Revised Chronology & The Origins of Civilisation

I’ve always wondered why historians assert that civilised humanity started at around 3,000 years BC, or so Charles Ginenthal notes in the third volume of Pillars of the Past, and that this ancient history was also triplicated so that actual historical accounts start roughly at 1200 years BP, suggesting that about 2000 years of ancient history were fabricated, or was it falsified. Or is it illusionary history?

This assertion would cause immediate screams of ‘creationism’ among the usual suspects, since this shortened history fits into the short biblical creationist belief. It gets worse, however, since it now seems obvious that another 700 additional years have been inserted into the present era, so that today’s calendar date is (2015 – 700 = 1315 AH (After Heinsohn)) if we correct the chronology in terms of Heinsohn’s research.

And worser it gets when we need to factor in the Gregorian and Julian calendars, because we need to know how far back in time the julian calendar could be extrapolated, given that the Gregorian was emplaced in 1592 AD, or 892 AH.

The problem is the definition of the year, or more fundamentally, time, because there’s two types, physical and pyschological time.

In the Old Testament it is written that the deluge took forty days and forty nights duration. But we are also informed that people in those times had lifespans of 700 years, give or take a few decades. So if we assume the ancient timekeepers were using a different clock than the one we use today, the diurnal rotation of the Earth around its axis plus the number of days to orbit the sun, which is the year, then we could calculate a ratio of years to days, 700/40 = 17.5 . If present day lifespans are 85 years, then in terms of our lifespans the deluge could have taken 85/17.5 = 4.86 or say 5 days. It all depends on what basis ancient time was calculated from and using applied epistemology we have assume that what it was then is what it is now, unless demonstrated otherwise.

Except that retrocalculation starting from today has a serious blip factor, the 700 year phantom period between 235AD and 935AD.

And then retrocalculation from today to 1592 using the Gregorian system is correct, but then we need to revert to the Julian system before 1592, which would work to the time when the Julian system was put in place, and before that, i.e. Pre-Julian times?

Tim Cullen has written some relevant comments here.

So is history falsified, fabricated or illusory? And given that some Australian Aboriginals ancestors “knew” of geological phenomena occurring 1,100 million years ago, how much of geological history is falsified, fabricated or illusory?

To be continued…………

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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