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The fire that happened at Tathra over 17 to 19 March, 2018, resulted in significant destruction of houses etc.,  and generally a sad event.

I live north of the main area of the destruction and experienced, first hand, the weather associated with the bush fire.  The Bureau Of Meteorology forecasted a maximum temperature of 37 degrees, which was exceeded where I was situated.  Strong, hot, blustery winds from the NW occurred for most of Saturday and Sunday when a southerly wind change occurred late Sunday that caused me and my guests to don jumpers to stay warm. The change also mitigated the bushfires.

Mainstream meteorologists are hampered by their Victorian era physics which is monopolised by the forces of gravity and associated solar thermal effects, or radiation. However plasma physics offers more plausible  explanations for the meteorological observations of the Tathra Bushfire.

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Hypatia Stone

I’ve received a head’s up on  a recent Thunderbolts Space News episode featuring Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp where I get a mention concerning an anachronistic Aboriginal narrative about diamond pipe formation in the Western Australia Kimberley region.

My present guess about how old this Aboriginal narrative is, is the Little Ice Age event, ~1300 – 1600 AD.

As for the Hypatia stone – another guess is that it was formed in the Earth’s atmosphere during a cometary or meteoritic encounter in the very recent past. While mainstream opinion is that the last meteoritic event occurred some 11,000 years BP, at the end of the last Ice Age, I would tentatively put it after Antiquity, along with the destruction of the Roman Civilisation (RTE = Roman Termination Event) as proposed by Gunnar Heinsohn during the 1st millennium CE. (Working from the present that is about 930 CE).

The present conundrum is the apparent lack of primary observations of the deposition of the vast sand and loess deposits associated with the RTE, both in Oceania and Europe.

The lack of primary observations means that any historical compilations were fabricated by second and tertiary sources post hoc and hence dominated by a psychological bias of the traumatised survivors of the catastrophe(s) who then unwittingly founded the major religions as a means of coping with their racial or species level (suppressed) memories of the violent past.

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Loess Deposits and Kimberlites

Loess deposits are surficial accumulations of air-borne, silt-sized yellowish surficial deposits frequently cemented by carbonates.  The deposits are interpreted as the erosional products of glacial terrains on the basis of the mineralogy.  However the actual provenance of the deposits remains mysterious despite the over-certainty of mainstream science.

Kimberlites are peculiar eruptions inferred to be mantle derived on the basis of the presence of diamonds and other ultra-mafic, high PT mineralogy as xenoliths in the kimberlite diatremes.  No one has seen any kimberlite, or for that matter, or phreatomagmatic eruption occur at the Earth’s surface.  What is known is that kimberlites are initiated at the Earth’s surface as a downward machining vortex (Scott-Smith model). As the diamond bearing kimberlites are limited to the old cratonic regions of the Earth, or the old crystalline sialic basement, one wonders what the nature of the vortex formed disaggregated crustal lithology output might be.

Another mystery is the formation of topographic depressions that subsequently fill with sediments. Did the crust sink or did the surrounding regions rise, or were the depressions initially excavated by plasma-vortices and subsequently filled by fluvial transport of the massive dust accumulations over the remaining outcropping crust?

Decades ago I noticed that Kimberlite eruption periods seemed to be linked to mass species extinction events, a correlation that is impermissible in the ruling Uniformitarian Paradigm, so I was informed by the then senior research geologist of WMC Ltd. “We are not allowed to think that way” was the reply to an email I sent.

Ignoring radiometric dating and other mainstream chronological obsessions, I suspect the massive Quaternary loess beds are the recent deposits of the crust that the kimberlites and Maars eruptions eroded during the last global catastrophic orogeny or event.  The physics of the electrically supercharged detritus would involve magnetohydrodynamics, or plasma fluid behaviour;After all, magma is simply viscous plasma.

We have kimberlites and other craters misinterpreted as impacts, that seem to be short of associated eroded output, and massive fine grain chemically unweathered orphaned loess deposits. Given that mainstream science is under the thrall of the logical fallacy of arguing the consequent, where in this case all craters are meteorite impacts, it is more likely that these impact craters and when deeper, diatremes, kimberlitic, lamproitic and Maars, are the loci of massive crustal erosion processes that formed the various sedimentary deposits during earlier solar scaled geological catastrophes.

Except that catastrophes are forbidden in the liturgy, although prophesies of catastrophes permitted, the Global Warming Belief being but the latest of the religious tradition of prophesy.

It looks very much like the loess deposits are the orphans  of the parents, the various Tertiary and Miocene kimberlites and related phenomena that while having eroded into the crust, seem not to have produced any ejecta.  Perhaps the existing diatremes are simply nascent eruptives, and that the “intrusions” found in the sedimentary basins, salt domes and diatremes, are late stage examples of the erosional event.

But if you believe craters are all impacts of meteorites, then down the wrong path you will end, as Yoda might have said.

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I’ve recently noticed a new geological phrase in use – “Deep Time”, for example:

Do we junk notions of ‘deep time’ and geology as a way of understanding the world simply because the depositional record is incomplete in places?


Time is an artefact and not a physical object. It is actually memory in action, without which we could not comprehend moving objects. But it is not a physical anything so it cannot lave length, or size and certainly it cannot be ‘deep’ in a physical sense. Perhaps in a metaphorical sense and then its practitioners would be denizens of The Matrix, that imaginary mindscape fabricated by the reality-fleers where time has been reified.  The Matrix is the world of space-time, the fourth dimension invented by Albert Einstein, a permanent resident of The Matrix.

Space is the absence of matter and physically “nothing”. Space-time thus becomes the product of nothing times memory, and you would need to have taken leave of your senses if you believe this nonsense.

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Quaternary Quandaries

One of the more amusing moments in my career as a geologist was the explanation,  by the senior mine geologist at the Kambalda nickel mines, George White, for my expertise in geostatistics.  His reasoning was that as Holland had no crustal outcrops, being essentially a vast Quaternary sedimentary deposit, it was obvious why I was more mathematically inclined – Holland had no rocks, so to speak of. Droll.

Of course Holland did have outcrop and then only at the eastern border with Germany, but that didn’t really count.  This fact, however, leads to a new problem, that if Holland is almost totally restricted to Quaternary sediments, and the geological event that was responsible for those sediments also terminated the Roman Empire in the West, then where did the Dutch, or the original Batavi, come from?

Or Holland, The Netherlands, in its present form didn’t exist during Roman times. This can be answered by the presence of Roman artefacts, buildings in particular.

Interestingly the Hissink family coat of arms can only be “dated” to 1326 AD before which there were no documented records in the churches.

I realise Denmark is north of Holland but none the less there seems a bit of a smell in the historical sense which will keep me amused for some time.

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Atlantis ?

Amazing what the South American jungles hide: Laser Scans Reveal 60,000 Previously Unknown Maya Structures Hidden in the Central American Jungle!

An earlier LIDAR scan that revealed a network of roads, canals, corrals, pyramids, and terraces at El Mirador. Credit: Archaeological Project Cuenca Mirador.

An earlier LIDAR scan that revealed a network of roads, canals, corrals, pyramids, and terraces at El Mirador. Credit: Archaeological Project Cuenca Mirador.

Pyramids and complex structures that I will interpret, sitting on a very long limb, to be the remnants of Atlantis caused by the formation of the Atlantic Ocean during the Roman Termination Event during the 1st Millennium CE.


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For better or worse but WordPress isn’t the easiest of online publication methods to master.  I often wonder whether software engineers” actually understand how humans think and act when they code software. I suspect its because they don’t know how to think.

So occasionally comments take time to be approved simply because I haven’t noticed them.

The muse has left me for the moment, and at present I’m wandering among the who, working out who they really are.  Surprisingly I discovered jazz saxophonist Gilad Atzmon and I are on the same wave and when I use the dichotomy of scientific and religious mindsets, Atzmon uses Athens and Jerusalem.

Posts will be light for a while during my wanderings.

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