Mega Fauna

A short note: Previously I ventured the idea that the megalithic monuments that dot the face of the Earth and which are much too large to have been of use to modern man, let alone of built by our ancestors, and that such megalithic monuments ought to be assigned to the known era of giant life-forms, or Pre-Cretaceous.

That was a wild stab, or as we say in the jargon, a first pass guess.

Megafauna continued to survive post the K-T event and were finally wiped out by the Pleistocene Event, though the fact that some mega-fauna survived, (what could the Blue Whale else be?), suggests that the megalithic constructions should be allocated to post K-T and pre Pleistocene events.

I previously punted the idea that the Roman Empire was terminated by the Pleistocene, but that is wrong, for the buried roman water works found under the lignite mines in the German Rhine valley, were under holocene sediments. This also raises an interesting quandary, for if a geological catastrophe occurs, then the catastrophic erosion and destruction of the existing land-surface would then be followed by a rapid period of sedimentary deposition and compaction, or lithification, during the subsequent quiet period.

So one would call sediments that host extinct life forms as the Pleistocene period, and following sediments free of extinct forms holocene. This means that the roman waterworks in the lignite mines in the Rhine would be “unconformally” buried under post Pleistocene, or Holocene sediments; or they may be “conformally” buried at a disconformity.

So the question then becomes one of determing whether the Rhine holocene sediments that were defined to cover the buried roman waterworks were actually the final deposits of the Pleistocene event, or the deposits of a further minor catastrophe after the Pleistocene event and which tentatively should be termed the “Heinsohn-Event”.

(When the facts change, I change my mind)

To be definitely continued……

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Mega Fauna

  1. fabio says:

    Louis, maybe what happened with the Romans ruins on the Rhine is the same what happened also with Cuilcuilco pyramid in Mexico, which was covered by the Xitle lava, which last eruption was thousand years earlier: the sediments are old, but their ejectment from their original deposit area and subsequently sediment covering of the Human vestiges was later, and driven by rivers or winds. And as you told, some animals had their extinction recently, like Aepyornis.
    Possibly, we could make an analogy with the famous hoax of Acambaro, in Mexico, where creationists claims about dinosaur statues found. The mud that thy use to build them is old, but not the ceramic making (the owner refused to go on the isotopes dating).


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