Politically Correct Archaeology

Drowning in a deluge of data is one of life’s chores and H/T to the Thunderbolts Facebook page for this BBC report on Australian Aboriginal Stories and the embedded facts.

The Aboriginal stories are, of course, linked to the standard chronology that places these people as having lived continuously on Australia for 50,000 years. Which makes me wonder what the rest of humanity were doing at the time and why they achieved so much since 1200 BC while the Australians so little. It raises serious doubts to the standard chronology, especially if one then adds the Aboriginal stories relating to the Wolfe Creek Meteor crater in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, or the stories related to me by the consulting anthropologist I used to conduct an aboriginal heritage survey around Kununurra in 1988 that suggested the local Miriwung-Gadjerong people’s ancestors knew about geological phenomena 1,100 million years ago.

Scientifically human observation is a primary data type, so if the Kununurra story of Malawon is true then our understanding of geochronology is problematical. Or the chronology is correct and the aboriginal story BS.

The religious mind will fit the data to the dogma, while the scientific mind will question the dogma.

My guess is that the stories mentioned in the BBC documentary relate to the last global catastrophe that the Earth underwent and which the survivors could recall – the Comet of Justinian event that terminated the roman period and the origin of the aboriginal stories, a global catastrophe that we are still reeling from.

More on this in future posts.

Update: I forgot to comment on the heading the BBC used, “Aboriginal legends reveal ancient secrets to science” – secret scientific facts which are only shared if reciprocated by the Westerners – which makes it religion than anything else, and divides people into those who “know”, the priests, and those who don’t, the great unwashed rest of us.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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3 Responses to Politically Correct Archaeology

  1. Charlie Adamson says:

    Hello Louis,.. I just left a reply to your comment on Magala Bay. What you said has me totally intrigued concerning the Book of Ester and maternity lineage. I simply can not help myself, wondering if you are pointing where I myself have been looking lately and what I myself have unearthed in my personal inquiry.
    Could you and I correspond further on these topics?

    Charlie Adamson


  2. johnm33 says:

    Interesting that in the link when the Gunditjmarrra said the water came from far inland that they only looked near the coast. If the earth truly stopped spinning as our ancestors attest then Australia would get inundated from the northwest together with a surge rising out of the GA Bight. So the west should have very little sediment left, the centre and east rather more, with the potential for scablands a little like the missoula if they were constrained at all. I wonder how high the safe ground was.


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