Electric Universe?

I’m having second thoughts about the Electric Universe Model because of the fact that both electrons and protons of the solar wind are moving in the same direction in the solar E (electric) field.  The two particles should be moving in opposite directions in the same E field.

Unless the electron isn’t a particle but a wave associated with a moving proton. Then the two would travel in the same direction.

It’s a plasma universe, so if a Coronal Mass Ejection is a large lump of plasma containing matter in the ionised state, then both positive and negative ions are also travelling in the same direction and that’s another problem. What accelerates both positive and negative ions in an accelerating CME? Not gravity. What causes the ejection from the Sun?  If Alven’s work for the Swedish electrical supply’s problems with exploding infrastructure is a hint, then CME’s are the release of pent up energy on a periodic basis. This cannot be the result of a fusion process since such mechanisms are a diminishing source of energy by definition and a contradiction of the law of gravitation.

It’s causing me to have a cranial mulling episode.

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Lunar Lunacies

Historical revisionism seems to create all sorts of unintended consequences such as a digression described by Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay where he suspects the Julian Calendar, first implemented by Julius Caesar in 65 BC, seems to have been based on a lunar cycle rather than a solar one. The Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian one in 1582AD.

The first comment one could make, and which Tim also observed, is that a Lunar calendar is not optimum for cultures based on agriculture.  This leads me to wonder whether the Islamic world never reached Western culture levels of civilisation because economically they were unable to plan for the future due to their use of a lunar calendar.  This could be applied to other cultures as well, or those who use a lunar system, and such cultures would remain civilizational backwaters simply because the inability for economic planning to work.  So the Christian use of a solar calendar permitted better economic planning, part and parcel of which was also the appearance of the individual actor since economic freedom and freedom are inseparable.

Cultures based on a lunar calendar would thus evolve into socialist or collectivist states for the simple reason that their religious culture was unable to perform accurate economic planning, such as when to plant crops etc. Hence such cultures relied on pillage and plunder to sustain themselves, or more sophisticated methods instead of blatant theft.

The second comment I could make is that if correct, that the Julian Calendar was a lunar one, then the process of retro-calculation becomes a wee bit problematical.

The third comment I make is that while present day lunar calendars are based on a 354 or 355 day year, this periodicity may not have been the same in the past.  One reason is that there seems to have been some gross geological changes witnessed by our ancestors that are inexplicable in terms of the present day paradigm of uniformitarianism. If we suppose that the legend of Atlantis was the result of the formation of the Atlantic Ocean, here by a small amount of volumetric expansion, then that increase in volume would have caused a slight reduction in rotational speed, everything else being equal. (Much like an ice-skater raising and lowering her arms to change her spinning on the spot on the ice).

Basically Tim’s calendar revelation has resulted in a return to the drawing board.

One thing is clear, however, the Roman and other circum-pacific civilisations and cultures experienced a global catastrophic collapse during the 1st millennium of our era. associated with observed geological changes.

Finally, Australian Aboriginal narratives need to be chronologically anchored apart from the metaphysical safe zone 40,000 years in the past. Both they and the New Zealand Maori recall a period of fire in the sky that, for the Maori’s story involves the extinction of the moa. The Australian story seems to be linked with the Aurora Australis and I wonder if these stories are linked to the Little Ice Age and the Choson annals covering the same period when exogenous sourced catastrophic climate changes were experienced by the Pacific Rim Peoples.

Given the prevalence and inclination for the production of fake news these days, it might be wise to assume that our ancestors were as error prone with historical facts as are our present day academics.

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Messiahs, Mahdis, Middle East Madness and Prophecies

American journalist Eric Margolis has penned a perceptive article on the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  The move is all about the conservative judeo-christians setting up the pre-requisites for the arrival of the Messiah as foretold as biblical prophesy.

Eric made one slight error – he forgot to include the Muslim Mahdi’s anticipated arrival at the same time. Mahdis and Messiahs – the one and same perhaps?

The Middle East Madness is all about biblical prophesy as Eric writes:

America’s Christian far right, which comprises half of Republican voters, earnestly believes in Biblical prophesy that the Messiah cannot come until ancient Israel is reconstituted, the world’s Jews are ingathered to Greater Israel, the Messiah returns and non-believers perish in the final destruction of earth.

The origin of this madness can be traced initially to the destruction of the Bronze Age period, and more pertinently, by the global catastrophe that terminated the roman empire and the circum-pacific civilisations during the 1st Millennium.  It is pertinent that both Christianity and Islam appeared as fully fledged religions out of the mists of the Middle Dark Age.

If we add the progressive humanist obsession with climate change, another looming ending time event related psychologically to the biblical prophesy, then we have quite a mad, mad world, and there’s nowt we can do about it; just let it all run its course but making sure we don’t end up collateral damage.

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Humpty Dumpty Moments

A Kibbutz is a collective and as socialistic as one could imagine.

Self identifying as Israeli is as nationalistic as one could be.

So members of an Israeli Kibbutz are what?

National socialists?

Which leads to the use of the defense ploy of Humpty Dumptism where words mean exactly what we mean them to mean and nothing more or nothing less.

This leads to the interesting observation that critics of national socialism may not be the brightest of intellectuals.

This seems logical since Christmas trees are not part of the paraphernalia of Judaism, since Christmas trees require lights. If one is not too bright, then there is little hope of gaining employment as a Christmas tree light, is there, and hence no necessity for Christmas trees.

Just saying.

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A Fact Changing Moment (apologies to J.M. Keynes).

One of geology’s mysteries is the formation of the vast topographic depressions, now filled with water, known as the oceans.  The major peculiarity is the apparent matching of the borders of the various land masses that led to the theory of continental drift during the early 20th century.  In particular the matching of the land masses or continental shelves bordering the Atlantic ocean is striking and led initially to the interpretation that these continents were once joined in the geological past.

Plate Tectonic theory assumes a constant volume Earth and the interpreted surface motion of the outer crust due to convection currents inside the mantle. At present it is the most popular explanation of global tectonics. An alternative model is earth expansion relying on the creation of matter at the lower mantle. Both theories assume the uniformitarian paradigm first enumerated by Charles Lyell.  Opposition to expanding earth theory is directed to the rejection of mass creation at the core/mantle region.

The latest iteration of earth expansion modelling by James Maxlow involves the accumulation of magnetically charged solar protons and ions at the D zone of the Mantle to increase its mass and under uniformitarian assumptions highly unlikely since there is no way solar plasma could routinely enter into the Earth over time under existing conditions.

However under catastrophic conditions accumulation of mass at the core/mantle region, and hence earth expansion, is quite possible.  It is best described as an updated punctuated equilibrium model.

In this model earth expansion is caused by an intense plasma interaction between the Earth and a disruptive celestial object, where a scaled up lightning discharge occurs between the Earth and its ionosphere.. This massive inrush of solar plasma, essentially protons and ions, would not only electro-machine the earth’s surface, but also would make a circuit between the ionosphere and the Earth’s interior, and conceivably deposit massive volumes of ionised matter at the core-mantle region, while at the same time causing partial melting of the upper mantle forming the mid-ocean spreading ridges.

Did this mega plasma lightning bolt etch out the oceans? No, because on a fixed volume earth the electric etching would have to span the distance between the two borders of the separated continents. That sized electric arc would simply destroy the planet. However on a smaller earth subjected to the same process but a tightly focussed electric plasma arc, where initially there were no oceans but a small planet with a granitic/volcanic crust, similar to Venus, then a prolonged plasma input would “laser cut” the granitic crust, and at the same time causing partial melting underneath and cause mass addition in the just exposed mantle. This process would cause localised expansion and as the arc travelled along the earth’s surface, it would leave an asymmetrical elongate “channel” or trench.

In this sense one could imagine that the electric plasma arc which that formed the Atlantic ocean could have started near the South Pole region and worked its way up to the north pole with the widest separation at the start of the plasma arc path and the narrowest separation where the arcing process stopped, presumably Iceland.

James Maxlow’s idea that earth expansion is caused by the accumulation of solar protons and ions is thus correct but only under a catastrophic scenario. It’s implausible under the uniformitarian paradigm.

One tentative interpretation is that the ocean basins are formed as a result of earth expansion and plasma arc-etching or machining.

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Medieval Madness or Mainstream Mountains of Muddles

Sacha Dobler has written on the Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century . In its latest version the postscript is a translated excerpt from a Konrad von Megenberg, 1349 The Book of Nature, 2. Part: earthquake p. 110-112 English. The opening sentence raised my eyebrows:

3ä. Vom Erdbeben. (about the earthquakes)
It happens often here and there, that earthquakes occur and make castles fall, and often one mountain crashes onto another.

Crashing mountains? The only recent geological mountain crashing example in Europe, (for Medieval Europe is where these observations happened), is the nappe forming the Alps.  A nappe is a large body of rock that was laterally moved horizontally, or thrusted, over underlying rocks during the Tertiary period, and presently explained by Plate Tectonics theory.

Medieval humans observed this?

Possibly since there is also the anachronistic occurrence of a Roman Aqueduct buried under Miocene sediments in the, now rehabilitated. Garzweiler lignite open cut mine.

The translation also mentions the role of Mars with this destruction.

The Medieval author also mentioned:

You should also know that the earthquake caused many miraculous things: a vapour coming out from the earth by the earthquake is responsible for transforming human beings and other animals into stone and in particular into stones of salt. This mostly happens in the mountains, where the people are digging for salt. …

This miracle is taught by the masters Avicenna and Albertus [Magnus]. I was told by master Pitrolf, the chancellor of duke Friedrich in Austria, that on some alpine meadows, situated in the higher mountains of Carinthia, about 50 petrified men and cattle had been found (turned into stones). Even the milkers would sit beside the cows, both transformed into pillars of salt. (my bolding LH).

People being turned into stone from contact with an earthly vapour? Turned into pillars of salt?

This seems much like another EZ water phenomenon where a deluge of positively charged plasma vapour instantly freeze biota into ice, or stone. How to determine it was salt? Perhaps partial melting caused a surficial deposition of emitted solutes (salt) on the outside of the frozen statue-like frozen humans, that the curious might have tasted to see what strange rock these cows and humans were?

It reminds me of a tragic accident in the Andes years ago (~1982) when a director of De Beers, (Louis G Murray), whom I had worked for, was found frozen solid with his pilot, in a helicopter high up in the Andes.  LGM, as we affectionately called him, was apparently on a photo-shooting expedition in the Andes when it happened. They were found frozen solid still strapped in the seats of the helicopter with no explicable evidence for an accident, if it was an accident. More likely, considering the altitude, they were overwhelmed by “vapours” or plasma, that instantly froze them, much like the victims of the medieval catastrophe described above.

Vapours? More likely electrified plasma attracted to the peaks of the Andes and to this writer a more satisfactory explanation than the one at the time, which was a pronounced “QUE” ??? In other words no one at the time could explain LGM’s death, or the incident that caused it.

So instantaneous freezing, or lithification, of living biota by an overwhelming deluge of proton rich plasma is highly probable and able to explain the process of fossilization by literally short circuiting the bacteria and micro-life-forms that biota are assembled from, stopping any putrefaction in the process.  There is a reason why ice ages and species extinctions are associated, and not because of the temperature, but of the deluge of proton rich plasma onto the earth’s surface associated with an interplanetary interaction as deduced by Velikovsky.

The heresy here is that it happened just before the Medieval period and was the global catastrophe that terminated the Roman Empire, and the rest of civilisations around the Earth.

This suggests the Middle Dark Age was the Tertiary tectonic event.

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Alternative Views

I came across an interesting website summarising many taboo topics including Velikovskian themes, Tesla history and associated ideas, some rather ancient, leading to the observation that there isn’t all that much new under the sun.

I’m still bogged down in the land of electrons  trying to understand the nature of electrons and hence electricity, and how gravity seems to be affected by electrical effects.

I was particularly intrigued by the fact that the early pioneers in physics, Faraday, JJ Thompson etc, all required the existence of the aether as the basis of their theories of electromagnetism.  The author has also published additional facts surrounding Albert Einstein, and how relativity caused modern science to travel down not only a wrong path but one also terminated by a cul de sac in which we are presently stalled in.  The missing clue is understanding how we think, for it is now clear that the invention of space to separate the observer from the observed, and the reification of space by linking it to “time”, is the problem.

It seems that the escape from the here and now into the mindscape of the matrix, or the imaginal, isn’t something to be admired or to be in thrall of, but to truly seen as a deluded state of perception that causes much mischief.  Einstein’s relativity theory, in which he invented space-time, is basically pseudoscience. Time itself is not anything physical but an artefact and essentially the reification of memory.  It is the phenomenon of memory, that of remembering where an object is and was, that leads to the sense of time.

Space is simply the absence of matter, or visible matter, to be more accurate. It is created by the process of thinking, which itself is totally dependent on the working of the mind via memory.

Einstein was famous for never having performed physical experiments, restricting himself to his famous “thought-experiments” that I now recognise as pseudoscience.

The problem is that I’ve been trained to think terms of objects, meaning the simultaneous existence of the observer, and explaining physics, in my case the perplexing dip-meter readings of the drilled holes reported on previously, the “gravity problem”,  while not using the objective duality of intellectual habit difficult.

Which means I will be immersing myself into the sources of information linked at the interesting  website .

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