New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal V7 N2

The latest issue of the journal is available here as a PDF download.

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Mining Industry Moves

I received an email from a contact in the mining industry the other day about whether some data, supplied, could be viewed through the Electric Earth model to shed light on where to target their efforts to find the best mineralisation.

When the mining industry starts ferreting around a possible new geological paradigm, here the Electric Earth model, you know that there’s a paradigm change afoot.

Mineral exploration geologists have more practical experience using the scientific method than any other scientific profession. Yet we are the ones banned from the academic discourse criticising plate tectonics and climate change. Well, only those of us who are politically incorrect are shunned. It also reminds me of a famous Australian poem written by Banjo Paterson about the man from the snowy river; “There was movement at the station…..”

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Winds and Oceans

This is a view of the Earth showing the distribution of atmospheric circulation, or winds, for 4 September 2019 around Australia.


Notice the winds are all over the oceans. Why?

In terms of plasma physics oceans are more electrically conductive than dry land masses, and if winds are actually electric currents in the atmosphere, then those winds will be restricted to the more conductive surfaces. It implies that ocean currents or gyres are also electric currents. And the Coriolis effect has nothing to do with it, especially when the atmosphere moves faster than the underlying solid Earth. Think Birkeland currents in the Stratosphere. Think solar plasma current surges causing increased circulation activity on the Earth’s surface as the Solar plasma currents pass through the earth-system.

You just need to ditch your gravity religion.

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Electric Sun

The Safire team 2019 Bath, UK, Electric Universe conference presentation may be viewed here.

The Sun is electric, as is the fundamental force in the Universe.

Where does gravity fit into this?

You need to lose your religion to work that out.

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Richat Structure and Lightning effects on car

The following is an image of (many) the Richat Structure in the Sahara Desert near Mauritania, Wiki link

The following is a recent photo published on Facebook of a lighting strike on an automobile.


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Climate Change Folly

I’ve always maintained that climate science’s focus on Total Solar Radiation, TSR), as the principal physical forcing in the climate system, is incomplete. My preferred metaphor is to equate TSR with an automobile’s speedo, and conclude that the force that propels the automobile is correlated with the position of the speedo arrow, not realising that hidden from view is the engine that is actually powering the car.

In the Plasma Universe model the engine is the electromagnetic component, EM, of the solar circuit and the TSR the speedo.

The climate system can be considered to be driven by natural and non-natural forcings, the latter being identified as the human effect. The only identified natural forcing is TSR, so the relationship could be algebraically specified as:

Climate Change = Natural + Human.

Climate Change = (TSR + EM) + Human        Plasma Universe Model

Climate Change = Natural + (Human + EM)    Mainstream Model (Gravity only).

The EM forcings are allocated to the human contribution by definition, since if TSR is the only energy input to the Earth, then any variation above and beyond the TSR effect must be human. (And the EM effects are truly human as well, grand human error, that is).

Why do mainstream climate scientists think this way? Because that’s how they have been trained. They have been addicted to a particular mode of thinking that I would explain as religious, a dogmatic subservience to authority. While thinking is intrinsically a physical process, it, like any physical activity, can become habitual from repetition and frequently so habitual that it becomes a subconscious activity, much like bicycle riding, a learnt habit that becomes automatic with practice.

The mainstream gravity dominant cosmos is the outcome of the Enlightenment when God was ejected and replaced by Gravity. Still the Big Gee, but different. Newton did not recognise the role of electricity in the cosmos. His successors still don’t.

Post Script: Apparently the mainstream majority of astrophysicists believe electricity has no role in the cosmos: So too in their personal neural circuits between their ears.

More: If we assume the Sun’s TSR is the automobile speedo and the EM component the (hidden) engine, then the variations of the speedo needle is equivalent to the TSR variation, sunspots etc) while the weather and other geophysical phenomena on the Earth are equivalent to the engine variation.

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Sahara Blues

Jimmy Bright has posted an interesting update on the Sahara Desert formation with ancient cities and other unknown civilisation structures buried under the sand. The YouTube video is below.

For me it’s back tyo square one, though the Saharan desert formation I would put at ~930 AD for the moment.

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Historical Amnesia

Martin Armstrong published an interesting anecdote during one if his airplane trips.

Whatever happened to liberty, freedom, and morality? I do not know. I was in the airport going through security and the guy in front probably had not flown in decades. He was appalled at having to take his shoes off, and then his belt. He had $15,000 in cash and they demanded to see his ticket for if it was overseas, they would have confiscated the whole thing. He was going on a domestic flight. He asked, what else? Should he just strip naked? They finally said just go. In Australia, it would be a small tiny step to arrest you for just having more than $10,000 in cash.

There were two girls between me and that gentleman. They were probably in their early 20s. Their comments were telling. They said: This guy is stupid. You always have to take your shoes off. What’s he doing with all that money? So, here was one chap who hadn’t flown since 2001 and then two 20-somethings who had no idea that there was once upon a time when you did not have to go through all of this. They now see virtual strip searches as normal. Oh, how things change. (Source)

Two young adults had no knowledge of commercial flying policies and considered the present system as “normal”.

Just imagine what the survivors of a catastrophe would remember – a horrific catastrophic disaster, and eking out a living from near starvation, rhetorical musing would be the last thing on their minds. Their children would then have no knowledge of the past civilisation and only what their parents might have told them. And 300 years after the disaster, the survivors might encounter books they can’t read. Today the young have no idea of the Vietnam War, let alone the two world wars. And if the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age terminated most of the global civilizations, the survivors would have ended up assuming the megalithic and Gothic structures were part of the normal way it is. Unless they were educated/trained to be inquisitive, and then they might wonder what idiot placed door handles at shoulder height, as is found in some of the buildings in the Moscow Kremlin.

It is likely that there was a major global population reduction during the Little Ice Age, coupled with a widespread case of cultural or racial amnesia (Human race that is). This might explain the absence of newspaper reports on the various anomalous mud floods in various European and American cities. And when one has not personally experienced something, then did it happen?

Apropos fabricated history, there’s a useful Russian site on the topic of history fabrication here

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