The Nature of Time

Apparently Albert Einstein said “…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.” (H/T Armstrong Economics.

This is an important idea because if the past, present and future are essentially human constructs, the product of thinking, then that will have profound implications on our understanding of geology.

Which means that the only reality is the here and now, which leads to the insight that if this is so, then life is, with no start and no end.

And on a quite different topic Malaga Bay’s Tim Cullen is posting some interesting stuff on Liesegang Cavities, Geodes and lunar hollows here.

I must confess to having believed in the hollow-earth idea when a callow youth working for the New South Wales Geological Survey during the late 1960’s; I am occasionally reminded of it.

And when the facts change, I change my mind, so Tim’s posts on hollow rocks and a hollow moon prompts a rethink, especially when he points out that it was updated seismic modelling that progressed the early evidence of a hollow seismologically ringing moon to its present day description of a solid iron core etc, The Ringing Moon post .

I say this because during the last 10 years of my professional career I have encountered too many geophysical anomalies from numerical modelling that when empirically tested were found to be flat out wrong. So when NASA scientists reckon that the more refined seismic processing confirmed an earth-like core in the moon, when before the evidence pointed to a hollow, ringing, moon, then one starts to wonder whether the hollow earth model has any basis in physical reality. And more pertinently whether existing seismic modelling of the earth’s interior is accurate.

Of course we can’t have a hollow moon because that would be contradicted by the solar accretion model, self gravitation and other geophysical or astronomical illusions, including the idea of planets and moons being the end products of a plasma Z-Pinch star formation process.

For the moment I am stumped.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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6 Responses to The Nature of Time

  1. fabio says:

    It would be wonderful if hollow Earth was true then our dreams about Agartha, Pellucidar, the Iceland’s pass to Saksnussen world, etc, should be contemplated, but although tomographic data suggest that Earth inner layout is very messy, hollow regions at high depths seem to have low probability due to the rocky material strength also if not considering gravitational instability. Euler and Haley believed that hollow earth was true. Do you have any updated references more about it ?


    • No, not at present – more important to work out the seismic modelling and the assumptions made. Not all geophysical modelling is problematical, EM for example, where modelling of high conductivity rocks works pretty well.

      But deep source modelling – another matter which needs another look. Remember that the geophysical modelling for the USSR Kolar Peninsula Deep Hole project was not too impressive – modelling suggested basic rocks (sills, lavas) at some depth which on sampling was actually water saturated gneiss. There is also the USSR logging of the cores that showed existence of open fractures at depth. US geophysicists/geologists ridiculed that, as they would, of course. But data is data, and the open pores and fractures are real at those depths.


  2. fabio says:

    Gneiss? It is metamorphic, so as Giovanni Gregori (ncgt) said, almost all the crust is made of recycled material . And what does recycle it ? Catastrophic events, folding big extensions of lands, we presume. Gregori said biological recycled material. But Gneiss isn’t . Thus, our planet seems to have a very unknown history. This case remember me about another professor and Jesuit priest (founder of Roman Pontifical University) Athanasius Kircher, who wrote in 17th century about inner earth being made by caves protected by dragons, which entering would be the volcanos.


    • Gneiss is a layered quasi igneous rock – crystallised under tectonic stress, or, layered because we think it was originally a layered sediment. I have to search out the reference to this and presumably it is also described in the book I have on the drilling project published by the Russians. Presently I am studying geodes – try google “geode in situ” and then you realise how little we do know. 🙂


  3. fabio says:

    The Russians… Maybe them will make our civilization survive because West science is following the same path as in politics, arts, technics, philosophy and so on. And all the non Western countries’ culture (China included) must drink of the same source, since their traditional culture does not works if they want to keep in Modernity. We only need to browse NCGT bulletin to verify the amount of Russian scientists thinking true novelties. As Comte said, metaphysics was good to deconstruct theological systems, but is deductive then it is auto destructive: we can not have progress without order and Brazilian Republican flag says it. Isaiah Berlin wrote that Stalin promoted Aristotelian views about Hegel and the dialects. We can affirm about this fact that it is what supplied our thought in the 20th century while Western culture was falling down, Brazilian President Cardoso, in a speach in Moscow some years ago, compared Brazil and Russia by the neo Hegelian influence. By other aspects too, both countries have a similar history, so that the comparison between Brazil and their “north cousins” is not suitable. The degree of decadence of some of other European countries, like Italy, is unbelievable. The cars made in the Ferrari’s country are defined now by their inhabitants as bullshit. But are all these facts so “spontaneous”? Why all the Navy’ ships of the European Union countries on patrol in the Mediterranean leave “refugees” in Italian harbours instead to bring them to other countries, as should be more reasonable in terms of an European politics of refugees ?


    • At the rate people are leaving Syria, Lebanon, etc for parts elsewhere, soon the only ones left will be the Israelis. Reminds me a little of the mass migration into Eastern Europe of a couple of centuries ago when the Khazars etc left the Pale of Settlement in western Russia.


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