Non-local connectedness

Two decades ago I was scientifically confounded by Australian aboriginal stories about anachronistic geological events of which, in terms of our extant scientific paradigm, direct first person knowledge ought not be possible. How could tribal aboriginals know of geological phenomena interpreted to have occurred some 1,100 million years ago? In terms of the mainstream scientific liturgy, uniformitarianism and neodarwinism, this knowledge was impossible since under this paradigm life had yet to appear on the earth. Yet I had the geophysical and mineralogical data substantiating the aboriginal story so the task in hand was how to explain it, and was, horror of horrors, our scientific paradigm actually in error? The religious mind would reject the anachronism since religious minds cannot be changed by empiricism. On the other hand I was a trained scientist, so I thought differently.

I was originally steeped in the uniformist tradition having been trained as an exploration geologist by the Western Mining Corporation, and subsequently polished professionally by the De Beers diamond mining company, inspecting and studying many operating diamond mines in Southern Africa, and responsible for the discovery of not an insignificant number of kimberlite source rocks in continental Australia.

But unlike my peers, I majored in both hard and soft rock geology strands at university, an achievement that will never again ever be repeated, especially under the existing K-12 mis-education system that has now infected the Western academic world. And while I first studied geology at a church-run high school, I also did not succumb to its religious mores but instead learnt from the teachings of the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnmurti introduced to me by my late mother. Krishnamurti’s teachings lit a small flame in my mind that has since led to an interesting life, for I started to think independently and hence found myself on a path towards heresy, both social and scientific.

Now for a quantum jump.

The phenomenon of quantum non-local connectedness is now accepted as fact and while Tim Cullen, over at Malaga Bay touched on this topic in his “As Above So Below — Nassim Haramein” post, I approached it from another direction during the early 1990’s when I came across three mind-changing concepts written by three authors.

The Holographic Universe by the late Michael Talbot, The Big Bang Never Happened by Eric Lerner and The Self-Aware Universe by Amit Goswami, from which these three books led to a different understanding in which physical reality is regarded as a holographic epiphenomenon of an underlying consciousness and that the physics of this plasma universe is described by electromagnetics, and in which all and everything in the universe is ultimately interconnected at a deeper, subconscious level, touched on by Carl Jung’s radical ideas of a collective memory; Rupert Sheldrake has also wandered into this new world of understanding though I sense he still is in the “where am I” stage.

In order to understand David Bohm’s idea of a holographic universe with its implicate and explicate orders, and the allied notion of quantum non-local connection, I used a thought experiment and had it published, in a roundabout and vague sort of way, so as not to frighten the horses too much, in the Geological Society of Australia’s (GSA) periodical, “The Australian Geologist”,(TAG), during the early 1990’s. I lost my paper copies of those TAG’s, after many domicile removals and, alas, no digitally archived copies seem easy to hand either, so I have to rely on memory. And if it does serves me, the academicians who read TAG were unimpressed with my musings on “Classical Euhemerism”, and who thus forced the editor not to publish my later musings; though I was advised to resubmit once the hoo-haa died down. However that academic intolerance resulted in my resignation from GSA membership and so I never resubmitted those later muses. It was then that I discovered that peer-review meant ensuring compliance with the dominant scientific or cultural paradigm, and was not so much involved at identifiying plagiarism which is the actual role of peer-review. So life started to become interesting, as they say, once I dipped my toe into the swamp of academia and its inflexible paradigms. After all, the universities all started off as religious institutions and hence dogmatism is a core requisite.

What thought experiment did I imagine? As computerised virtual reality was starting to become possible with improved computer technology, I sensed a correspondence between computerised virtual reality and the reality encompassed by the holographic universe ideas. So I decided to use this model to understand those ideas and thus started to imagine two human individuals each wearing head mounted VDU’s (Visual Display Units) and connected to a single computer by the usual keyboard-mouse interface displays etc. Physically the two individuals are separate but in terms of the computer model they are in the same location and share the same ‘virtual space’ inside the virtual world of the computer software.

Individual A, hereafter IDA, and individual B, hereafter IDB, could communicate with each other via the “virtual connection”. (Oh, I should add that the quantum theory was that a particle in one end of the universe was aware of what another particle was doing at the other end of that universe as if there was no distance separating them, the non-local connectedness, if you did not get it above).

So let’s start with IDA who sees a blank VDU screen; it is black. There is no visual reference. We then construct a flat surface on which IDA stands that also disappears into the horizon. This flat surface could be displayed as a graticule or grid system. This plane is infinite in all two of its directions but not having an edge, we are also not confronted with the scenario of peering into nothing that is implied by the existence of an edge of the plane IDA is standing on. We could improve this visual reference by making it a sphere, thus 3-D, and then we are faced with a finite enclosed space, and we could walk in a straight line and after some time, arrive back at our starting point, having walked along the circumference of our virtual sphere. Bear in mind that this visual spherical plane is being continuously redrawn by the software as IDA walks over its surface. (You might, as a distraction, think about physical reality being fossilised thoughts, or computer algorithms in the example being used here). And have a look at Nassim Haramein’s lectures which Tim linked to in his recent post linked above.

So let’s additionally create IDB and put IDB on the same spherical surface IDA is on. And let’s construct both IDA and IDB as those familiar “stick” humans created in the earliest times of computer graphics, circa 1981. IDA can see IDB and IDB can see IDA too. Let’s have IDA walk along the surface of the sphere in a straightline so that IDA would walk, say, 100 units of measurement to arrive back at the starting point, which means that the circumference of this spherical surface is thus 100 units. OK. So let’s now have IDB also walk along IDA’s previous path in a straight line away from IDA for 50 measuring units and stop at the halfway point that is antipodal to the starting point. We might observe the following:

  • IDA cannot see IDB, nor vice versa, (in the virtual reality world).
  • IDA can communicate with IDB and vice versa in the computerised virtual reality in real time since both are actually in the same location, at the PC,  but only imagine they are separated by distance, and hence time, in their virtual reality world that they are participating in.
  • Both refer to the spherical surface on which they stand as their fundamental reference and can peer into the sky and see nothing but pin-points of light — stars in other words  — in a blackness which is interpreted as nothingness.
  • Life has become fragmented by the formation of 3-D individuals as independent objects in the 3-D virtual world.

Some of these observations seem eerily familiar?

Let us now have a global catastrophe, or a virtual trauma, so that both IDA and IDB lose their memories. Each now thinks they are alone on the spherical surface. Communication between the two can now only take place by means limited to information traversing the (virtual) distance between them, say a virtual written note attached to a virtual pigeon that flies from IDA’s location to IDB’s location. Or we could contruct a telegraph line linking IDA and IDB. This takes time, of course, but while at the subconscious level both IDA and IDB remain connected and communication is thus instantaneous, there remains a problem in that neither is aware of it unless one or the other has, perhaps, a Sheldrakian moment and experiences a temporary and fleeting sense of perception of interconnectedness, which then passes away.

IDA and IDB now live in their virtual egocentric world separated by space and time and interpret their world in those terms. They are ignorant of the subconscious connection between them, and for that matter the connections between everything else; this ignorance could be called the “fall of man” that some of the religious remember. So we/they continue to live in their thought or ego world which is assumed to be physical reality with all of its underlying paradoxes and weirdness.

What seems to have happened is that on becoming disconnected from the “quantum level” by some earlier global catastrophe whose origins are deeply buried in our collective unconscious, but vaguely memorised as religion, most of humanity has concluded it’s present-day physical world is the real world and that the “quantum connectedness” unconscious domain is strictly metaphysical and mythological.

Scientific materialism is the logical outcome of the mind that has forgotten its quantum past and become settled in its present day science of dark matter, black holes, and the other impossilities it has strung around its cosmological theories. This mind believes that life is an epiphenomenon of the physical universe that its deity created 13.8 billion years ago.

The universe envisaged here in this post is one that has always existed, and that is being continuously formed by consciousness, or life, itself. But it is the ego, and its ego-world that is scientific materialism, that is an epiphenomenon of this holographic universe; an ego-world that is thought to be actual physical reality.

Think about it.

But one thing you must realise is that as the ego, the ID is the product of thinking which is a product of the mind, and hence of memory, space and time, and that by even thinking of restoring conscious connection to the subconsious cannot happen, for you, by the very act of thinking perpetuates, and hence strengthens, the thought-world that separates you from reality.

Beliefs are specific patterns of thought that become dogmatic and become unconscious from incessant repetition; it’s what religion is based on, the mindless repetition of litany. The religious are thus, without exception, dead from the neck up. Subservience to dogma is simply intellectual fossilisation.

As some teach, “it” comes to you, not you to “it”, and nothing you could possibly think, and hence do, can make it come to you, for the process of thinking itself is the barrier that separates the ego from the subconscious. No religion can lessen this ignorance, since religion is the result of thought, so religion is never a solution, but always the problem.

Study Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings and realise that neither the end justifies the means, nor the means the end, but that the means are the end. Life is a process, not an end as we have been taught by the various religious proselytisers. It is thinking itself that separates you the observer from the observed, which, in terms of the computer model used above, is also you.

Everything is interconnected.

Life is.

And if your mind has opened, perhaps proceed to study Immanuel Velikovsky’s posthumously published book “Mankind in Amnesia”. And then you might be able to understand the origin of the present-day climate change meme and its anticipation of another climate apocalypse and the frantic efforts by the religious and political elite to assuage their fears.

(And then study the writings of UG Krishnamuriti, if you can).

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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