Political Correctness & The Fabrication Of History

The PC police at the Australian James Cook University in Queensland have, metaphorically, burnt another climate sceptic on the faggots of political correctness that Joanne Nova writes on at her website.

Apparently all physical evidence of Peter Ridd’s role as an academic on the university website have been purged, censored and removed.

This reminds me of the way, now deceased, geologist Bob Carter was treated.

This is how the religious minded fabricate history – by publishing only what is deemed politically correct.

Keith Windschuttle described this process in his trilogy of “The Fabrication Of Aboriginal History”.

We forget that the universities were originally set up by the Church. Seems the enlightenment has gone out and science has returned back to its original religious home.

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Hawaii and Volcanic Activity

Martin Armstrong’s software system, Socrates, forecasts some serious cooling to 2024 by a decrease in the Sun’s output and an increase in volcanic activity on the Earth.

If we consider the solar system to be a series of electrically interconnected bodies some of which are associated with polar Birkeland currents and a weak Z-pinch field, then a decrease in solar output would mean a reduced ecliptic current, reduced geomagnetic field and hence reduced Z-pinch effect.

This will result in the leakage of magma to the Earth’s surface as lavas etc..

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In plasma physics Z-pinches are inferred to cause the, so-called, astrophysical black holes. These pinches are fairly ubiquitous wherever Birkeland currents occur. Physically the pinches compress matter by applying an intense force, the Lorentz Force.

The Earth, and for that matter the Sun, can be described by Alfven’s solar model, in which massive electric Birkeland or magnetically field aligned currents impinge on each other and exit out of the equatorial regions. These generate enormous forces that point towards a common location inside the sun or planet.

This is gravity or how you would explain the force absent electromagnetic theory.

Why hasn’t science twigged?

Because of the number of ideas scientists think with, that is also described as Group-Think.

Why didn’t Alfven and other Plasma Physics luminaries see it? Because they too think with a limited number of ideas and more importantly, lacked the experience of having many theories falsified by experiments.  Only researchers who have a long experience of applying the scientific method would have the experience and inclination of not becoming too attached to one or other hypotheses or theories. (The Plasma luminaries might have seen it but for political reasons felt unable to pop their heads over the academic parapets).

Remember the mysterious behaviour of gyroscopes? What are they? Spinning groups of electric charge. What forces are they creating and nullifying what other forces?

If your only tool is a hammer, everything tends to be a nail. And if your brain has been conditioned by cultural inculcation, then it will only think within the constraints of that cultural boundary.

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Something Wrong With Physics

Wal Thornhill’s EU Keynote address 2016 included the fact that there’s something wrong with physics, around 53 minutes into the address.

The problem with physics is its basis in the Western cultural creation myth, the judeo-Christian-Islamic  or Abrahamic faith.  It is a necessary assumption for this culture that the Universe be created.  For a devout Abrahamist there is no option. Secular humanists are no different for they too have their Big Bang theory except their bang has no deity.  Just as astonishing is the Hindu belief that everything in the Universe was instantly created billions of years ago, another politically necessary but totally unscientific assumption.

The problem physics has is the assumption that in the beginning there was nothing, which Pope John Paul II insisted was the exclusive domain of the church, and after the Big Bang was the domain of science. This political position has not changed at all.

About 54% of the Earth’s human population belong to one of the various Abrahamic faiths and thus believe in biblical creation.  Even the secular humanists accept the 14 billion year ago of the universe, a creationist concept if there ever were one.

As long as humanity feels the necessity for a metaphysical explanation of Life and the Universe, physics will continue to be problematical.  The problem is that it’s the human brain with its ability to think, that has created the problem by fabricating a metaphysical domain separate from physical reality.  That’s the problem physics has, the cultural belief that metaphysical is physical reality.

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Gravity Again

I’ve been relaxing listening to some Brahms symphony streaming down the internet on the hi-fi and reading some old posts Tim Cullen published on his Malagabay Blog, in particular the post Miles Mathis – The Fourth Phase of Water. It was one of those moments, in this case a Brahmsian one I suppose.

The Earth rotates around its axis and it’s electrically charged. So rotating electrical charges are electrical currents that produce magnetic fields, and the Lorentz Force which in some cases result in plasma Z-Pinches, and other wise do what? Since there are no motionless atoms, and hence static charges, in the cosmos and all seem to be spinning, then all are also producing a Lorentz Force, and logically this has to be … gravity.

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Uniformitarian Cartooning

There is some exciting debate between uniformitarian geology and Google/Bing crater hunter cartoonists over “uniformitarian impact craters” on Anthony Watts’ web site here. It’s all about the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis (YDIH),  The blasphemy involves drawing elipses and other annotation symbols on observable circular and ellipsoidal features on internet satellite imagery of the Earth’s surface and interpreting these identified structures as impact craters.

The Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis (YDIH) states that North America was devastated by some sort of extraterrestrial event ~12,800 calendar years before present. Two fundamental questions persist in the debate over the YDIH:

Some points

  • Labelling impact craters as uniformitarian of necessity requires the existence of non-uniformitarian impact craters.
  • In the post linked above, the author assumes the Carolina Bays are wind oriented geomorphological features:

    Since I was already in the process of composing a post on Carolina Bays, my second post on uniformitarian impact craters will focus on Carolina Bays and other obviously wind-oriented geomorphological features.


It seems the issue involves believing minute mineral microspheres collected above and below the Lubboch Lake archaeological site in northwest Texas are meteorite impact indicators. These include nano-diamonds and magnetic microspherules. These indicators are believed to be formed under very high pressure and temperature inferred to be due to meteoritic impacts. Except that the problem is the absence of the source impact crater, among other problems.

The geological chronological column in present use by mainstream science is derived ultimately from the primary biblical reference frame that has had subsequent ad hoc adjustments made to it to substantiate present day geo-political mores.  It is a case of wanting your biblical inspired short chronology without seeming to be overtly devout by stretching the 6000 year theological inspired geological time scale into an almost unrecognisable uniformitarian geological time scale billions of years long. Basically having your chronology but also being able to eat it in a meta-geological sense.  Add a portion of Darwinian iterations and we end with a mixture of immiscible chronologies, both of which are also the end products of academic exercises in the universities of La-La Land. Except the two chronologies are joined at the theoretical hip, as it were, by being products of human imagination.

Interestingly recent human history is also being problematical where some 700 years of recorded history has been shown to be the result of unwitting replacement of records supposedly destroyed by the collapse of the Roman Empire in 930 AD, the Heinsohn hypothesis, to fill the obvious gap between the 4th and 10th centuries AD. The main objections to this revised chronology seem to be from the biblical fundamentalists, from which one suspects that the debates of 1st millennium chronology and the impact indicators have a similar basis –  an assault on the established biblically inspired chronologies, both fundamentalist and uniformitarian.

But if one accepts the first principle of thermodynamics, that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, then that leads to the Universe having always existed.

This is a problem for the establishment for it removes what facts there are from their flaccid sails on the good ship La La Land.

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Asteroid Impact 100% ???

I shouldn’t waste time reading apocalyptic announcements but when it’s blithely asserted that

The Earth will be hit by a devastating asteroid capable of destroying all, or most, of life on the planet, says a group of scientists and former astronauts. What’s more, as The Daily Star reports, it is a 100 percent certainty that it’s going to happen.


This warning comes from the B612 Foundation, and lest you conclude that these guys are a group of conspiracy theorists or other whackadoodles, they’re legit. According to the group’s website, their team consists of noted astronomers, engineers, and other scientific types who know what they’re talking about.

Every observed bolide entering the Earth’s atmosphere has done so at a glancing angle, burns up, or rarely lands on ice leaving no crater but fairly obvious sliding marks.

Empirically there is no physical evidence that meteorites or asteroids have hit the planet vertically.  There are circular craters for sure and we might consider a north Australian Aboriginal story about the famous Wolfe Creek Crater south of Halls Creek.

The crater is known to the local Djaru Tribe as Kandimalal, where two rainbow snakes sinuous paths across the desert formed the nearby Sturt and Wolfe Creeks.  The crater represents the place where one of the snakes emerged from the ground.  The crater is interpreted  as 300,000 years old, (Australia’s Meteorite Craters, A. Bevan and K. McNamara, Western Australian Museum, p 6,14 – 1993).

To me this is a tribal aboriginal description of plasma phenomena or discharges, when one discharge then short circuited the ionosphere and the Earth. Both Sturt and Wolfe Creeks are sand choked drainage channels.

Either the aboriginal story is nonsensical, based on neo-Darwinism, or the identification of the crater is wrong.

Giving precedence to in-situ observation, Wolfe Creek Crater is a plasma discharge crater that I provisionally assign to the Little Ice Age event.  The sand choked channels suggests the plasma discharge or electric current formed these channels from the underlying bedrock, or more likely, wet regolith that was subject to plasma erosion. Evaporation of the ground water would have finally caused too much resistance to the electric plasma flow, which then travelled upwards to the ionosphere through the more conductive atmosphere which might have had its resistance lowered by the presence of electrified particles and ions formed by the active plasma erosion occurring at the surface below.

A local Halls Creek aboriginal myth also relates that the present day topography was formed by the rainbow serpents, a narrative shared with the aboriginals at Borroloola in the Northern Territory.

Does this mean the present day topography might have been formed 700 years ago? Possibly.

And is a catastrophic asteroid impact imminent? I have no idea, but obviously the prophets at the B612 Foundation believe that to be so.  The task is to free oneself from the shackles of dogma, both theological and geophysical.

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