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Recitation vs Thinking

It seems reasoned thinking does not seem to work when debating social justice warriors, SJW, as Allan Stevo writes in an article on the Lew Rockwell website, Logic is a Tool of the Patriarchy this weekend, 25 Jan 2020.

Well, yes but that’s only because the SJWs haven’t been taught to think. Instead they are taught recitation which simply requires the inculcation and memorisation of dogma. These dogmas become essentially hard wired in the individual. Hence the intellectual hegemony of the world’s religions and ideologies.

In contrast heretics question dogma because they think, believing only what they sense and see. For them thinking is a software issue, while faith and belief in dogma is a hardware issue.

Society has a problem when the ruling elite are also inculcated in dogma, and then the role of the heretic becomes, as the Chinese observe, an interesting occupation.

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I’ve upgraded to the new Microsoft Edge browser based on Google Chrome, and work flow has been affected. It’s more like the days of old when we accessed the apps on a remote mainframe via a dumb terminal. This brings back memories of the Cyber76 mainframe and the monochromatic VDU interfaced via a 2400 bps telecom landline.
WordPress has also changed to a frame or block mode which makes text publishing more professional. Whether offline modes are possible time will tell.

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Quantum Irrationality

Skimming the Facebook feed this morning I came across a provocative headline:

A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality

Physicists have long suspected that quantum mechanics allows two observers to experience different, conflicting realities. Now they’ve performed the first experiment that proves it. (Source)

And which, incidentally, confirms the wave-function holographic-plasma universe model.

What is not mentioned is the fact that the Quantum domain is itself an abstract idea and hence the thought experiment described in the linked article, is quite true. But what is an objective reality? More to the point, what is an object?

Objects come into existence from the human action of thinking by creating names for things observed by an observer. I see a lion and name it lion, immediately distinguishing it from other things around it that, by definition, have to be not-lion. At the same time, I am also creating space between me and the object I am looking at, which then leads to the question of what the nature of space is. Logically if there is no space between I and the object, then I cannot sense the presence of the object. Obviously, space is also not-lion. The immediate conclusion is the human mind forming objective reality by the process of thinking and naming observations.

Yet dropping a brick on one’s foot quickly confirms objective physical reality, and then the question is why an abstract idea, the Quantum domain, is considered objective physical reality but from experiment, not an objective physical reality, as demonstrated experimentally and linked above. It means there are no subatomic particles or objects, and this fact is fatal for the Newtonian world view of a created inanimate material universe comprised of objects. It also means gravity isn’t.

Missing from the equation is consciousness, and the rejection of the idea we are simply a bunch of inanimate atoms. The standard model for consciousness is that it’s an epiphenomenon of the human brain, but no one has been able to locate it there; In fact, they haven’t been able to locate it anywhere. This means it is holographic and the idea of monistic idealism will logically follow. But which consciousness, for there seems to be two?

There is the unitary, self-aware, quantum consciousness, UC, and the discrete objectified consciousness of the 3D macroworld we exist, and which is the ego, the id, the I, the me, or the soul. The ego/soul is thus formed from habituated memory and is always the past. As no two histories are identical, then no two minds will sense the same reality objectively, the perception lens in this case being the number of ideas or vocabulary which are used to interpret observations.

If we assume Reality is formed by a self-aware, unitary consciousness, then the creation of the ego and virtual reality becomes an imaginal lens that forms our various cultures and beliefs superimposed on the subconscious UC. We do not generally sense the UC because of the clatter and noise of our distracting continuous thinking, (which appeared during the Bronze Age catastrophes as a survival mechanism). It is like a 2-way radio that is continuously transmitting during our waking hours and going into receive mode only when we are asleep. The radio is our metaphorical connection to the UC, but because we are also continuously thinking, and hence transmitting, we don’t hear anything and end up producing garbled messages that affect our personal physical state and by electromagnetic induction, our immediate environment. Turning off the transmitting mode is the same as quietening the mind in order to perform remote viewing as described by Russell Targ.

The act of thinking generates electromagnetic waves, EM, that interact directly via induction with other individual generated EM waves, either causing dissonances or not. And in this model of reality, one does not need to change the world to improve it, only to change oneself. Those who want to destroy the present in order to build the new utopia, are psychopaths and sociopaths. They are the material realists who believe reality is metaphorically based on Lego blocks, to be deconstructed and rebuilt according to their ideology.

The highest state of thinking is negative thinking, the process by which something is understood by working out what it is not, leaving an almost infinite number of possibilities what something could be.

The lowest state of thinking is positive thinking, where something is defined dogmatically.

If you state you love someone, then you have also stated that you do not love someone else. Unawareness of this duality seems to be a problem.

The ghost in the machine cannot be sensed objectively because it cannot sense itself objectively. By fragmenting the UC into an organic subconsciousness and the separate, distinct human mind/soul, we have divided ourselves into tribes, nations, cults, religions, ideologies and created, unwittingly, the human condition. The solution is not to divide ourselves, and that requires, in the first place, an understanding of how we think, let alone what or why.

Further reading:

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Poles and GPS

I just listened to an interview of Tom Luongo by and near the end it was pointed out that the moving poles are affecting the GPS satellites and hence navigation. The moving poles are the magnetic poles that are believed to be generated by a dynamo mechanism deep inside the Earth.


First of all the GPS satellites are placed according to gravity theory and GPS receivers use latitude and longitude, via complex geometrical calculations, to locate the receiver’s position on the Earth’s surface. The position of magnetic north has nothing to do with this calculation.

This does not mean that magnetic bearings will not become affected by magnetic pole shifts, because they will. What is happening is that the magnetic declination for a particular map sheet will have to be changed and new paper maps produced. If the change in declination is fast, as is occurring at present, then the economics of making new maps has to be factored in.

Secondly there is the confusion between magnetic poles and geographic poles. The GPS receivers navigate with respect to geographic poles, as true north, TN, at the north pole is 90 degrees latitude and +/- 180 degrees longitude. The south pole then is -90 degrees and so on.

Thirdly there is a belief that a pole reversal will cause some sort of catastrophic geological event such as the Earth flipping over, or rolling around. No, rotational inertia will keep the Earth in its fixed geometrical position. But the plate tectonics theorists identify plate movement from palaeomagnetic data on the assumption that the magnetic pole remains fixed in orientation with respect to the ecliptic and geographical north, and any change in palaeopole location is due to plate motion.

However as observed today, the magnetic poles are moving much faster than tectonic plate movement, and this means the observed palaeomagnetic data in the rocks are not necessarily an indication of tectonic plate movement. The problem is our belief the geomagnetic field is generated internally in the Earth. It’s not, because if you want to generate a dipole magnetic field in the laboratory, you do so by passing an electric current through a coil of wire. So too the Earth where the MOHO seems to have a positive electric charge from the thermionic emission, and the Earth’s surface a negative electric charge, dominated by the oceans whose uppermost 500 metres or so is formed as proton poor EZ water. These electric charges are co-rotating with the Earth, in addition to the magnetic fields generated by the Van Allen Belts. Pole flips seem to occur as the negative surface charge diminishes, and the internal MOHO positive charge increases relatively. The observed geomagnetic field is then a composite of at least four co-rotating fields, two being electrically negative, and two positive. Apparent pole movement is then caused by increases and decreases in the electric currents in the circuit. This is linked to sunspot activity, and sunspots disappear when the galactic driving current powering the Sun decreases in density, (low amperage). This decrease in current cascades via the solar wind, reducing the negative charge of the geomagnetic system as more protons accumulate, causing a reduction in surface temperature.

This is the natural climate change cycle that the biosphere adapts to. As the temperature drops, so too the metabolism of the biosphere when populations decrease in number, with the weaker dying out, only to emerge and increase when the cycle reverses, and the climate gets warmer.

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Plasma Wild Fires

A post on Catallaxy Files on the funeral for a volunteer rural fire-fighter mentioned he died when his truck was overturned by a fiery tornado. This immediately struck a chord and reminded me of the electrical underpinning of vegetation previously described here.

Assuming the plasma astrophysical model, the MOHO may be a global thermionic structure from which a constant stream of electrons, or energy, travel to the earth’s surface through the crust via various routes. In rainforest zones the currents pass up through the regolith via the tree trunks and enter the atmosphere via the leaves.

In deserts the upwelling electrons strike resistance of the rocky surface and instead raise the ground temperature.

Between the deserts and rainforests are the temperature regions that are also highly vegetated but generally drier climate wise.

In terms of regolith distribution, rainforests have deep regoliths, temperate shallow and deserts none, everything else being equal.

Electrons would also show preference to crustal fracture systems. In addition the crust also hosts various telluric currents induced by exogenous ionospheric perturbations of varied forcings.

In times of drought the water content of the regolith becomes depleted and the internal resistance to electric current flow increases. The gradual subterranean build up of electric charge in the crust during dry winters and spring are triggered by the seasonal electric solar circuit at the beginning of summer when a more direct connection between the Earth’s surface and Sun occurs, the electric field becoming stronger causing current surges so that the ground and atmosphere experience energy or heat waves that ignite the dried out vegetation into wild fires. The surface heat is not so much radiant heat, but the massive emissions of energy from the MOHO thermionic emitter that cannot escape via the vegetal channels.

The result are wildfires that are in effect massive atmospheric plasma currents fed by the seasonal build-up of subterranean electric charge in drought affected areas. The wildfires are also accompanied by hot horizontal surface winds that are essentially plasma winds. When these travel parallel to power transmission lines, induction effects cause the power lines to experience z-pinch effects creating short circuits which ignite nearby vegetation. These fiery winds also allow the formation of “fiery tornados” or Birkeland currents similar to powerful willy-willys or dust-devils.

If we additionally assume the presence of a deep hot biosphere emitting CH4 as frequent subterranean burps which seem to cause inexplicable earthquakes, then we are faced with the fact of a degassing planet that is continuously evolving along with an evolving biosphere.

An additional complicating factor is the decreasing solar output which, in the plasma sense, results in a reduction of solar current flow, weakening the planetary Z-pinch mechanism causing a reduction in subsurface pressure, and the release of gas and liquid phases to the surface. Volcanoes erupt and earthquakes occur from degassing.

There is, of course, more to this than what I can write here, but the near catastrophic weather patterns, floods and wildfires are simply traits of an evolving planet along an unpredictable timeline.

PS: Humans affect local climate by drawing too much underground water. This causes subsidence of the land surface and of course the disappearance of vegetation. Vegetation clearing also affects the water table, causing salt build-up. The problem then is human fecundity, which is actually a biological adaption to cope with impending population culling catastrophes remembered in the various cultural myths.

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World Views

Big Bang Model – Prevailing cultural creation myth believed by most of the theologically devout, militant atheists and secular humanists. This universe is believed to have been created, or came into being, from a singularity about 14 billions of years ago.

The late Stephen Hawing wrote in his book A Brief History of Time, Chapter 8, The Origin and Fate of the Universe:

Throughout the 1970s I had been mainly studying black holes, but in 1981 my interest in questions about the origin and fate of the universe was reawakened when I attended a conference on cosmology organized by the Jesuits in the Vatican. The Catholic Church had made a bad mistake with Galileo when it tried to lay down the law on a question of science, declaring that the sun went round the earth. Now, centuries later, it had decided to invite a number of experts to advise it on cosmology. At the end of the conference the participants were granted an audience with the Pope. He told us that it was all right to study the evolution of the universe after the big bang, but we should not inquire into the big bang itself because that was the moment of Creation and therefore the work of God. I was glad then that he did not know the subject of the talk I had just given at the conference – the possibility that space-time was finite but had no boundary, which means that it had no beginning, no moment of Creation. I had no desire to share the fate of Galileo, with whom I feel a strong sense of identity, partly because of the coincidence of having been born exactly 300 years after his death! (my boldening LH).

Religious fundamentalists believe the universe was created 6000 years ago, when God created something from nothing, a problem that has not ever been solved.

Monistic Idealism

The world view adopted by this blog is based on monistic Idealism in which a self-aware consciousness is continually forming reality holographically with no start and no end; Reality simply is and is a bottom-up philosophy.

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Historical Oddities

Mega sized humans?

Medieval Manuscripts

Door handles are usually placed waist high from a logistical or engineering perspective.

You wonder how intelligent academia is when they can’t see the blindingly obvious. Perhaps the result of dogmatic Darwinism, and only seeing what they believe.

The obvious interpretation is some medieval people were larger than we are, and died off by whatever caused the Little Ice Age and the Maunder Minimum. And if the OT mentions that there were giants in those days, but was written in the 16th century AD,

Figure it out.

PS: The usual scientific explanation is to invoke disease or some genetic error to explain large people encountered by the Europeans when they started circumnavigating the Earth in the 15th century AD. Much simpler to assume the blindingly obvious, unless one is intellectually blind.

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