Climate Change Idiocy

The earth’s biosphere is made of carbon based life-forms from the simplest to the most complex which, in the simplest of terms, has a carbon consuming vegetative component in a symbiotic relationship with the animal component that generates carbon. One cannot exist without the other.

So the goal of ‘decarbonising’ the earth’s economy is sheer madness and essentially suicide. The question then becomes of wondering where this fear of carbon originated.

While humanity has periodically experienced recurring bouts of millenarianism, the repetitive belief in ending times during which some are saved or chosen, while the rest, by logic, are to face death in some hell, either in the here and now, or in the afterlife, this latest bout of madness has to take the cake.

So I’m not at all surprised on reading Google News this morning that Australian Industry faces a major restructure as reported by Mark Ludlow in the Australian Financial Review (might be paywalled) so here is the link

The actual problem is trying to work out whether the Climate Consensus goal is all about destroying capitalism, or whether this fear of a thermal, CO2 based, armageddon is based on some deep-seated historically based fear, and that if Gaian retribution is at hand, on what is that fear based.

The idea of a previous fear of some or other armageddon forms the basis of Immanuel Velikovsky’s work as a practising pyschoanalyst in which he identified a species based fear of some historical global catastrophe described not only in the Old Testament but also in the legends of other civilisations scattered over the Earth.

The real denial is thus not of climate change, but of the occurrence of not one but of many global catastrophes in the human past as recounted in humanity’s myths. The real denial is that these catastrophes ever happened, and probably the basis of a deeply embedded fear of a hell-on-earth being repeated in the future.

This fear of impending doom forms the basis of the world’s religions in which the destructive Gods, or actually planets, actively interfered with the Earth’s surface via the electric plasma medium, and thus the actual origin of the idea of divine intervention, the most recent of which seemed to occur some scant 1,090 years ago as the destruction of the Roman Empire as interpreted by Heinsohn and others. It was this last catastrophe that caused the formation of Islam, in which their holiest of holies is some back rock or meteorite housed in the K’aaba in Mecca. And strange indeed, that Christianity was also formally adopted as the state religion of the Roman Empire at this time.

And it is likely that Greenland was in a more temperate latitude and truly green, not from plate tectonics, but from a slight shift or careen of the earth around its axis of spin, resulting in the need to change the calendar to the Gregorian from the Julian one.

It is possible that the end of the circum-pacific civilisations of the Maja, Olmecs, Easter Island and others whose ruins are under the sea, or buried under tropical jungles in South America or the Siberian and Canadian tundras, was also caused by the Comet of Justinian that some infer to have been Venus. After all, it was Velikovsky’s contention that the Arabs and Semitic peoples were Venus worshippers in the past.

But because these days the planets no longer threaten us the belief of divine or planetary retribution became obsolete, resulting in the formation of the uniformitarian meme that the Earth’s surface topology and topography were not formed by divine, (planetary) action, but by only by processes observed in the here and now. So geological uniformitarianism can be explained as the real denial of the past, and the existing climate change fear its latest incarnation.

The real deniers are not the climate sceptics, but the anti-catastrophists who, while denying past catastrophes, evoke an impending catastrophe using the totally fallacious belief of a runaway greenhouse effect on Venus as the result of a sinful humanity.

That’s the clue, of course, the Venusian CO2 connection – the fear of the future thermal armageddon from the fear of burning hydrocarbons, mis-named as fossil fuels because of modern science’s rejection that Venus was a recently formed planet as asserted by our ancestors, and instead is believed to have formed along with the rest of the solar system some billions of years in the past during which nothing catastrophic happened, and if it did, as it did in the K-T extinction event, 65 million years ago, not due to humans who were believed not to exist then.

But remember that Charles Darwin based his theory of biological evolution on the foundation of Hutton’s and Lyell’s geological uniformitarianism, the rejection of past catastrophes and hence divine intervention of the planetary gods. Our modern meme of uniformitarianism is the real act of denial, the denial of the mistaken idea that the past was anything but violent. The real denialism is the belief that the documented historical past is exaggerated literature and not fact.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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2 Responses to Climate Change Idiocy

  1. fabio says:

    The last issue of NCGT considered that we are possibly entering in a new Solar minimum.


  2. Fabian Peter says:

    Rather than being carbon based life forms from currents of water.


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