Marxism & Global Warming Hype are different manifestations of human hubris?

I spotted this post on the Armstrong Economics, Believing in Nonsense

QUESTION: How can you refute all the evidence that there is global warming and climate change caused by man?

ANSWER: First, you should not be reading this blog for you obviously believe in government propaganda no matter what the field has put out by the academic community. Global warming is on par with Marxism and thinking that handing all power to government will prevent recessions.

Even in economics, I was told to be a good boy and put out studies with predetermined conclusions. If I complied, I would make millions per year for every bill passed by government requires a bogus economic study. Some academics are independent free thinkers, such as Milton Friedman. Those willing to buck government whom are not on the gravy train of government subsidies are the minority. The same is true with this nonsense that man is entirely behind climate change, as natural cyclical forces, such as the energy output of the sun, are not even considered.

If you accept the idea that global warming/climate change is caused entirely by man, please stop reading this blog, for you will also believe whatever government tells you with their equally bogus economic statistics. You are not going to make it to the other side.

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About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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