Compressed History and the Middle Age Catastrophe

I’ve been reading an interesting Kindle book “Christ in Egypt”, The Horus-Jesus Connection by D.M. Murdock in which it is shown that Christianity was derived from earlier Egyptian theology. What is interesting is how the priestly class manage to rewrite and fabricate history, apart from the tragedy of some political and religious proselytisers burning large libraries, such as the Alexandrian library in Egypt centuries ago; book burning does seem to be a speciality of the totalitarian mindset.

This started me thinking about how well we understand the recent historical past, because while mulling over Prof. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn’s theory that there is a missing 700 years between the end of the Roman period and the current era 10th to 11th centuries, based on the solid archaeological evidence of a lack of sedimentary strata for those 700 years, I slowly started to realise that our present day understanding of history is what the survivors of Middle Age (MA) catastrophe documented. Given that the only ones who could read and write were the members of the priestly class, monks etc, who would interpret natural phenomena in terms of their theological perspective, then I wonder if these scholars decided to interpret the MA catastrophe as a millennium event foretold by the prophets and decided to restart the calendar at 1000 AD but still using the Julian system. It is possible that these scholars also fabricated history to allow a continuous narrative from the end of the Roman period to the 10th century CE? And then what historical documents and narratives of that period existed elsewhere on the earth? What did the north and south american indians recall? What did the africans remember? And the Asians?
We know the Spaniards destroyed most of the pre-Columbian records until one or two priests realised the stupidity of the action and managed to preserve what they could. At the time the Aztecs were involved in horrific human sacrifices to the morning star. Then we also have the destruction of the circus-pacific civilisations, whose remains were often hidden by impenetrable tropical jungles, and whose inhabitants remain a mystery.
Going further back in time, Heinsohn has also put foreword the theory that Middle East history was duplicated, stretching it out back in time. Again Heinsohn’s theory is based on the absence of stratigraphy for which at least on section has been examined, and found supporting his theory. There is strong resistance to Heinsohn’s theories, and this resistance seems more to be based on a religious like devotion to documented narratives than solid hard evidence in the ground.
What is interesting about the MA catastrophe is the realisation that this catastrophe seems to have spawned Islam that, along with Judiasm, Velikovsky reckoned both religions that were initially based on venus worship. Interesting that the Aztecs were sacrificing people to the morning star or Venus. Or was it Mars? It was a comet that frightened humanity and my guess is that it was Venus that caused the MA cataclysm.
There is a consequence of accepting Heinsohn’s theory as well – if we remove, say, 700 years from the current era, and also a similar length before the first era, then all of our nice and symmetric retro-calculations on solar and lunar cycles, as well as tree-ring dating will have to collapse. This will cause some angst among the academics, but given the present day hysteria over CO2, hardly a new experience for them.
I am also wondering about an obscure observation Charles Darwin made in his Journal of the Beagle, in which he observed an extinct animal buried in some South American river bank still with flesh on it. I wonder if that animal might have been a remnant of the mega fauna that lived on the Americas and Australia? Did the MA event thus cause the extinction of the megafauna? Was the Clovis event in America connected to this event?
These theories are going to keep me very busy for a long time compiling the data, and if a reader comes across anything relevant, drop a comment here with a link to the information. This compressed history, the geological ‘present’ will cause much apoplexy among my peers I suspect.
Right now I am limited to browsing the internet using Lynxlet, a text only browser applet for Terminal because I’ve used up all of my ISP monthly allowance and had the broadband slowed right down. My internet diet is 25Gb per month via a 4G LTE connection. 

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2 Responses to Compressed History and the Middle Age Catastrophe

  1. fabio says:

    About Darwin’s finding of flesh on South America mega fauna bones: indeed, Pleistocene mega fauna ended later in South America, like in other places of North America: about 8000 BP or even later, but there is no reference about flesh in the bones in these findings. There also amazing findings of Tertiary, Mesozoic and Palaeozoic fossils of giant animals in Brazil and Argentina (crocodiles, anacondas, predator birds, crossopteryigians, osteoglosydeans, sabre-tooth tigers , etc). The La Plata Natural History Museum is little known in the world but its Antarctosaurus makes Brontosaurus dwarf and there are spiders large as dogs. Furthermore, Ameghino was an Argentinian archaeologist who claimed Patagonia was the crib of mankind. Nowadays Brazilian Archaeologist Niede Guidon claims that traces of hacks of Sao Raimundo Nonato in Piaui is 200 k old. Another Brazilian Archaeologist died in 1970, Jose Anthero Pereira Jr., claimed about a wide Austral Civilization which script was similar: Eastern Island, Mohenjo-Daro, Hittites and Inga rock in Parahyba. And French scholar Quinton (creator of thalassotherapy) claimed Antarctic was populated by early humans (Portuguese Anthropologist Mendes Correa also, and he was endorsed by Paul Rivet).


  2. Al says:

    check out jno cooks online free book on saturnian cosmology. it includes references to many scientists including velikovsky peratt etc. it is an attempt to explain earths history using electric universe theory and as peratt did ancien “mythology


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