Meteorological Madness

Part of the daily routine is to check Anthony Watts’ climate site for the latest inanities of the global warming/climate changing brigade and one is never disappointed. The latest was a post by Bob Tisdale reprising a previous blog (etc) on the topic “Was 2014 the warmest year?”.

The author in question was John Kennedy of the UK Met Office, and in the relevant blog post Kennedy wrote the following:

The question of whether 2014 was or wasn’t the warmest year has recently exercised the minds of many. The answer, of course, is…


At some point in the past, the Earth was a glob of molten rock pummelled by other rocks travelling at the kind of speeds that made Einstein famous, dinosaurs late and a very, very, very loud bang. There have also been periods, more hospitable to life (of various kinds), where global temperatures were in excess of what they are today. (My italicising LH).

The take-home message I get from reading this version of the Earth’s formation is that it seems to be JK’s understanding of cosmology, or is it astrophysics? The standard model is the accretion model, and the from what I can gather the sequence of events seems this:

  1. Nothing, Zip, Nada, Null, Matter Nullius!
  2. Something happened and nothing exploded causing a big bang (and is this the very,very,very loud bang JK assumes)?
  3. Matter mysteriously appears and because there is no gravitation explodes everywhere from a naked singularity in every direction, with every particle increasing its distance from every other particle.
  4. Then gravity appeared, and the ever expanding universe started to become clumpy (this seems an ad hoc adjustment to the theory to make it fit physical reality).
  5. The Earth starts to form as a small glob of molten rock pummelled by other rocks travelling at relativistic speeds (This is interesting because it requires matter that was originally accelerating away from all other matter, to then slow down, stop and then start to accelerate in the opposite direction towards some arbitrary barycenter that will become the Earth).
  6. The Earth clump formed by continued accretion of matter at relativistic velocities then starts to get hot and molten (This is also interesting as it is plasma turning into rock turning back into plasma).
  7. Then the dinosaurs appeared, (and God must know how), only to die out (and was the very, very very loud bang associated with the ‘event’ that terminated the dinosaurs, one wonders and not the louder bang earlier on)? And between event 6 and event 7 there were also period which were more hospitable for life when global temperatures were in excess of those today.

Really? It’s blithering nonsense.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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