When Gods were planets and Charles Lyell cut the Gordian Knot

Brian Pursley posted this quote up on Facebook.

“Most men are not acquainted with a truth known to the founders [Etruscans] of the science from their arduous study of the heavens, that what when they fall to earth are termed thunderbolts are the fires of the three upper planets, particularly those of Jupiter … and that this is the origin of the myth that thunderbolts are the javelins of Jupiter. Consequently heavenly fire is spit forth by the planet as crackling charcoal flies from a burning log …. The Tuscan writers hold the view that there are nine gods who send thunderbolts, and that these are of eleven kinds, because Jupiter hurls three varieties. … Those who pursue these enquiries with more subtlety think that these bolts come from the planet Saturn, just as the inflammatory ones come from Mars, as, for instance, when Bolsena, the richest town in Tuscany, was entirely burnt up by a thunderbolt.” — Pliny, Natural History, XVIII & LIII-LIV

If some time in the past some the planets were closer to us so that electrical interactions could occur, (and I’m not going into this in this post), as related by Pliny, but then moved away to settle, perhaps temporarily, into new orbits far away from the earth, to then perhaps lunge towards the earth again during the Middle Ages, causing another global catastrophe, and then settle into their present day orbits, Venus and/or Mars being the bodies associated with the MA catastrophe, it would be difficult, subsequently, to understand how those planets affected the earth so directly. I suspect we would, as a consequence, elevate the planets to theological abstractions, rather than physical deities.

Now consider this post by Lew Rockwell of the Mises Institute:

The WWI-spawned influenza pandemic killed between 50 and 100 million people worldwide, and 500,000-675,000 in the US. My grandparents, great-grandmother, and mother and aunts and uncles to be, were all quarantined. A little boy who would have been my uncle died of it. Many families had such stories, though as Burt Blumert used to point out, the horror has been largely erased from the public mind.

One could imagine our ancestors worshipping the planets out of direct physical fear, only to slowly realise that these ‘gods’ had moved away into the heavens, leading to the development of abstract religion or theogeny. Yet the medieval Europeans were extremely frightened of comets, perhaps the result of the MA catastrophe caused, presumably, by Venus’s last orbital change to its present one. Yet humanity also tends to easily forget earth-borne catastrophes such as the influenza pandemic of WWI, but not so much the ones caused by external cosmic intruders which persist as religious beliefs.

As the physical gods are now far, far away in their present orbits, it becomes logical for modern man to dismiss his ancestor’s beliefs and fears as myth, but as Velikovsky pointed out in his capacity as a psychoanalyst, that fear seemed to remain in humanity’s subconscious, and hence our  actions today are probably driven  by those suppressed fears, manifest superficially as religious beliefs, whether based in God, G-D, or Allah, or to deeper, darker and more inexplicable forces.  Those religious beliefs manifested as “creationism”, of the literal kind until the late 19th century when ‘progressive’ thinking developed, and the shackles of religion were unlocked by political activists.

Let’s be clear – the ancients believed that the gods formed the earth, or in a more specific way, the Kimberley aboriginals in Australia believed that the rainbow serpent sculpted the present day topography, and that this serpent was also associated with the morning star. This belief suggests if indeed the rainbow serpent did sculpt the land surface, it would have been via an electro-machining mechanism familiar to electric plasma researchers when dealing with the sculpting process of high current electric arc welders and the pieces of electrically conductive ‘works’.  

It is plain to see, then, how our ancestors believed that the gods formed the earth and caused its various destructions, none of which were believed by the political progressives of the 19th century in England and Europe. Yet the devout continued to believe in biblical or theological creation in spite of the absurdity of distant planets ever having the physical ability to affect the earth today. At the same time there remains a belief in a second coming of the messiah, and in the secular world, a CO2 caused catastrophe and ending times, so one should be allowed to at least mull over the idea that these ‘profound’ beliefs have a real physical origin.

The geological perspective is rather simple – today we believe that all earth processes are the result of internal forces with no contributions from external, cosmic, ones. This uniformitarian paradigm was finally put in place by Charles Lyell, continuing on from his intellectual predecessor James Hutton, by solving the Creationist/Uniformist debate by a masterful rhetorical sleight of hand by moving biblical creation from 4004 BCE to some remote and distant past; a very liberal creationism of course, as Charles Lyell was a devout Methodist and could not conceive of a science that contradicted his devout faith. He effectively cut modern science off from its historical moorings to allow it to drift aimlessly in the present world of computerised virtual reality, better described as a grand scientific delusion devoid of any physical connection with reality. It is truly the invention of the human ego, itself adrift from its own spiritual underpinnings. Little wonder climate science can’t predict the weather, let alone the climate.

And it was from that remote starting point that Charles Darwin then built his ‘evolutionary’ theory in his book “The Origin of Species and the Descent (or should that be ascent – LH) of Man. These ideas informed 19th century Victorian and the following Edwardian era understanding of science, and led to the gradual development of the present day mainstream paradigms of geological uniformitarianism and plate tectonics. It is the result of faith trumping empiricism.

More in further posts.

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One Response to When Gods were planets and Charles Lyell cut the Gordian Knot

  1. fabio says:

    Von Economo viral encephalitis after WWI was correlated to sun spots.
    BTW, Von Economo, like Koskinas, have another brain map different from Broadmann.


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