Climate Prophesy

The scientific method is restricted to testing explanations using extant ideas (Laws, Principles). In a limited sense the scientific method involves the prediction of the future because the act of observing during which an anomaly is identified which needs testing are all future activities occurring in series culminating in either a yes/no result. The important thing to understand is that the anomaly is being caused by a hidden phenomenon in the here and now. So a geophysical gravity anomaly, for example, cannot be explained by the invocation of a fantasy involving UFO’s underground, but must limit its solution to physically real, existing objects that already exist. Clearly a thing that does not exist cannot produce a measureable anomaly in the here and now!

H/T Pat Michaels 2015

But not so the physical phenomenon of ‘Global Warming’ where it has not been observed in the first place but is believed to happen in the future as shown in the accompanying graph.

Notice that the red bold-line represents the future since it is the average of computer models forecasting global temperature. The blue and green data plots are the balloon and satellite data-sets that are essentially ‘observations’ in the here and now.

Departure from forecast started during 1979 and became blatantly obvious after 1995. The forecast has thus been resoundingly falsified. Is this a scientific falsification?

No, because science is only able to deal with existing phenomena so the failure of the climate modelling is actually the failure of technologically sophisticated prophesy and no different to the widely held belief of the second coming, messiah etc where a final armaggedon will wipe out the unfaithful leaving only the true believers as survivors.

The Climate Change meme is a religion no different to the existing world’s religions and dressed up in a technologically sophisticated lexicon.

Update: The problem is that much of science has become religious. This is to be expected since Western Civilisation is fundamentally religious and observes the Judaen-Christian faiths despite the dominance of the progressive secular humanists in academia and our government bureaucracies. I don’t have a dog in that fight.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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