New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal V7 N2

The latest issue of the journal is available here as a PDF download.

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Abstractions or Facts ?

My career as an exploration geologist in the remote bush often included dealing with aboriginal and other tribal peoples who occasionally worked for me, or the company. One observation I made was the difficulty tribal people had with abstract ideas. Abstract ideas are defined, variously, as ideas or imaginals and explicitly not as materially, real physical objects. Abstract ideas are based on faith or hope. What might a physical example be? A buried mineral deposit.

Assume the existence of a geophysical magnetic anomaly in a flat-lying plain. Follow up geophysical surveys confirm the magnetic anomaly and it is modelled as a deeply buried volume of magnetic mineral, say, of magnetite. At this stage the presence of the buried magnetite body is an abstract idea based on an interpretation of indirectly acquired geophysical data. Both geologists and geophysicists are faced with the same dilemma – a physical boundary, the flat plain, underground in which is an inferred mineral deposit. How to verify this interpretation? Easy – drill a hole into the geophysical anomaly to identify it.

A hole is thus drilled into the geophysical anomaly and sampled, etc. Two outcomes are possible, true or false.

  1. If true, then the drill sample MUST show the physical evidence. No ifs or buts.
  2. If false, when the drill samples do NOT contain the target mineral or rock, then the geophysical interpretation either has to be wrong, or the instruments used to indirectly map the geophysical anomaly were faulty, thus leading to a false anomaly, and the often needless expenditure of drilling things that don’t exist.

A similar scenario exists with atomic particles – the atom’s surface is like the geographic flat plain under which we believe things exist. Whether a buried magnetic body indirectly sensed by a magnetometer or an electron sensed by a volt-meter within the atom, both beliefs are abstractions. Except that on drilling the geologist deals with facts while the particle physicist continues with abstractions and then deploys rhetoric to justify the elevation of faith to fact when his instruments indirectly detect the presence of, say, the electron. Remember no one has ever seen any sub-atomic particles; they are all believed to exist.

Abstract thinkers are also deemed to be intelligent and often considered intellectually superior. Not really – anyone who believes their abstract ideas are more real than physical reality itself are simply barking and essentially psychopaths. Dogmatists are a more extreme psychopathic version because they justify their conclusion by the out right rhetorical rejection of any contradictory facts.

Western civilisation is founded on the abstractions of the Judeo-Christian mindset – the collective belief in things that don’t exist physically but are imagined to exist. Utopian civilisations will always clash with fact based realities. Abstractive social systems are always organised top down, while non-abstractive social systems organised from the bottom up. Revolutionary behaviour occurs when the fact based bottom rises to counter the descending divine.

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Pacifying Impacts ?

The Ed Dames map published before this post has an interesting tectonic feature in the north Pacific Ocean, an interpreted thin crustal epicentre due to some or other impact. Tectonic plate movement could also be interpreted as the relaxing cooling of the earth’s crust around the interpreted impact epicentre.

Figure 1 Dames RV Map

Figure 2 GPS time series -Red circle = Pacific Epicenter

And just WTF is occurring north of Australia remains mysterious – another potential epicentre? That the plate motion north of Papua is WNW while the Aus=Papua-Indonesia plate is moving NNE, at right angles to the Phillipines plate is very problematical. One could stop thinking and assume the logical fallacy of plate tectonics, or one could take more notice of the human memories expressed as traditions and myths. Codified human observations are primary facts though I hasten to point out that this does not mean that a short chronology perspective is valid.

My provisional interpretation is that the Pacific Epicenter was the position of a massive plasma arc impact(s) that eroded the North Pacific haphazardly, and finally left a string of seamounts and volcanic islands southwards to Hawaii where it petered out. As this happened during the 15/16 centuries, thermal relaxation is still in progress as implied by the plate motions. And whether the Earth was bulged at the north Pacific Epicenter from thermal stress, with the various uplands, submerged or as landmasses, moving in response to thermal relaxation, or are drifting in response to electric field forcings above the MOHO is not known.

Whether the known seamounts are the oceanic equivalents of topographic mesas on the various landforms remains moot. It all depends on whether the seamounts are volcanic or flat-lying continental remnants aka mesas.

Given the scaling factor of plasma effects, it’s likely the Earth’s present day tectonics represent thermal cooling and relaxation to prior positions after a catastrophic, circum-pacific Maunder event.

Thermal relaxation may well be recognised as sea-level rise in the north-west Pacific.

Crustal cooling after the Maunder Thermal Event may be the earthquake mode identified by geophysicist Vadim Anfiloff.

There is much, much more we simply do not know of our recent past before the Maunder Minimum. The problem is Neo-Darwinism and the associated belief in progression that places humanity as a geological irrelevancy.

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Maundering Daltons and Remote Viewing

The 1587 AD Monte world map is an interesting cartographic effort.

Figure 1 Monte 1587 Map Compilation

There is a Google KME version of it as well, but the fit is not too good. One model aligns the USA with its position on the Monte map, but when India is looked at, the position of India on the Google Earth model is further west of the Monte map position, suggesting the Monte map was based on a smaller volume earth. Which implies that whatever caused the Maunder Minimum, also caused some increase in the Earth’s volume. And of course, one assumes Monte was the full monty and did not draw a fake map. However some features on the Monte map not seen on the latest Google Earth rendering are there but submerged under the ocean, so one would conclude that the Monte map was accurate at the time, vis. The 16th century.

Mainstream science rejects the Monte map simply because of its inaccuracies compared to the present geography of the Earth as displayed by Google Earth. However this is also a case of mainstream dogmatism in which when the facts change, so too should our theories explaining those facts, providing everything else is equal. The Monte map is different to our own geographical observations, but when coupled with human memories and cultural traditions of floods and disasters of a global scale, one should be prepared to change one’s mind. And if one can’t stomach such a mind-change, then a contemplative life in a monastery or safe space is suggested.

One other factor ought to be considered – the remote viewing phenomenon researched by the US CIA under the supervision of Major Ed Dames. In that experiment subjects were asked to perform “remote viewing” and to document their experiences. One fascinating result of the CIA experiment was a catastrophic forecast of the state of Earth’s surface in a geological sense, that the near future is all doom and gloom.

Figure 2 Dames Remote Viewing Map

No. Assuming the remote viewing subjects were sensing real views, those views cannot be of the distant future, but have to be memories of the past. Remote forecasting can only work while the subject and the forecast event are in the same present time window in the here and now. Otherwise remote viewing sessions have to be of our species collective memory of past catastrophes, and this interpretation in provisionally supported by the 16th century geographical maps, like the Monte map above. The RV sessions cannot be of the future since all human thinking is based on the retrieval of memories of sensed physical events. The future cannot be forecast since it relies totally on the memories of the past and is thus always the extrapolation of the past. And documented successful forecasts are always of faked history in order to make the past explain the present.

This suggests the Dames map might be based on the recent past, specifically the geophysical event memorialised as the Maunder and Dalton Minima. It is interesting that the European geographical exploration activities occurred around this time period that has also been linked to the collapse of the Chinese Ming Dynasty and general collapse of the circum-pacific civilisations.

One difficulty is identifying fake history from real history, along with extracting our scientific theories from the cemetery of uniformitarianism. What is obvious is that the Maunder Minimum was associated with a global catastrophe associated with comets, species extinctions and collapse of civilisations when the megafauna and flora were replaced by the biosphere of our era.

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The Climate Change Scam

Tony Heller, a geologist, has produced a short, simple video on how the climate change issue is based on cherry picked data to create a false and quite misleading opinion on the Earth’s climate by the UN’s IPCC. The IPCC’s goal is to redistribute the West’s wealth and destroy capitalism, or what they believe capitalism is.

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Nonsensical Gravity

One isolated body suspended in space does not have a gravitational property since it takes the existence of a second body to exert a gravitational effect or force on the first body by definition.

Therefore a single body cannot have mass, and thus no intrinsic energy. This makes the Big Bang Theory a nonsense since the universe cannot be derived from a massless singularity that exploded.

If there are more than 2 bodies, Newton’s equations result in chaotic motion which is also not observed in the cosmos. This is named the 3-body problem.

While Newton’s equations work perfectly in virtual reality, they become problematical when used in physical reality, as evidenced by the 3-body problem, among other anomalies.

But reality is reality and something “physical”, in the sense it is sensible to a human, must exist. These are protons which I suspect are mini-Birkeland currents whose Z-pinch effect mimics a spinning particle in an aethereal substrate where electrons are waves or interference patterns in the aether. Physical matter is then made of bounded volumes of protons arranged in various geometric patterns mediated by an underlying consciousness. Protons could also be labelled as spinning electric dipoles. This property of protons is used in the fabrication of proton precession magnetometers.

Plasma particle – in — cell (PIC) computer simulations based on electromagnetics only, (essentially ignoring gravity) mimic spiral galaxy motions or astrophysics and hence plasma physics is real, more real than gravity only physics.

We cannot see protons and electrons, they are not like LEGO blocks, so they cannot be bodies or particles but probably interference patterns in an underlying “elastic” substrate or electromagnetic aether mediated by consciousness itself.

However humans have become isolated from physical reality by the habituation of constant thinking that forms our metaphysical virtual reality cages we seem to have locked ourselves in. The cage is The Matrix, our metaphysical redoubt where we try to escape reality.

What is gravity? Try some hot air ballooning first and wonder whether the statement “matter attracts matter” is sensible.

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Editing Policies

I’m busy editing the latest NCGT journal and point out that writing anything for publication requires precision in word usage and grammar. A lot of work is devoted to translating English prose written by non-native speakers of English. (Not that many native English speaking authors write well – just read or listen to the ubiquitous post-modern gibberish we have to suffer these days).

One factor I had not considered was the use of online language translation software. As with all computer software, GIGO, garbage in-garbage out. Translating Russian to English, for example, throws up all sorts of unusual concatenations of words, the meanings of which are either impenetrable, obtuse, or simply nonsensical. All the result of, one guesses, language conversion software.

English is the scientific lingua franca and has over 170,000 words if you look up the Oxford Dictionary. A collation of various dictionaries is published here; it is a veritable babel.

The take home message is that one needs to be very accurate and precise in what one publishes on the internet since no one has complete control over the use of language translation software.

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Conflict Diamonds

I used to work for De Beers as a successful exploration geologist but never cared about owning a diamond. I remember staying in Kimberley, RSA, and one evening we dined out and noticed a young African and his lady-friend spending it up big, dressed to the nines as well. Obviously, someone decided to hand in a loose diamond from the mining operation near Kimberly. Company policy was to pay more than black-market prices for “leakage”. This policy sort of worked but human nature being what it is, more often than not. the miners would prefer to sell the stone to an illicit dealer for less than what the company would pay them. So the incentive was not solely a monetary one, and sticking it to the company was more important than making a financial windfall. This issue of leakage isn’t restricted to diamond mining either, as gold mining also suffers from “leakage”. On the other hand there isn’t any leakage issues with bulk commodity mining such as iron, nickel or copper mining. These minerals are low value products.

Legal mining operations are based on the principle of private property rights by which the state, via legislation, assigns property rights to miners who, for the terms of the mining lease, are permitted to mine and keep the diamonds provided they also pay a mining royalty to the state. The mining company thus has a short-term monopoly over the diamonds contained in its mining lease. Most of the diamonds end up in the company’s possession but there is always human nature to contend with and “leakage” a continuing problem. It can get so bad that it makes alluvial diamond mining often uneconomic. These leaked diamonds are then used to either enrich the illicit miners, or to fund political activity and thus became known as conflict diamonds. The diamond industry, mining and retail, deals with this problem via the Kimberley Process. Basically the technique of hallmarking diamonds so they can be identified as “kosher”.

The whole process depends on the acceptance of the principle of property rights. Socialists don’t but capitalists do, and that is the problem.

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