IQ and PC

Seems the PC elite are experiencing further cognitive dissonance over a scientifically valid conclusion that human ability is partly determined genetically. The angst resulted from Nobel Laureate James Watson who uttered the heresy that intelligence seems to be biologically determined.

Intelligence? How so defined? By IQ tests? I had to do an IQ test at high school to determine which career direction I should take; the IQ score indicated I should find a career in real estate or sales. I ended up as a professional exploration geologist specialising in diamonds.

I also filled in one of those internet IQ tests, and overall, IQ tests seem to quantify how adept one is at dealing with abstract ideas. Abstract ideas are metaphysical constructions of the human brain that have no basis in physical reality. The Matrix is one such construct.

I discovered from personal experience with second and third world peoples that they generally thought literally, and were ignorant of the ambiguous, abstract ideas voiced by, so-called, civilised humans. I had a Samoan-Maori field assistant once, large fellow, the gentle giant, and he could not understand the abstraction behind complex rock sample numbering schemes. This puzzled me until I recalled my experiences in southern Africa when I discovered that the Africans thought quite differently to we Westerners. The crucial difference was they think literally, we think
abstractly. As IQ tests quantify abstract ability, literal thinkers will never score high in the IQ stakes. And what IQ tests don’t test is intelligence.

High academic scores are also not indicators of intelligence but how well one has memorised the authorised teachings. High academic scores indicate how well one is able to recite the metaphysical scriptures, and how well one is capable of specious reasoning.

Intelligence is the ability to discern the essential from the inessential. Intelligence is learning from experience and adapting.

The citizens of The Matrix are the intellectually addicted, those who have become disconnected from physical reality by retreating behind a thought-wall fabricated from their beliefs. Abstract thinking is the dominant activity in The Matrix, thinking about impossible things before breakfast,

James Watson is right, there is a difference between people, those who learn from experience, and those who don’t. The latter live in The Matrix whose capital is Jerusalem.

PS: And of course all religion is metaphysical and hence totally in and of the abstract. Reality IS, and religion is hope imagined by the brain and thus always in the future which is an idea fabricated from its memories that are intrinsically always in the past. The religious are thus addicted to the past and exhibit cognitive dissonance when confronted with reality.

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Kimberlites, Indicators, sands and extinctions


The picture above is a map of the Earth showing all the known kimberlites, copied from Tappe et al, 2018, “Geodynamics of Kimberlites on a cooling Earth: Clues to plate tectonic evolution and deep volatile cycles, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 484, 2018, 1-14.

1. Kimberlites, especially diamond bearing ones, are restricted to the cool, cratons.
2. No one has seen a kimberlite eruption.
3. One may add the phreatomagmatic diatremes or in German, Maars, to kimberlites.

During 2001 I was trying to locate the source of alluvial diamonds in the Old River agricultural zone near Kununurra in the east Kimberley district of Western Australia. The diamonds were not from the Argyle AK1 mine, 150 km south.

I also became aware that the local Aboriginal tribes had narratives of their ancestors having seen these kimberlites erupt.

I was also aware that the KT-Extinction event marking the end of the Cretaceous Period was accompanied by a massive Kimberlite and CO2 eruptive event which I interpreted as the physical cause of the K-T extinction event.

There exist extensive inexplicable surficial loess, sand and gravel deposits over the various landmasses.

We have vast volumes of unconsolidated surface sediment we are unable to explain, and a large number of “volcanic” pipes no one has seen erupt and whose ejecta remain scattered over the Earth’s surface as isolated heavy mineral grains. But only the indicator minerals?

There are many orphaned kimberlite indicator minerals found in massive sandstone strata such as found in the Kimberley of Western Australia, and among the red sands of the Australian Deserts, leading to the idea that the indicators and sediments were deposited at the same time.

If this is correct, then the surficial desert sands and widely scattered kimberlite indicator minerals could well be the ejecta from the kimberlite eruptions at the K-T event.

The only problem is the uniformitarian chronology but as it was fabricated by devout Christians, it may be ignored as brain-addled gobbledygook. The KT event most likely destroyed the Roman Civilisation (RTE) circa 930 CE.

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Astrology ?

It’s a strange world when we discover that planetary alignments affect the behaviour of the other planets, and in the case of the Earth, seemingly causing earthquakes and volcanic activity. An interesting website is here.

The author of that site has pointed to a 45 year cycle with the volcanic behaviour of Anak Krakatau, and of course Krakatau. It is described in the following video.

The 45 year cycle is essentially the solar cycle of ~ 22.5 years.

But this cyclic behaviour is inexplicable in a gravity only Universe.

If the facts change, I change my mind. So why doesn’t mainstream science change its collective mind? Because mainstream science is religion, not science, and it’s group think in play as well.

Michael Talbot described that phenomenon in his book “The Holographic Universe” where individuals made one choice in an experiment when alone, but then inexplicably joined the group decision when the experiment was repeated with a group of subjects.

And of course as Fred Hoyle often pointed out, it is the number of ideas with which we think that determines what we think. And as religious instruction, or political correctness, always precedes scientific instruction in the education system, it is unsurprising that science becomes an extension of religious faith.

I would then point out that it’s religion that’s the problem, not science, since the latter is always built on the former.

So why are most humans religious?


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Climate or Planetary Dynamics

A recent paper published in Nature Geoscience noted that the Earth’s tropical belt in the northern hemisphere moved northwards during the LIA.

From 1568 to 1634, the tropics expanded to the north, the team found. That time period coincides with severe droughts and other disruptions of human societies, including the collapse of the Ottoman empire in Turkey, the end of the Ming Dynasty in China and near abandonment of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia, said Alfaro Sánchez, currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals ( Barcelona, Spain

In 1582 Europe changed the calendar system from the Julian to the Gregorian; Why?

Was there a change in earth dynamics, and tilt, or was the change due to other factors, and how could one tell which from what?

My money is on a change in orbital dynamics caused by some external agent, or forcing if one wished to be PC.

PS. The abstract follows:

The position of the northern boundary of the tropical belt affects the hydroclimate of many arid and semi-arid regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Widening of the tropical belt since the 1970s has largely been attributed to anthropogenic forcing. However, the relative influence of natural drivers of tropical belt expansion and contraction before this time is poorly understood. Here we use data on tree-ring widths from five mid-latitude regions in the Northern Hemisphere to reconstruct the movement of the northern boundary of the early spring tropical belt over the past 800 years (AD 1203–2003). Our reconstruction explains 45% of the interannual variance in the latitudinal extent of the Hadley circulation, a metric of the position of the tropical belt boundary. We find that the tropical belt contracted (expanded) during positive (negative) phases of the El Niño Southern Oscillation and Pacific North American teleconnection patterns. The tropical belt also contracted significantly following major volcanic events that injected sulfur into the stratosphere. The longest period of persistent tropical belt expansion occurred in the late sixteenth century, during one of the coldest periods of the Little Ice Age. Our results warn of potential socio-economic consequences of future variations in tropical belt width driven by natural climate variability or stratospheric aerosol injections, whether volcanic or artificial.

PS 2: In 1582 did they change the calendar, or did they not have a workable one before 1582, and simply implemented the Gregorian calendar and justified this change in policy by proposing the previous use of the Julian system as being inaccurate, rather than explaining that the solar system configuration changed from exogenous forcing?


Part 2 of the Saturnian Tale

This video adds to the ideas mooted in Osiris, Jesus and Venus.

Needless to state that it’s early days for fleshing out the details of the past.

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Elizabethan Enigmas

I enjoyed watching the two Elizabeth movies featuring Kate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush as Elizabeth 1st and her spy chief Francis Wallsingham respectively. What amused me later was wondering how Mary of Guise and her French army managed to get to Scotland and battle the British.

After all it was Spain who later tried to invade England by ship, to fail miserably, but how, pray, did the French get onto England without incurring the wrath of the British?

Movies are movies, of course, and artistic license is acceptable, but could it ever happen in reality? Unless there was no English Channel and the French simply rode over to Scotland/England. Or Scotland was much closer to France than at present.

There doesn’t seem to have been aforethought in the production of the Elizabeth movies.

All unbelievable.

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Osiris, Jesus and Venus

Various authors have noted a close parallel between the Osiris, Vedic and Christian cults, where each portrays a mother and a child, among other religious imageries.

Which makes me wonder whether these different cults focussed on the same physical event, the birth of Venus and the destruction of human civilisation during the 1st millennium, where the baby represents the birth of some cosmic prodigy, here Venus.

This interpretation is somewhat uber-Heinsohnian in that it further compresses the historical record by having the Vedic, Osiris and Roman cultures as contemporaries, and destroyed globally by the same cosmic agent.

I make two daring assumptions, the first based on the known clustering of radiometric dates as described by Briden and Gass, 1974, that 3 catastrophes occurred historically associated with exogenous agents, by which electric plasma forcings generated 3 distinct clusters of radiogenic deposits. The second is that known history of our era starts from the most recent “event”, here the Little Ice Age, before which history has simply been fabricateded by brain-addled, thought muddled monks and priests of the ruling elites who only saw what they believed. I also assume that none of the authors actually experienced the ravages of the historical catastrophes. Or if they had, then those memories were suppressed into the subconscious as trauma. The 3 catastrophic events correlate with the 3 catastrophes proposed by the Mystery History Youtube channel.

Briden  Gass 1974

The last was the Pleistocene event that associated with Venus and formed the start of our era.
The Gondwanan event was caused by Earth-Mars-Jupiter interactions and the first to an earlier period for which there seems no data, but could be interpreted as the initial breakup of the Saturn Configuration as proposed by the Thunderbolts group.

I’m tempted to show the Libby Cedar Tree plot, but if the present day solar geometry is assumed to have originated since 1582 CE, when the Gregorian calendar was adopted, then chronological extrapolation to the past using the present day system cannot be done since the solar geometry is not known.

Screen Shot 2018 10 20 at 12 54 49 pm

The problem is that while we have some historical documented evidence for the Little Ice Age, that period seems absent in the D/H data in the Libby plot, and my guess is that the Heinsohn Horizon is the LIA event, and the Arab Horizon potentially the K-T extinction event.

And if we also assume the survivors of the LIA were, to put it euphemistically, brain addled, then in order to make sense of their present situation in an historical sense, fabricated history according to what they believed, and those beliefs were based on the literal interpretation of the Hebrew bible, itself seemingly having an origin in a previous catastrophe and thus recorded by the brain addled survivors. Catastrophes such as war etc., markedly affect the physical state of the survivors, and the delusional accounts related by the traumatised can never be taken at face value.

(I should note that the future is impossible to predict, so any religious texts that foretell the future, had to be written after that foretold event occurred, but backdated to make it appear the prophesy was made before. AKA PC history).

Which means that the LIA was caused by the appearance of Venus which intervened in the prior war between Mars and the other planets including the Earth, by imposing peace on the belligerents. Hence the role of Saviour assigned to Jesus by subsequent religion.

This is obliquely hinted at by an anecdote related by the late Lyall Watson, author of the SuperNature series of books, in one of which he wrote that the Medieval sailors used Venus as a daylight navigation tool, Venus being that bright that they could see it. Watson’s mainstream explanation was that since the Medieval period, humanity lost its ability to see Venus in the daylight because as a species, under biological evolution, we lost our previous visual acuity. A better explanation is that Venus decreased its brightness as it continued to cool from its prior incandescent state, and solar position, suggesting that Venus might also have been much closer to the Earth during pre LIA times, and became less bright as it settled into its present orbit, further away from the Earth.

Another factor was understanding why the British Admiralty sent James Cook on his Pacific Ocean voyages, one purpose of which was to observe the transit of Venus, the other the location of the anecdotal existence of a southern continent.

Conclusion: I suspect that the thermal Martian Armageddon which terminated the Roman Period, marked archaeologically by a seemingly pervasive dark earth stratum, was the biblical hell or Holocaust, a memory that many of our present era have enormous difficulty comprehending. It may be that the appearance of Venus disrupted the battle between Mars and the Earth, thereby saving humanity, but as those survivors had to be also brain addled and traumatised, coped by fabricating highly imaginative scenarios that then formed the basis of our modern religious beliefs.

I also rely on the idea that the Bible was written in our era after the LIA, and that history was backdated to make sense to the brain addled survivors, many of whom spawned offspring who were brainwashed and thus repeated the trauma-history of their elders.

But did it actually happen? I don’t know since I was born during 1947, and thus merely guess what seems to have happened based on the existing situation on the Earth. What I do know is that I wasn’t a survivor of WWII, and thus escaped being brain-addled.