Lightning Production – NOT

It is a common belief in mainstream atmospheric physics and climate change theory that lightning is caused by particles of ice colliding with each other to produce electric charge separation in clouds. Why they have even observed radar imagery showing the formation of lightning, or is that the formation of ice, during thunderstorms.

A cloud of snow and debris triggered by an earthquake flies towards Everest Basecamp on April 25, 2015 (AFP Photo/Roberto Schmidt)

So if this theory of ice colliding with ice producing electric charge separation is correct, you would then think that an avalanche of snow might be associated with lightning. No? After all it’s enormous quantities of ice colliding with ice and if the theory is correct, electric charge separation should occur.

Apparently not.

Update: And the veritable bolt of lightning out of the blue, now that’s even more inexplicable in terms of the ‘current’ theory (pun intended).


Right on cue

Atmospheric scientists still don’t have a complete understanding of lightning, in part because it’s difficult to measure electric fields in thunderstorms. Now a large, international collaboration of scientists has demonstrated a new way to take a snapshot of atmospheric electric fields. They used detectors designed for astronomy to measure radio waves produced during cosmic-ray showers that occurred in thunderstorms. The team deduced a two-layer structure of thunderstorm electric fields, an idea that has been proposed but never clearly observed.


Elecrtically charged layers? These are known as plasma double layers.

Slowly but surely…….

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Lightning Production – NOT

  1. Willam A. McQuiddy says:

    Many years ago in Canadian, Texas, under a clear sky a woman was killed by lightening as she was getting out of a car. Her husband, who got out one the other side was not touched.
    Thank you for all your work-it seems logical to me. William A. McQuiddy, Austin, Texas.


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