Give Gruber a Break

The idiocy of this progressive agenda is that in order to cope with this new world, we are told to “innovate”, but if your thinking skills have been socialised, how is that possible. The stupids are now running the system, and the mess we find ourselves in, in an economic sense, the direct outcome of these educational policies in the Anglo-American sphere.

Watts Up With That?

Gruber Gruber

By Charles Battig

Jonathan Gruber has been roundly reprimanded in the press, blogging sites, and everywhere in between for his candid comments regarding “the stupidity of the American voter” being his assumed premise for the passage of the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. ObamaCare). As viewed from Gruber’s academic pedestal, this was a most natural and fair assumption. His own education surely indoctrinated him with the elitist attitude of the privileged. A short review of the history of government education policies and goals ought to give Gruber a measure of sympathetic understanding for his natural assumptions as a government-employed sycophant.

The 1960 Godkin Lectures, delivered at Harvard by Sir C.P. Snow, were introduced with this candid pronouncement: “One of the most bizarre features of any advanced industrial society in our time is that the cardinal choices have to be made by a handful of men: in secret: and, at…

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