Atmospheric Electricity

Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay Blog posted an excellent summary on atmospheric electricity and, again, sourced an old text in the online archives on The Physics of The Air by W. J. Humphreys, C.E., Ph.D.

Then as now the biggest problem is how the Earth maintains its electrical charge and which is easily explained using The Physics of The Plasma Universe theory.

More importantly is the understanding of the concept of ‘temperature’, with most of us interpreting it as ‘heat’. Physically it is a measure of the energetic state of a substance or system. Hence the global temperature of the earth-system is simply a measurement of the energy state of the system. The question then is one of where does all this energy come from? Climate science, and for that matter mainstream science limits its energy budget to the incident solar radiation as described by the following graphic.

It is incomplete from the plasma theory point of view since it totally omits the energy coming in, and out, of the plasma electric circuit that the Earth is part of. It is also geologically incomplete as there is no accounting of volcanic factors, etc.

Hence the standard Greenhouse Effect is the physical explanation science proposes if it totally ignores the plasma circuit.

The error made is in the belief that ‘heat’ is energy, which it is, but that the only source of this ‘heat’ is the Sun’s electromagnetic radiance.

If we think in terms of energy and include the energy of the plasma electrical circuit then the earth’s temperature would be like a resistor in parallel with a capacitor in an electrical circuit through which electric current passes through. Electric currents passing though resistance generates ‘heat’ – which is ‘energy’.

It’s like saying that the heat generated by the automobile heater in the car is being produced by the radiant sun on the car while ignoring the hidden energy source of the automobile’s engine.

It seems likely that our equitable climate on earth, or parts of it, say the temperate and topical zones, is primarily driven by the global electrical circuit and modulated by the effect of water via its electrical properties as most recently described by Pollack (see Malaga Bay for links). In other words the Greenhouse Effect is a minor constituent of the global energy system. It is the presence of water that seems to allow the existence of life on the Earth.

But the so-called runaway Greenhouse Effect was a fantasy invented by Carl Sagan to counter Velikovsky’s deduction from historical data that Venus was a recently formed planet and thus very hot. Scientific nonesense is to be expected from creationists and their fellow travelling, big banging secular humanists.

The Greenhouse effect is nothing other than a very superficial theory, and in many ways.

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One Response to Atmospheric Electricity

  1. PeterMG says:

    Just thinking out aloud, could it be that the earths electrical connection delivers more energy than needed to just maintain the earth’s temperature and that the excess delivery of protons contributes towards the earths growth through the creation of matter?

    On the subject of climate change, there is desperation amongst Politians and scientists who have pinned their colours to the mast of man-made global warming or climate change. As it becomes more and more obvious that the link between CO2 and warming is non-existent, or tenuous at best, they turn their attention to anything they think will get their hobbyhorse publicity.

    But every measure these people ask us to take has a negative impact on our economic wellbeing, and people around the world are quietly rejecting the AGW mantra, by voting against those who push it, and they are doing so without making a fuss or fanfare which further infuriates the climate terrorists. The sour-grapes from the left in the aftermath of the recent UK elections has been the worst I have experienced in 35 years and aptly demonstrates that the only view is their view in their eyes.


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