1st Millenium Maybe’s

I’ve just finished reading D.M. Murdock’s “Christ in Egypt” in which she argues convincingly that Christianity is essentially the hijacking of the older Egyptian religion by the Roman state during the early 1st millenium; The book is readily available on Kindle, the copy which I read, but also available in tradtional paper format. She points out that Jesus Christ as an individual never existed, which might come as a bit of a surprise to the billions of Christians, but never the less, she argued her point well.

I’ve previously mentioned that Prof. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn has put forward a rather provocative theory that at least 700 years of the 1st millenium are phantom centuries, fabricated by the survivors of a near global climate catastrophe which seemed to have terminated the Roman Empire period. The main evidence for this calamity is the absence of archaeological strata for the period 4th to 10th century AD/CE. If this is fact, then some interesting scenarios come to mind, especially the arrival of the latest monotheistic abrahamic religion, Islam. Interesting because it’s arrival is smack in the Heinsohn 700 phantom years.

Immanuel Velikosvky, in one of his texts, wrote that both Judaism and Islam were originally Venus worshippers; As Islam arose during the calamities that seemed to mark the end of the Roman period, is it possible that the God the prophet Mohammred was fighting alongside was actually Venus?

Is it possible that the survivors in the Middle East and Europe, and presumably those who could write to document the history, the monks and priests, thought that this calamity was the end of the world as prophesised and marked by the millenium, hence perhaps why the survivors adopted the year 1000 as the date that their ‘world’ started from the ashes of the catastrophe they just survived?

Is it possible that this Roman Terminus catastrophe was associated with the planet Venus, but still behaving like some giant comet, and at the same time known as the morning star which struck fear not only into the Europeans, but also the meso-american indians who, when discovered by the Spanish, were still sacrifiing victims to the morning star? This suggests Velikovsky’s interpetation might be quite wrong, and that the Aztecs, for example, were responding to an immediately passed global catastrophe, not the one he inferred, the biblical exodus event.

It is also possible that the circum-Pacific civilisations were abruptly terminated by this catastrophe, as well as the Moas on New Zealand, and perhaps the cause of the Ted Bryant Tsunami conventionally dated to the 16th century.

There are some profound implications if this event actually occurred, and the core assumptions behind C14 dating would be nullified for a start, that the atmosphere hadn’t changed for 1 million years in terms of C14.

If the inferred catastrophe was one as a plasma interaction between the Earth and a distant Venus, i.e. an interaction via their magneto and plasmaspheres, then visual memories would include auroral displays, fire from the sky and phenomena similar to those experienced during the 1859 CE Carrington event. (Note that apart from a few documented descriptions in a book and some scientific literature, not much memory is had of the Carrington event).

Given that it took humanity some time to realise that the Julian calendar was inaccurate, something which the Ming Dynasty chinese also discovered, then that discovery would prompt, in the Chinese case, a world-wide surveying of astronomical data to establish the new earth oribital geometry on which practical dating is based. The Europeans affected an administrative fix but adopting the Gregorian calendar in the late 16th century CE. And of course if the Earth changed its orbit slightly, and/or Venus changed its orbit and position, then this would be noticed and might have prompted the scepticism of Copernicus and later, Gallileo and others. It is quite possible that the configuration of the heavens, before the RT catastrophe, changed and that this change sparked the interest of Gallileo etc. What this also means is that the basis on which we defined time, the position of the earth’s orbit and its daily rotation, is not constant. (I’ll let readers mull over this for the time being). If T is not constant, then certain assumptions become rather problematical.

But the implications for Islam become intriguing – was God Venus? Was Islam the pyschological salve for the peoples of the Middle East to explain or make sense of this inferred global catastrophe? And are the memories of that catastrophe, now suppressed, motivating the fears experienced by the modern environmental movement of an impending climate catastrophe?

But as Velikovsky saw it, it’s humanity’s denial of the past that is the cause of its present-day difficulties. The real deniers seem to be the climate alarmists who, while denying anything catastrophically happened in the past, continue fervently believing in a future one.

And I could also be off my tree, too; time will but tell.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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