Holographic Plovers

A few weeks ago the farm was host to a pair of nesting plovers

supervising four eggs like the ones depicted below.

Nesting and nursing plovers also tend to defend its hatchlings rather vigorously.

The plover family were all present, parents and eggs, on Saturday 30th September.

However the female and eggs disappeared overnight the following morning, 1st October.  It was a chilly night as well, so I suspect the resident red-bellied black snakes were still in hibernation mode underground, and were thus not responsible for the disappearance of the bird and its eggs.  There was no evidence of any violence at all around the nesting site either, leaving me with a palpable mystery no different to the earlier mysterious decapitation of a young kangaroo some months earlier.

There seems merit in considering the idea that physical reality might be holographic along the lines suggested by the late David Bohm and described by Michael Talbot in his book The Holographic Universe.  It seems to imply that our personal experience of reality may not be as objective as we believe it to be.  This suggests that the short period of time observing a pair of nesting plovers on the farm was, historically, all in my imagination since I have zero physical evidence for their prior existence on the farm.  Especially as their nesting site was, to put it mildly, effing inconvenient.  If there were remains of egg shells and/or feathers as evidence one might prefer a more prosaic explanation  but when there’s diddly squat evidence???

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More Fabrication of History?

Frontpage Mag published a rather controversial article, “Taboo Truths About The Comanche” by Danusha V. Goska on 11 October 2017. It is based on archaeological data supporting the evidence of cannibalism in North America during the period 900 AD and 1150 AD.  I suspect it was widespread as well. There is also a mention to the megafauna “kill theory”.  The article has links to further accounts of this period of history.

The point of the article was to show empirically that the popular view of the Native Americans prior to the arrival of the Europeans is that of an environmentally sensitive, idyllic cultures subsequently wrecked by  European settlement. Noble warriors indeed!

It is more likely that the pre-Columbian cannibalism in the new world, including Australia, was the only means by which the survivors in the Americas of the 1st millennium global climate catastrophes managed to stay alive.  Even the Europeans resorted to cannibalism during the Little Ice age and of course more recently the Holomodor in the USSR and Mao’s culture engineering during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

The problem seems to be a collective rejection, albeit quite understandable, of the traumas of the 1st millennium catastrophe that terminated not only the Roman but also the Mayan and other third world civilisations whose former existence is only hinted at by the remains of their stone buildings and structures.  Our reaction as a species has been to deny that catastrophic past while at the same time anticipating a future hell on earth from human induced climate change as a result of over population and the pollution such exploding populations produce.

The past memories are maintained as present-day enactments without anyone having a clue, especially when the past is painted as an idyllic paradise.  Mankind’s solution to those past catastrophes has been, and continues to be an escape into the fictitious, ego-centric, mindscape of the imaginal created by our brains via the subconscious retention of the past as memories.

Denial of those catastrophic past events was strengthened by the actions of the Two Charlies, Lyell and Darwin, who created a catastrophe-free geological past during which nothing seemed to have happened.  In typical Bristish stiff-upper lip mode, don’tcha know, the scientific priests of the British Empire created their Uniformist world view that is the basis of our present-day understanding of modernity.

Except it’s basically wrong and it is dangerous being right about matters on which the state is wrong, for we are dealing with pyschologically traumatised survivors dwelling in the surreal mindscapes of their Uniformist virtual reality kept in existence by the mindless repetition of the authorised mantras and prayers of the abstract deities we worship.

We are the surviviors of a horrific past, and at the same time also deny that past by playing out a horrific future in the present by esscaping into our catastrophe free uniformist world view. The land of blue pills where the Matrixicians rule supreme.

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Changing Climate Changes

A popular view that one or more cometary impacts affected the Earth 12,900 years ago, initiating the Younger Dryas period, triggering rapid climate change, seems to have been debunked by recent research according to the GeologyPage website.

One line of evidence concerns the prevalence of nano-diamonds interpreted to have formed from impact events. The other involves massive wildfires found in archaeological sites at the start of the Younger Dryas.

The nano-diamond evidence has now been attributed to the misidentification of graphene and graphane as lonsdaiete, a rare diamond polymorph associated with shock processes such as impacts. And apparently there is no spike of nano-diamonds at the Younger Dryas onset.

The second line of evidence, that of palaeofires from fluvial sediments, isn’t discussed in the GeologyPage article; it is referenced though and they conclude that there was no evidence for extta-terrestrial impact or catastrophic impact-induced fires (source); Temperatures were less that 600 degrees Celsius.

The Younger Dryas is marked by a 1200 year period when temperatures plummeted and returned to glacial conditions associated with the extinction of the mammoths and mastodons in North America.  The Pleistocene extinction event in other words.

The conclusions are correct in terms of the prevailing Newtonian mechanistic paradigm mainstream science is in the thrall of, but a geologically short (1200 years) period that killed off the mammoths and mastodons remains unexplained since it is, in their own numerology, catastrophic.  The palaeofire evidence isn’t resolved either as widespread wild fires caused by solar induced CME’s don’t require extremely high temperatures.

The two papers are correct – no extra-terrestrial impact was responsible but an extra-terrestrial forcing such as a Carrington Event of an increased magnitude reamins plausible.  Just how a CME impacting the Earth can cause a mini-ice age remains a mystery for the moment.

Removing the 2-Charlie effect could shift the Younger Dryas event into the 1st millennium into the Heinsohn Hiatus, and with the Roman Termination Event. We could thus correlate the Arlington Canyon charcoal layer(s) with the European Dark Earth layers stratigraphically, (ignoring radiometric dating).  This will cause Academic Apoplexy (AA).

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Anachronistic T-Rexes

I’ve previously suggested that the enormous and long walls such as the Great Wall of China  constructed by our ancestors, along with walls around cities and moats around castles, were more to do with keeping wildlife out than anything else.  It was based on the very controversial idea that dinosaurs and humans co-existed in the past.

So I was surprised to learn that radiocarbon dating of Cretaceus and Jurassic dinosaur bones yielded C14 dates of ~30,000 years BP.  The idea of dinosaurs co-existing with humans is not new either I discovered, so my ideas are hardly novel.

Given that I have also discovered north Kimberley tribal aboriginals having knowledge of geological events conventionally dated to at least 800 Ma BP, supported by geophysics and mineralogical data, (diamonds and indicator minerals), one suspects that there is something wrong with the existing geophysical/geological paradigm.

The only quibble I have at present involves the blind acceptance of the standard geological chronology by various historical revisionists, but this does not mean I accept biblical literalism.  It seems that those obsessed with numeric chronology are obsessed because observations need to be squared with whatever calendar is used by them as an absolute reference. And the problem with numerical chronology is the initial assumption of T=0.  If the Earth’s orbital location has changed, along with its rotation and orbital speed, where recently in our present day solar system, or if the Thunderbolts model is applicable, of a totally different celestial configuration, then the notion of absolute physical time becomes undefined and essentially meaningless.

We can thank the two British Charlies, Lyell and Darwin, for this situation. It was Lyell who initially stretched chronology back into the past by cherry-picking his data and reinterpreting the Old Testament as literature.

The chronological problem becomes more vexatious if the culture using the present geophysical/geological paradigm is founded on a prior theological assumption; Believing Christians cannot contemplate a science lacking a creationist starting point. So Western Science has to be compatible with Western Culture based on the Judeo-Christian faith(s).

The solution? Same as the principles adopted in the Austrian School of economics – ranking events in order of occurrence, rather than assigning a numerical date based on geological and astronomical cherry-picking.

The model I use is simple:

NO DATA –> Yesterday –> Today –> NO DATA

Update: I’ve received information (H/T R.F,) that supports the heresy above, and that the fabrication of history is truly the work of religious minds – minds that only see what they believe.

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Plate Tectonic Problems?

I received a heads-up on a recent published paper in Geophysical Research Letters by Wang, Kusky and Capitanio, titled Ancient Continental Lithosphere Dislocated Beneath Ocean Basins along the Mid-Lithosphere Discontinuity: A Hypothesis.

The hypothesis is purported to explain the presence of anomalous higher seismic velocity, inferred as cratonic, roots under some oceanic basins. It’s a bit like imagining a sailing ship with a pronounced keel running into some obstacle, losing its keel and continuing its voyage leaving its broken off keel behind to be subsequently overlain by more dense oceanic crust via the standard Plate Tectonics Model (SPM).

The geophysical anomaly is repeatable and hence has a physical existence and reminds me of an earlier geophysical anomaly interpreted from seismic data under the Kola Peninsula in NW Russia, where a subsurface high velocity zone was interpreted as a mafic layer, possibly basalt, or its coarser grainsize versions, dolerite or gabbro.  Subseqent drilling by the Kola Peninsula deep-hole project identified the high velocity layer not as a mafic rock but actually water-saturated sialic crust.

Similar geophysical anomalies were encountered in the Goldsworthy Iron Ore project of Brumby Resources Limited in 2009 when surface gravity surveys indicated more dense, and thus of seismically higher velocity, layers.  In this particular case the anomalous gravity data were hypothesised to be due to electrically negative artesian water, implying an electrical nature for gravity.

Thus it seems likely that the deeper higher velocity zones are probably also water saturated crustal rocks covered by later flood basalts?  This scenario leads to the necessity of re-evaluating expanding earth theories in terms of the geo-plasma model where oceanic depressions are interpreted as the result of prolonged plasma-arc erosion.

But left-over continental keels sheared off by plate tectonics? Perhaps in the make-believe world of Matrix-Geophysics, provided enough blue pills are consumed.

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Gravity and Oceans


The Google Earth software has turned out to be an excellent tool for observing the Earth’s surface features though it cannot be considered the direct equivalent of an optical camera since much image processing is needed to produce the imagery we look at on our PC screens.

The latest issue of the New Concepts in Global Tectonics has been published and in the letters section Bruce Leybourne notes a linkage between gravity anomalies and lightning and earthquakes, and I suspect volcanic activity.  But just how gravity could be linked to lightning seems problematical unless our understanding of gravity is faulty, and that gravity is instead some sort of electrical phenomena.  Gravity being electrical is not a new idea and the in situ field data I collected from a drilling operation in 2009 supports the idea that it’s electrical in nature.  But first some assumptions.

Atomic nuclei can be considered as discrete entities surrounded by a cloud of electrons.  The dual nature of the electron remains problematical and here I assume it to be a wave in an underlying substrate or aether.  As well light, being essentially a transverse oscillation requires a physical medium through which to traverse, and having an aether allows this.

The observable universe is comprised of condensed matter (solids) and to an extent, liquids, gases and plasma.  According to the plasma-universe model, 99.997% of the observable matter is in the plasma state, implying that 0.003% isn’t and that solid matter is an even smaller proportion.

Newton’s equations of motion and gravity apply only to solid matter since physically his equations can only describe solid objects.  His equations cannot be applied to atomic scale phenomena nor to liquids or gases since matter in these states does not exist as discrete physical objects organised into atomic lattices or fixed structures.

This has not stopped science from extending his equations to uncondensed matter via the use of imaginals of point masses or centres-of-gravities.  While quite adequate for the description of motion of solid bodies or objects, Newton’s equations don’t work too well, if at all, when fluid motion is being described, and the idea of magnetohydrodynamics  was proposed last century by Hannes Alfven, with the warning issued during his Nobel Prize investiture that magnetic fields cannot be frozen electrical plasma; plasma is not a perfect electrical conductor, in other words.

As a first-pass, back of envelope guess, it is here assumed that plasma physics is applicable to describing the physical behavior of liquids (essentially viscous plasma), gases and of course plasma, while Newton’s equations restricted to solids or condensed matter.  So cyclonic structures in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are due to the motion of electrically charged particles, rather than the gross physical behavior of liquids and gases in the conventional sense.

The biggest problem remaining in geology to this day remains the formation of the Earth’s oceans.  Continental drift, plate tectonics, earth expansion, wrench tectonics and surge tectonics all are attempts at explaining how the oceans formed.  All of these theories rely on the assumption that the geomagnetic field is endogenous and that any changes in orientation of the palaeomagnetic fields is due to the crustal movement though today we now know that the geomagnetic field is quite mobile and changeable, but still within the constraints of an endogenous origin; this leads to trying to work out how the internal dynamo mechanism, (never modeled physically), achieves this.  It remains a serious problem. It seems more useful to assume the geomagnetic field is produced externally.

Continue reading

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The Continuing Fabrication of History……….

History is essentially codified memories as either written or, just as powerfully, as oral traditions.  Humans seem to have developed a fascination with history and in our Western Culture the beliefs associated with the Abrahamic religions are the ruling paradigms.

Gunnar Heinsohn offered a pertinent explanation for the development of religion from the natural catastrophes of the Bronze-Age era, and initially ended the scope of his study at 1 AD but in 2016 realised his analysis had to be extended to the end of the Middle Ages, or approximately 1000 AD/CE, (whatever datum takes one’s fancy).

Observation of the overtly religious engaged in their prayers and devotions leads to the conclusion that they have immersed themselves in their imaginal world or matrix to the often total exclusion of physical reality, the here and now. Lost in thought or prayer is an apt description, and when one is thoroughly lost in one’s imaginal world by the constant repetition of mantras and prayers, the imaginal starts to become reality, or more accurately, surreality, when one only sees what is believed, and which then leads to the fabrication of history that is compatible with the cultural consensus and the prevailing intellectual or ideological paradigms.

The act of thinking involves the regurgitation of memories into grammatically agreed on templates which result in ideas which then become dogmas and hence as axioms on which various intellectual superstructures are then built, leading to religion and more recently science, among other fabrications.

The act of thinking involves shifting one’s attention from the physical here and now to the repetition of memories and thoughts that involves repeating internally or vocally memorized sounds since all words are phonetic representations of physically sensed phenomena. Thinking is actually the replay of memorized sounds either internally or externally as speaking to oneself.  Those sensed phenomena exist solely in the physical domain, so when a Bronze-Age ancestor saw a terrifying prodigy in the sky or heavens, that emitted heat, fire and noxious gases, burning and ruining all and sundry in its path, that ancestor would have described it as some pagan god, an overwhelming force from the heavens. And if the Bronze-Age ancestor had a rudimentary language but no words for such a novel phenomenon, then he would have tried to describe it metaphorically, so that if it moved like a serpent then it would be described as a sky serpent breathing fire, etc.. No metaphor would result in a neologism.

The very act of thinking actually thus involves shifting one’s attention from the here and now internally into the past by repeating or replaying memories that from previous repetition have become habits, and once habituated to one or other specific thought patterns, become psychologically trapped in those thought patterns and everything then becomes interpreted in terms of those thought habits. All thoughts are based on the past, since all thoughts are concatenations of words that are in essence memories of sensed phenomena which are always from the past.

Belief could be considered an intellectual Matrix (of the motion picture of the same name) that we fabricate to insulate ourselves from physical reality.

While the head bobbing habits of the overtly religious in their devotions could be interpreted as an escape from the reality of the here and now, since the human brain is actually only capable of one conscious activity at a time, such individuals are totally absorbed in their devotions and thus unaware of their surroundings.  Being lost in thought is the more popular understanding of this phenomenon, so the scientific geniuses lost in their thought worlds fabricating thought-experiments involving imaginals, are no different to their fellow coreligionists – both are lost in their thought worlds and on returning to reality insist that what they imagined was real.

The problem is that we tend to worship and socially elevate such individuals to positions of authority. And from their intellectual ivory towers these authorities fabricate the various religious and scientific dogmas as received history.  Our problem is that rather concluding these “geniuses” are brain-damaged goods, no different to the poor wretches who have succumbed to opiates and other chemical stimulants, we instead see them as the epitomes of intellectual excellence, whether religious or scientific.  ( A student who scores 100% in their exams are merely displaying their ability to recite faithfully what their brains have been washed with).

The Matrix is a wonderful thing, especially when one has been blue-pilled. The Matrix is also built over an underlying consciousness that we no longer recognize having lost ourselves in the insulating matrix of the thought world. It could be said that Man’s original sin was to start thinking.

More on this in future posts.

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