Mountains From Molehills

A recent discovery of three fossilised verterbra, interpreted to come from a large Cretaceous age shark, in the Lower Cretaceous Duck Creek Formation of Texas has confirmed yet again the existence of giant-sized lifeforms during the geological past. One is tempted to conclude that veritable mountains can indeed be formed from molehills! From just three vertebras !

photo credit: Here, KUVP 16343 and OMNH 68860 (the one discussed in this study) are both reconstructed as Leptostyrax macrorhiza. 2015, Frederickson et al. / PLoS ONE

So too one could mountaineer giant humans to have made ancient gigantic structures such as the trilithons at Baalbek

Mountainwise this quarried lump of rock could be interpreted as something Cretaceous Age humans might have produced.

The religious, those who only think in terms of authority, be it scripture, religious tome or scientific law, would reject this interpretation.

But the scientific minded, those who think in terms of the primacy of observation and evidence, would wonder if the dogma was flawed, and that giant-sized humans might have existed, along with all the other giant-sized lifeforms, in the Cretaceous Period.

And the Temple of Amenhotep might also fit this interpretation.

And while you have to be aware of the new art of “photoshopping”, there is some evidence of fossilised giant humans at this web site.

But it is the rejection of this “evidence” via the Alzheimer’s syndrome, (un-witting suppression of the past and its evidence in the stratigraphic record) that seems to be the present-day problem. Or a collective Amnesia as Immanuel Velikovsky described it in his posthumously published book “Mankind in Amnesia

The modern day exemplar of this Alzheimer’s syndrome is of course the famous climate hockey stick graph.

It seems the modern term of “Denialism” is for those who refuse to accept the official dogma, and are thus heretics. Only the religious brand their opponents as heretics.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Mountains From Molehills

  1. fabio says:

    Giants? The alleged evidences seem to be hoaxes. Some fossils could also had been misinterpreted. The Meganthropus paleojavanicos skull from Sangiran were recently redimensioned and revealed to be not so big, although it was not small . Modjekerto boy, by its turn, who was 15 years old when died, had a height of 1.80 m , this is, he was tall for his age, but not a giant.


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