Dark Ages ?

I’m midway reading Ginenthal’s Pillars of the Past Vol. III and it’s pretty clear that historical ‘dark-ages’ occur when real history is erroneously expanded beyond historical reality. The various ways in which this is done seems unlimited but a prioristic beliefs’ are the basic causes in which data are made to confirm to existing belief, especially when one deals with biblical scholarship.

However as Heinsohn’s thesis for the Middle-East revised chronology (1200 BC start) has not been falisified with stratigraphic evidence, and if we tentatively assume his latest research of the 1st millenium CE is correct, that there is another 700 year dark-age to be removed from the chronological table, then this revised history is much shorter than presently accepted, and that ‘human’ civilisation spans -1200 CE to +1315 CE, a period of some 2515 years in total extracted from some previous 5000 years of repeated official history.

This makes the present assertion of Australian aboriginal history being some 40,000 years in duration, ah, a little problematical.

It also makes the numerological basis of climate studies, especially in the area of historical reconstruction also problematical and perhaps makes it easier to understand all the emotion surrounding the impending CO2 climate catastrophe many imagine to be looming.

This raises the interesting question of whether there are any ‘dark-ages’ in the geological chronology since the same mind-set that created human history also created geological history.

Secular humanists who believe in the astrophysical ‘Big-Bang’ are no different to religious people who believe in divine creation, for the difference is rhetorical.

The creationist/religious time line:

Null, Zip, Nada T=0 —>Creation/Big Bang —> 13.8 billion years —> Today —> tomorrow —> Utopia etc.

The scientific timeline:

No or little data —> 1200 BC —> 1315 CE (today) —> tomorrow —> No data

This scientific timeline is based on the assumption that life, and thus the universe, has always existed, and will continue to exist. When something has always existed, then age becomes meaningless. Retrocalculation from the present back to earlier times is thus best understood as ranking events in order of occurrence…

To be continued

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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