

No aliens or meteorites needed folks, just plain electricity that mainstream science believes does nothing to the weather or cosmos. Its a plasma planet we exist on.

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The Pillars of Hercules

A Greek statement that has assumed the Greeks were referring to the Straits of Gibraltar.  The phrase gained popularity in the Atlantean mythology.

On the other hand if the Pillars of Hercules are the same as the Australian Aboriginal narrative of the Rainbow Serpent, new insights are possible.


Bathymetry Atlantic Ocean

The mid-oceanic ridge, MOR, mimicking the shape of Africa, might have been the track the Pillars of Hercules took during the Cretaceous Extinction event, or the K-T event. Reassemble the earlier landmass distribution and I suspect we have reconstructed Atlantis.

Hercules? Another name for Jupiter. Oh dear, I have tabooed myself by mentioning the taboo of taboos in geology. Did similar processes operate in the Pacific Ocean hemisphere? Did the Earth expand or were the landmasses the result of plasma erosion, and taking the form of mega-mesas?

Earth volume expansion by magmatic fractionation of more dense material into less dense rocks  seems a more plausible explanation than invoking mass creation in the Earth’s core.

And how might landmasses drift over the surface of the Earth? I would guess via the MOHO that might represent an electrical charge boundary than a seismic velocity change, real as that seismic phenomena is.

If the Pillars of Hercules split the Americas from Europe and Africa, implying the operation of orthogonal plasma impacts via magnetic flux-tubes, then enormous lateral forces would exist and the collision of India into the Eurasian craton explicable. It’s electromagnetics 101, after all.

It is possible that the catastrophic influx of electric charge into the Earth system might have increased the E-Field of the MOHO, assuming the MOHO is an electrical phenomenon misinterpreted as a gravitational one, and lateral translation of the SIALIC portions over the MAFIC subcrust possible. This would suggest the subduction zones are actually over-thrusts.

However caution is advised because after the K-T event the Alpide event happened and raised the Andes and Himalayas, to their present altitudes. The Alpide event seems to be also the Pleistocene event, or Ice Age, and that event I would associate with the Maunder Minimum.

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Masonry Headaches

I came across an interesting blog from Belgium named Abyss of Time. The author has some provocative ideas. One post is about “when the rocks were soft” The author contends that the rocks were easily shaped and cut because they were soft. D’uh. Why did I not think of that. So the massive Cusco polygonal stone walls were fabricated when the rock was still soft, and only became hard when thermalised or metamorphosed by some catastrophe.

The author made another interesting point – Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by the 1631 eruption of Vesuvius  and not in AD 79. He cites the  absence of stratigraphy for two eruptions, and from the work of another, deceased, Russian researcher, more or less confirms the 17th century date. This fits in well with the Maunder Minimum event, using Libby’s Japanese cedar tree-ring data.

So the Roman period was terminated in the 14th century? There’s another interesting historical fact – according to Oxford University academic Michael Rocke, who wrote a book about Forbidden Friendships, homosexuality and male culture in Renaissance Florence, male sodomy was rampant both in Florence and Venice during the 15th century. So too were the Romans and Greeks of antiquity. Is it possible that the roman period collapsed as the result of a catastrophe associated with the Maunder Minimum? And that the pagan sexual mores of antiquity were fabricated but based on 15th century facts?

There are two ways of understanding time, from the present backwards until we run out of data, or starting from some arbitrary time in the past, aka creationism. The latter is the religious understanding of time. As no religion brooks intellectual dissent, written history will be fabricated from whole cloth to confirm existing beliefs and mores. It wasn’t that far back that the nation state and religion were the one and same. Nothing has changed if one thinks of social democracy as a godless religion. Which means the religious are back in control and free-thinking again an heresy.

If we start from the present time and work backwards, not in years but in terms of geological events, then the Maunder Minimum would be the Dreamtime of the Australian Aboriginals, and the Pleistocene extinction event associated with some interaction with Venus. Which fits in with Aboriginal stories of rainbow serpents sculpturing the Australian landscape, and the death of the mega-fauna.

Given the ease by which humans forget, this is all quite logical, unless one is a devotee of the three Abrahamic faiths, and then it has to be nonsense and heresy.

It all depends on what starting point one works from. The reality of the here and now, or the fiction of a prior creation. One starts in physical reality, the other from fictional la-la land in the past.

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More Masonary Musings

As if on cue, Mystery History posted some information about Ori Castle in Japan, and the fact that many megalithic polygonal constructions show the effects of intense high temperatures, such as vitrification. I would add the view that its a bit more than a wee bit of vitrification, especially if metamorphic rocks are formed at the surface by plasma forces.

Which sort of supports my hare-brained conclusion that the polygonal stoneworks had been subject to intense heat and plastic deformation. The source of the heat? Massive plasma discharges from a prolonged massive erosion of the Earth by  a CME or equivalent modulated by a close encounter with a highly active plasma dominated cosmic object, as recounted by many native peoples in their cultural myths and beliefs. My guess is Venus as it is the only high temperature plasma-like body, apart from the Sun, in the solar system,

The problem is confirming this experimentally since intense plasma discharges at the appropriate scale are extremely dangerous.

And there is a really interesting website on those megaliths that is well worth studying.

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Megalithic Masonry VS Modern Masonry

The new house built on the farm included a stone feature wall.  The rocks were freshly quarried from a nearby quarry, and are various igneous rocks, or tough fine grained felsites.


Sone Feature Wall – Hissink Farm, SE NSW.

The base of the wall is 6 metres long and about 3 metres high. Darth Vader at the extreme bottom left indicates the scale factor if this wall was actually a construction similar to the polygonal stonework at Cusco in Peru.

Now that I mentioned Cusco, here is a close up of the stonework performed a long time ago.

Polygonal masonry Cusco Peru.png

Polygonal Masonry Cusco, Peru (H/T Mystery History)

The stonemason who built my wall split his sides laughing when I mentioned that the various megalithic stone walls etc were fabricated using bronze tools.  Constructing the farm wall required stainless steel sledge hammers and chisels. Notice that the farm wall also includes mortar to bind the various rocks to each other, unlike the polygonal walls in Cusco and elsewhere on the planet.

The mainstream Arkeologists maintain the Inca’s built the Cusco polygonal stone walls. (The spelling of Arkeologist is correct as the profession evolved from the desire to prove the Christian Bible’s verity in Palestine by digging up the various old buried sites).

Another interesting polygonal stone wall exists under the Osaka Palace in Japan.

Osaka Castle, Japan.png

Polygonal Wall, Osaka Palace, Japan (H/T Mystery History)

Notice the builders did not use any mortar but somehow, using bronze tools, fabricated the various rocks.

I previously concluded these rocks were metamorphosed to a temperature that caused the boundaries to readjust,forming triple junctions, but this is not the case as these walls were fabricated by machining the rocks to result in perfectly matched boundaries.

The fact that surface vitrification of many of the polygonal walls in Cusco have been identified still makes me wonder whether these walls were what I initially concluded, rock walls subjected to intense heat to cause plastic flow.

And if these joins were otherwise machined, then the mystery is how? Light sabres?

Until demonstrated otherwise, I’m assuming the structures were thermalised.


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Virtual Worlds

Having the required afternoon nap while 007 has the portable FM radio blaring while cementing the stone steps at the farm meant I could not have my daily snooze, so I mulled over some of the fictions the Hollywood movie industry produced like the film The Hunt for Red October. where the new USSR typhoon class submarine with caterpillar drive went so deep that it steamed along the confines of a deep undersea canyon. Except that this canyon was more that three thousand meters below the surface and at that depth the Red October would have imploded, or have done  a Thresher. 007 reckons you need a special machine to go that deep and standard issue US or USSR nuclear subs can’t get to those depths. Conclusion? Hollywood BS.

And then there is Star Wars and the construction of the Death Star made, I presume, from steel. To manufacture that much steel requires prodigious volumes of iron ore, prodigious amounts of energy, blast furnaces and we again have to conclude that it’s again all Hollywood BS. Ripping yarns they be, but it’s all fantastic BS.

Which leads to the question: Has Hollywood has ever produced anything factual?

In my experience, no.

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More Little Ice Age Conundrums

There exists an interesting website blog Abyss Of Time that proposes a rather short historical chronology. Maybe, maybe not, but a recent post about Strange Misrepresentations Of Cusco caught my attention.

It deals with the South American Town of Cusco that was built on megalithic polygonal stonework.

The problem is that drawings of the city or town by the invading Spanish during the 16th Century were all fantasies and imaginal constructs, and so too were depictions by later authors until the 1800 CE when drawings, or images, of Cusco were factual.

Often no distinction is made between the ancient Cusco and the Spanish Cusco. Also, this is the ONLY type of representation that I could find. And I did find NO  images of Spanish Cusco dating before 1800. For exemple, the following representation has often been used in the 19th century, but this kind of images can only be found in the 19th century.

This is really bewildering. Perhaps it is too early to conclude. Perhaps what I could find or not find depends on the state of the documentation on Internet, which is different from country to country. Anyhow, next time in Cusco I will look for ancient engravings. It is becoming clear to me that the Spaniards have never known ancient Cusco, that the Spaniards saw the ruins of ancient Cusco like the visitors of Rome see the ruins of ancient Rome. This can explain the fantasy image. A big question remains. If there are PLENTY of nice images of Cusco in the 19th century, why then there are NO images of the factual Cusco before 1800?

The Spanish invasion of Peru was during the middle of the so-called Little Ice Age period, which does not seem to be in the Libby tree ring isotope data, and I wonder if even recent history has been fabricated, history that is for the second millennia CE.

Has history been wittingly falsified? Strange that Isaac Newton also proposed his theories of celestical motion during this period.

All rather puzzling.

Update: Or the Spanish drawings were accurate and a disaster occurred that destroyed Cusco after the European arrival, presumably during the Maunder Minimum period.

Update 1: No wonder Charles Darwin’s Beagle trip encountered still fresh remains of mega fauna in river gravels in southern America.  The Maunder Minimum was a global tectonic catastrophe that occurred in the Pacific Ocean hemisphere, This suggests the uplift of the Andes and Himalayas occurred during the Maunder Minimum – little wonder the Europeans started to travel to the Pacific in earnest after the this event. North America was settled, the Europeans ventured to the far east and the British Admiralty sent James Cook to observe the transit of Venus in the Pacific.

In addition this circum-pacific disaster fits in with the Australian Aboriginal narratives of the Aurora Australis causing great deaths, the extinction of the moas in New Zealand, the destruction of the Chinese Ming dynasty fleets. Even the sea levels might have risen abruptly.

As we are still using the Gregorian calendar from 1582, geochronology was and remains based on a clerical dating scheme, and not a scientific one.

More on this interpretation to follow

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