Commandments and all that

The well known Judeo-Christian first commandment:

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me”.

Seems totalitarian to me.

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Out of Place Soils


Figure 1: Chernozem Termite Mound on outcropping granitoids near Halls Creek, Western Australia.

Most of my professional career as a diamond exploration geologist was traipsing over the country sampling soils and drainages for kimberlitic indicator minerals, and successfully too I might add.  Some preliminaries though: The geological profession can be categorised into two major camps, hard rock and soft rock.  Hard rockers deal with volcanics, metamorphic and igneous rocks while soft-rockers deal with sedimentation, geomorphology, and hydrocarbons. Neither camp works on the other’s rocks.  And there’s a small number of geologists who look for diamond deposits, and as kimberlite pipes can be found on cratons and sedimentary basins, our geological experience is a lot wider than our hard and soft rock peers.

So as a diamond geologist I tend to observe things my peers don’t, such as unusual occurrences of chernozem or black soil termite mounds on granitic outcrop in the middle of a paddock observed near Halls Creek in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.  This occurrence was one of those WTF ????? moments.



Figure 2: Chernozem Termite Mounds, Halls Creek, WA

Some close ups follow:



Figure 3: Closeup Chernozem Termite Mound on Granitoid, Halls Creek, WA.

The problem is that in this area there are no chernozems or black soils, and the question then is how?  This mystery was compounded when I was working for South Star diamonds during 2005 and following up some previous De Beers results west of Cue on Meka Station in the Northern Goldfields region where I encountered a similar “black-soil” termite mound sitting on granitoids and other felsic rocks.

Mention these observations to one’s peers and the reaction is one of BS and dismissive mirth, leaving you with the feeling you had uttered a profanity. Profanity because such things, in terms of mainstream, settled geology, cannot exist. Well they do. Geomorphologists will probably go back to the pub and try to forget this termite provocation by intellectually numbing themselves with copious spirits and liquors.

Except we diamond explorers to make sense of the heavy mineral distribution on the land surface need to understand the erosional history of the areas we are working in.

As for the black-soil or chernozem termite mound remnants, the only plausible explanation is that there was a very recent widespread erosional event that stripped most of the regolith away leaving isolated outliers of bedrock with, I presume, isolated more resistant remnants of termite constructions.

When did this erosional event occur? According to geomorphologist Hugh Pringle who I encountered, with his PhD student, at Wooleen Station in the Murchison Region of WA, the erosional event occurred shortly after the introduction of sheep to the region by the British settlers, or some 150 years ago.  This seems to be borne out by a remark Australian ABC documentary personality Jack Absolom recounted by aboriginal explanations for the various salt lakes dotted in southern Western Australia as being caused by the introduction of sheep, in one of his weekly editions on TV.

I should mention that in the Murchison District De Beers noticed all of the kimberlites they located in that region had zero indicator minerals on top of them. Pringle explained that this was caused by the once-only erosional effect caused by the introduction of sheep which resulted in a short downslope movement of the residual soil into the drainages, leaving denuded outcrops with small pedestals of bedrock as left-overs.



Figure 4: Granitoid Pedestals, Mileura Kimberlite, Wooleen Station, Murchison District, Western Australia.

It seems there are a few keys missing from the Lyellian toolbox of the present and the past, especially the very recent past.

Update: There were no sheep near Halls Creek.







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Gender Neutral Glaciers ???????

Climate Depot has posted details about an academic paper focussing on a search for a gender neutral glacier????

What the academic retards will do to ensure their funding continues and if that’s what’s coming out of Western Universities, then heaven help us

‘In search of a gender neutral glacier’ – ‘Paper proposes a feminist glaciology framework’
in search of a gender neutral glacier’

A critical but overlooked aspect of the human dimensions of glaciers and global change research is the relationship between gender and glaciers. While there has been relatively little research on gender and global environmental change in general (Moosa and Tuana, 2014; Arora-Jonsson, 2011), there is even less from a feminist perspective that focuses on gender (understood here not as a male/female binary, but as a range of personal and social possibilities) and also on power, justice, inequality, and knowledge production in the context of ice, glacier change, and glaciology. Through a review and synthesis of a multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging literature on human-ice relations, this paper proposes a feminist glaciology framework to analyze human-glacier dynamics, glacier narratives and discourse, and claims to credibility and authority of glaciological knowledge through the lens of feminist studies. Feminist glaciology asks how knowledge related to glaciers is produced, circulated, and gains credibility and authority across time and space. Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research, Mark Carey, M Jackson, Alessandro Antonello, Jaclyn Rushing – Progress in Human Geography 1–24, January 10, 2016 thanks to David Hanig

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Quartz Sand Silliness

I was checking up on the meaning of the phrase “Granite-wash” that is the source rock for natural gas in Oklahoma and Texas.  It seems that some deep drilling was done years ago and the hole stopped in molten sulphur at depth, and somehow the conclusion made that the drilling bit melted due to being immersed in the liquid sulphur.

But I digress and ‘granite-wash’ ? It’s a sediment derived from the erosion of granite and consisting of sand sized particles, hence sandstone, ahem. Problem.

Chemically weather granite as observed in Western Australia and you end up with clays but no sand. I’ve drilled enough holes in granite looking for gold to make that statement as fact. So to get quartz grains and presumably feldspar grains as well, requires a non-chemical or slightly chemically eroding process to yield distinct crystals of quartz and feldspar to act as the primary source of the sandstone to be deposited elsewhere. It is assumed the granite is a topographic high since you need a gradient to move the released quartz grains, etc., down the drainage systems to allow comminution of the grains to reduce them into sand sized particles.

And if a large quartz crystal is going to be reduced in size by attrition, then the products of this process need to be accounted for as deposits of, say, siliceous material such as chert?  In other words quartz crystal ==> smaller crystal + siliceous dust or smaller qtz crystals.  And if it is a fluvial environment in which the water coats the quartz grains (quartz is hydrophilic) then the grains are actually protected from collision by a liquid coating, so fluvial transport actually does not have the ways and means of attritioning quartz into smaller particles. While this can be done in a standard metallurgical mill, where steel balls are used to grind the rock into smaller size fractions, no such mechanisms exist in nature; rivers are not ball-mills.

And I know from extensive personal experience that the bed-loads in sand choked drainages also do not move downstream but stay in place in the channel depressions over which the active bed load, usually as lag gravels, travel.  Totally counter intuitive but a fact none the less.

A distraction. Some years back I edited some scientific papers for a Russian scientist on kimberlite genesis, published in the New Concepts of Global Tectonics Newsletter, now a journal, and he was a little apprehensive about my theoretical stance as a former De Beers geologist and my assumption that kimberlites were deep seated mantle originated rocks.  The Russian observation was that kimberlites seemed chemically to be near surface phenomena, akin to a variation of acid volcanics, and not deep sourced as we in De Beers assumed.

The Russian view was that kimberlites were near surface phenomena produced by external electrical effects of by-passing bolides or meteors. Or as I now understand it, near surface plasma effects.  I should point out that I no longer accept the idea that kimberlites are initiated at depth but are first formed at the Earth’s surface and then tunnel downwards towards the mantle, where pressure release then results in an uprush of kimberlite magma, and if one is lucky, the occasional diamond. In addition I suspect that electric discharge also has a role and the source of the kimberlite might be more shallow as the Russians suggest from chemical characteristics. Here the increased electric field strength may push the diamond-graphite stability boundary upwards to zones of less confining pressure, if such a situation exists at all.

The other problem is no one has seen a kimberlite erupt, so it’s all educated guessing.

So let’s cut to the chase and muse that the “granite-wash” isn’t a sediment produced by fluvial action, but a volcanogenic sediment emplaced by a fluidic process derived from the plasma machining of gneissic and granitic rocks.

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Solar Gravity ? And Science Marches on

It seems NASA has been busy studying the Sun with the latest technology and imagery enhancement to conclude that the solid sun is comprised of a calcium-ferrite core 4,500 km underneath the photosphere as described in great detail here. There you can read all the latest knowledge we have of the sun.

Calferrite sun.PNG


Calcium ferrite is a compound of Ca(FeO2)2 and has a boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius, and a molecular weight of ~215.77. Density estimates range from 2 to 3.3 gm/c3 (published here).

The density of the Sun is about 1.4 gm/cm3. This is half the density of it’s interpreted mineralogy and chemistry and supports the electric-gravity theory.

Given the boiling point of calcium-ferrite of 100 Degrees Celsius, one suspects a lot more work needs to be done to figure out what the Sun is actually made of chemically and mineralogically, but one thing it certainly isn’t is a hot ball of hydrogen and helium, and nor does it host a core of a neutron star, another one of the impossible things many seem to believe in before breakfast.

(H/T THX1138)

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The Utopians And The Realists

I’ve tended to categorise people into two categories, those who see what they believe, and those who believe what they see; the former are utopians while the latter realists.

There is also a strong belief that humans are a special lifeform based on some divine spiritual sanction that elevates them above the animal kingdom.

But humans are also animals and because they also have learnt to think, think they are superior, and act accordingly.  It is clear that it is man’s devotion to religion that results in this self-proclaimed superiority. But how did religion first arise? Gunnar Heinsohn (GH) has offered one view of this based on Velikovsky’s, and other’s, study of ancient history.

Essentially, and in the dim past, humanity were animals, hairless monkeys as U.G. Krishnamurti once described us, and perhaps lived, along with other species, in some sort of primitive Garden of Eden.  Then something happened and a catastrophe occurred much as GH describes in his book, The Creation of The Gods: Sacrifice As The Origin Of Religion, the first humans would reacted as any animal would have to incomprehensible violence and destruction. Frightened almost literally out of their minds, what humans survived noted that the males had erect phalluses, people lost control of their bowl-movements, and people simply screamed at the destructive portents in the heavens.  Not having learnt to think, the survivors had no understanding of what happened to them.

In modern times animals generally tend to quickly forget fatal catastrophes, and humorously described as like having a 10 minute attention span of a goldfish in a bowl. The difference between humans and animals is that humans developed memories, and while everything seems to have a memory, only humans seem to have become enslaved by them.

The Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti pointed out that the very act of thinking is an escape from the here and now. While it is necessary to think, and it is this ability of the human to also abstain from instinctive behaviour according to Ludvig Von Mises, by choosing to act, to continuously think all the time is a habit no different to being addicted to physical drugs, or some obsessive physical behaviour.  Habituated thought expresses itself as religion or ideology, and when the habit becomes unconscious, then the human starts to dwell in the make-believe world of his imagination where imaginals seem more real than reality itself.  Such humans only see what they believe and they are very much in the majority divided into sects, cults, identities, religions, ideologies and what ever other identity that becomes invented by a mind fearful of not thinking.

And all because of some innate fear of the present submerged in our subconscious.

The act of thinking is the means by which we escape the here and now – since all thoughts are based on acquired memories, thinking then becomes the extrapolation of the past into the future, and the belief in utopianism is simply the intellectual equivalent of a “high” that demands continued stimulus.

So what is intelligence? It’s the ability to perceive the essential from the inessential, and not the possession of an elevated IQ.  Only psychologically disturbed minds fabricate things that don’t exist or events that never occurred. Such minds  believe in six impossible things before breakfast, or imagine that space is curved, and that time is physical, or that dividing by zero is real, and that the square root of -1 is also real. Such minds become obsessed with mathematics and the imaginal. Fully distracted by their intellectual habits, they no longer hear their primal signals from their disconnection from physical reality.

Such minds I term as religious, where belief transcends reality.  It matters a lot that one understands how we think, and our ignorance of this that seems to have led to the crisis we have today when the various utopians around the globe are slowly discovering that there are no free lunches, that wealth has to be continuously created by production, but who believe that the fabrication of money by printing and credit expansion can bring about wealth. (Apart from their slowly awakening realisation that they have run out of other peoples money). And of course the collective amnesia we all, to some or other degrees, have as a species.

The ones you don’t want to listen to are the utopians, whether offering you a free lunch in the present, or one in the hereafter, along with various virgins and other miracles.

For more perspectives study the writings of Jiddu Krishnamurti (JK) and U.G. Krishnamurti (UG) (no relation) about the nature of thought, its role in our lives. Another important source at the individual level is Arthur Janov’s work described in his book The Primal Scream; Janov’s work will lead to a better insight into GH’s work and how traumas become submerged into the collective subconscious memory. And of course Michael Talbot’s book “The Holographic Universe”, along with Eric Lerner’s book, The Big Bang Never Happened, and Amit Goswami’s “The Self Aware Universe” should help in avoiding a few intellectual pitfalls.

I think they way I do because I came across JK’s writings when I was a teenager. The crucial factor is to understand how we think, because the mess we are in as a humanity is a direct consequence of the results of our present-day thinking.

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The Fourth State Of Matter, Matters A Great Deal

Plasma physics is based on the fact that there are four states of physical matter, solid, liquid, gas and plasma, the last being ionised versions of the first three.

Gerry Pollack has identified a fourth phase of water, EZ water that is characterised by being electrically negative, and proton deficient, hence high pH values.  EZ water is formed by incident EM radiation at physical interfaces such as atmosphere-ocean, water-rock, etc.

No one thinks of this EZ water being plasma, which it surely is. Nor does anyone recognise the presence of atmospheric protons emitted by bulk water at the beginning of the day when sunlight impacts the Earth’s surface, energising the oceans by causing charge separation and the formation of massive horizontal electric fields that power the surface winds. Study the following presentation by Pollack.

Pollack has not factored in the possibility that the inrushing polar Birkeland currents are the primary drivers of the earth’s rotation, in conjunction with his EZ water mechanism.

If this weak water plasma is a normal state for the earth’s surface, then periodic surges in electric charge from external factors would cause more violent atmospheric disturbances and destruction.

Given the catastrophic nature of the Earth’s geological past, during which the major topographies were formed by the erosion effect of electric-arcs, that process would generate vast quantities of lithic plasma that would be swept over the Earth’s surface, including water whose fourth state is also plasma, and deposit large volumes of sediments intercalated with volcanogenic sediments from the associated volcanic eruptions such catastrophes would generate.  The strongly electrified clouds of eroded lithosphere, or rock, would also entrap any life forms in their way, and because such motion is totally within the domain of electromagnetic phenomena,  gravitational effects can be simply ignored, (as Pollack shows in the above YouTube presentation). Such massive clouds of eroded material would behave according to the principles of magneto hydrodynamics, and would most likely dump the larger excavated blocks in the oceans, while electric repulsion would keep the finer fractions suspended.  These electrified lithic slurries would for all intents and purposes be lithic-tsunamis, and hence the mechanism for the deposition of gravels and sands presently attributed to electrically neutral tsunamis.

One expects charge fractionation to occur during the process where finer particles become separated from the larger ones resulting in graded beds of sediment, or heterogeneous gravel deposits if the process was violent and rapid. In other words the process of electric-arc erosion via the principles of magneto hydrodynamics would have all the features attributable to hydraulic flow regimes and essentially indistinguishable from their non-plasma present day counterparts.


And this “plasma” event is not a cyclical one but perhaps a unique event given the fact that a linear progression of evolution seems to have occurred on the Earth and its biosphere.

Areas of the Earth’s crust that were marginally affected by the electric-arc machining by the Rainbow-Serpent should correlate with gross bulges in the geosphere, while areas more directly affected, where the old regolith has been completely stripped and exposed bare rock, would me correlated with gross depressions in the geosphere, it being essentially a pear shaped oblate spheroid.

Whether the oceanic basins were sculpted from a fixed volume of the Earth, or as part of a differentially expanding Earth, is not known at present.

One final point – Velikovsky pointed to the massively fossiliferous Siwilak Hills abutting the Himalayas in northern India.  I wonder if the sediments forming the Siwilak Hills were originally a massive laterally moving lithic plasma slurry that on ‘landing’ continued to move as a massive turbidity current pushing up the Himalayas? So it wasn’t India that collided into the Himalayas but only the appearance it did because of the unknown role of the Siwilak Hills sediments.

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