Extra Sensory Perception

A short note – It appears that birds, or at least ‘some’ birds, can anticipate catastrophic weather and fly away to a safer location one day before, “US scientists say tracking data shows that five golden-winged warblers “evacuated” their nesting site one day before the April 2014 tornado outbreak”.

Ecologists guess that these birds may sense those extreme events with their keen, low frequency hearing.

My guess is that the birds sense a change in the earth’s electric/geomagnetic field and not a simple acoustic one.

Similar anticipations occurred on an island off Sri Lankar, where the tribal peoples sensed the Aceh tsunami of November 2014 and removed back to higher ground.

And then there are the anecdotes of animals anticipating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other ‘catastrophic’ weather and geological effects days before.

This puzzles the scientists steeped in the lore of physical materiality in which the only force is gravity, along with an admission that there are electromagnetic fields, but that those fields are inconsequential in terms of G.

Those scientists are exemplars of the religious mind in operation, and not that of the scientific mind. They are no different to tribal witch doctors interpreting dissonant data in terms of the prevailing dogma, physical materialism, which is the outcome of the religious mind’s world view.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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2 Responses to Extra Sensory Perception

  1. Dear Sir,Ba
    Thank you for your exceptional work. About birds. Back in the late 1960s we had built a feedlot which held about 23,000 cattle owned by others–which required an account of the feed consumed in each pen–100 and 200 average head, in the Texas Panhandle. We discovered some days they did not eat all the feed and others they were balling for more.
    Quail reacted in much the same manner, some days the fed all day and others only in the morning and evening. The common factor was the change in the air pressure. The person who called for the amount of feed in each pin checked the air pressure before calling for the amount of feed. When the pressure was falling they ate and ate. When it reached a low they ate very little.

    I believe the Indians watched land turtles for similar signs, according to a friend who visited their camps when he was a child.

    Shortly after expanding the government’s actions caused us to go broke, and I move away.


    William A. McQuiddy
    9506 Golden Hills Cr.
    Austin, Texas 78759


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