Magnetic Muddle at Wattsupwiththat

Looks like a rather animated discussion over at Anthony Watt’s website over a post by Dr. Tim Ball concerning climate and the magnetic field.

I don’t have time to wade into that discussion for the moment as I have to conserve internet bandwidth for the current AIG News editing  but it’s good to discover that some scientists are starting to look at the plasma connection of climate.

It is clear that quite a few mainstream scientists really misunderstand some basic ideas – like thinking that magnetic field lines are real physical objects – they aren’t of course since magnetic field lines are the same construct as topographic contour lines. Yet the observation of magnetic tubes or lines, if you are far away enough, are real, and  my guess is that these snapping and reconnecting magnetic field lines are actually Birkeland currents but misnamed “magnetic flux-tubes”, or ropey magnetic tubes.

And some of the heavy hitters over at Watts’ site seem not have known that Hannes Alfven, on the delivery of his Nobel Laureate acceptance speech, rejected the idea of frozen magnetic fields in plasma as fundamentally wrong, yet the mainstream continue to assume it happens – pedagogical cherry picking perhaps. Alfven invented frozen magnetic fields in plasma!

As for no electric current between the Sun and Earth – heaven’s to betsy, what do they think the solar wind is? Moving protons, thus moving electric charges, hence electrical currents.

Good to see commentators familiar with the Electric Universe principles posting comments there as well.

In broadest terms protons leave the sun and pass via the Earth on their way to the heliosphere, while electrons seem to be coming from the heliosphere towards the sun, via the earth, and for that matter all the planets. It’s a giant electrical circuit that can be described by the theories of the Physics of the Plasma Universe, and A. Peratt has just published the second edition of his essential text, (available from Springer both hardcover and e-book).

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