Maunder Moanings

I was not aware Armstrong Economics tracks climate, or weather, phenomena with their forecasting algorithms, along with every other relevant economic variable. This makes sense because weather does affect agricultural production and hence the economy.

And their attitude towards the climate science community is also interesting, as the linked article shows. And their forecasts are suggesting we are headed towards another Maunder Minimum, or a period of minimum sunspots during which agricultural production was seriously affected. Except that one needs to remember what latitude one might be living at on the Earth’s surface.

Armstrong Economics also ventures into geological ideas noting that during the 17th century there was an increase in global volcanic activity, more El Nino events and the absence of sunspots.

Now physically one might conclude that the lack of sunspots is an indicator of cooler temperatures, supported by the colder weather and the freezing up of various rivers and water-ways, but how could this then increase volcanic eruptions or increase the number of El Nino events?

But read the whole article on the Armstrong Blog – and make sure you live in an environmentally sustainable location when it is forecast to hit the fan. Me? I’m looking at coal and petroleum theory and the commodity of the day, oil-shale origins.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Maunder Moanings

  1. tempestnut says:

    Perhaps people are reading too much into sunspots and what they can cause, and not understanding that they may just be a reaction to an electric phenomena that is pulling all the strings and controlling everything. Is it that people are blinded by correlations and have forgotten how to seek understanding.

    I see all the time people who are correct to be sceptical of CO2 induced climate change, yet to me their explanations as to why it is wrong is just as wrong headed. Just as well most engineering still lives in the real world or we would be in even deeper poo as a society.


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