The Magnetic Dynamo Effect in the wonderful world of Oz and the Mad Hatter.

Oh golly gosh, the Watts Up With That site has posted a guest essay by Robert Johnson on How plasma connects the Sun to the climate.

As usual the mainstream apply their ad hominems and point us to the official, peer reviewed, authority on plasma, here, (downloadable PDF).

Magnetic fields are inferred to be produced by the dynamo effect that is essentially the differential spinning of a conductive liquid inner core through a larger scaled immersive galactic magnetic field.

Magnetic reconnection is the erroneous belief in the physical existence of magnetic field lines, page 22 of the PDF authority. Magnetic field lines are cartoons to aid the comprehension of magnetic fields, but only clowns would then conclude that these “field lines” have some physical existence, or the reification of clown-concepts.

Another factor invoked in the magnetic dynamo model is the Coriolis effect, or I should say, the misapplication of the Coriolis effect.

The Coriolis effect occurs when the motion of one object is observed by an observer on an independent other object in a different inertial reference frame. Examples are watching an aeroplane travelling from the north pole to the equator from someone standing on the Earth itself.

It does not apply to the earth’s mantle and its core, since neither are independent objects but parts of the same object, the earth. Similarly there is no Coriolis effect between the Earth’s atmosphere and its surface. Of course this error is expected when the Coriolis Clowns also peddle the nonsense of magnetic reconnection.

How does this all come about? Rather simple – by the application of mathematics. The problem is that mathematics is a symbolic language in which symbols are used to summarise phenomena instead of literary description such as this sentence, and paragraph. Asserting that you cannot be scientific if you don’t use mathematics is no different to the medieval priests who used the lack of understanding of Latin by the masses to obscure the scriptures written in, Latin.

So mathematics is really the modern version of the priestly language, and when that language becomes disconnected from physical reality, as it surely has, then such physical nonsenses as black-holes, dark-energy, naked-singularities, magnetic reconnection, and internal Coriolis forces come into play.

It’s all Alice in Wonderland gobbledygook.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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