Climate Ignorance

Andrew Bolt has posted some comments Prof. Judith Curry made to the US House of Reps. Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing this week here

“The climate has been warming since the 1700s, okay, since the end of the ‘Little Ice Age,’” Curry explained. “We don’t know what’s causing that warming in the 18th Century, in the 19th Century — it’s not attributed to humans.”

Much as I respect Prof. Curry, she has explained the fact rather badly. It isn’t the unusual warming that is the problem but the fact of what caused the Little Ice Age (LIA) that is the unusual and inexplicable problem.

What is causing the warming in the 18th Century etc, is not being caused by anything but that the cause of the previous cooling has disappeared, which is the explanation.

Just imagine throwing someone into an icy pond of water, and then afterwards, thinking better of it, rescuing them and watching them warm back to normal body temperature as their metabolism works overtime. So too the Earth recovering from the previous ice age, here a little one.

What Prof. Curry has not stressed is that it’s the ice ages that are the unusual events which cause the cooling and species extinctions, not the utterly predictable warming that happens when the cause of the ice age is no longer present.

It’s the ice ages that are the mystery, not the subsequent warming!

They have it exactly back to front.

Update: As the Earth warms back to its previous state before the LIA, so too will the human population increase in number. Population levels are driven by temperature, not levels driving temperature; they have it exactly back to front.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Climate Ignorance

  1. PeterMG says:

    Louis I tend to agree with you that the ice ages are more important to understand than the question of what’s warming the earth. Perhaps it’s correct to think that “ice age” is the current default and that is where we are at present.

    My current thinking is that science has misinterpreted the “end” of the last ice age; the beginning of the interglacial, and the retreating of the glaciers was not a retreat as such but an event such as an axis shift that moved the pole. This would explain how woolly mammoths froze as if dipped in liquid Oxygen, yet had undigested vegetable matter in their stomachs, something that is never adequately explained.

    The more I read the harder it is to take establishment science seriously. As an engineer if I was presented with data that did not fit my own ideas, I may not like it, and may have been annoyed that I have to do some checking, but never though out data or made things up. Do that and no one takes you seriously.

    I’ve been reading Gunnar Heinsohn’s work which just underlines that catastrophic change to the earth could be far closer to our modern times than we think. It’s no wonder we have this inbuilt phobia of destroying the earth. I just wish I didn’t have to work and could look into this stuff full time.


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