Conspiracies Of The Carbon Kind

The recent elevation of Malcolm Turnbull to prime minister of Australia by an internal Liberal Party coup has been generally explained as poll driven but some have suggested it is due to the politics of the UN IPCC and the prevailing Climate Change movement. Others seem to believe it is a vast get-rich scheme of bankers, Goldman Sachs being the current bank-du-jour.

It is more likely that the fear of a CO2 induced catastrophic climate change tipping point is another millennial event and that this entrenched fear of impending doom, invariably climate based, is being gamed by the usual suspects as a means of making money while the political elite do what they do best, wreck economies, especially those of the centrally planned types, China included.

While much effort is being directed at showing that global warming isn’t happening, (it is), this global warming, however, has nothing to do with the human emission of CO2, but with the exploding human population and the environmental consequences of that population due to the increase of temperature of an Earth returning to a previous thermal state or global temperature, or to a new but different state of thermal equilibrium. The population increase is thus the direct result of the Earth warming after the last ice-age event, and not the cause of the observed increase in temperature.

The present-day population increase is thus a response to an underlying suppressed psychological factor that Emanuel Velikovsky identified in his professional capacity as a psychoanalyst; that humanity previously experienced catastrophic global climate and geological changes, recorded  as histories and myths but which are strongly denied as ever having happened, and thus dismissed as allegories etc. in the present. Those who reject that the past was climatically  catastrophic are the real deniers, not the critical sceptics.

It is a biological truism that species which experience frequent catastrophic reductions in population numbers tend to compensate by engineering compensating population explosions to maximise survival after the next impending catastrophe. It is the why that is the mystery.

Fear of CO2 seems most likely to originate from the Velikovsky affair of the 1950-1970’s in which the mainstream scientific explanation for Venus’s temperature was a run-away greenhouse effect to counter Velikovsky’s theory that Venus is hot because it was a recently formed planet.

So entrepreneurs like Goldman Sachs are simply taking advantage of the irrational fear of millennialism that has beset the ruling elites by making sure they, as bankers, survive and at the same time making some money out of it.  Who wouldn’t?

This is not to state that there is no global political conspiracy in play, because there is, and it is plainly stated by the various functionaries of the UN IPCC – that the UN’s goal is to re-engineer the global economic model to a more sustainable one, that of collectivism. This is why there is such an emphasis on implementing a connected, via software, e.g. Facebook and Twitter, and hardware, smartphones and tablets, society. Except that ultimately it won’t work because renewable energy sources won’t be able to supply the base-load electricity to make it work.

The climate sceptics are right though in their identification of data manipulation, and in this case it is the act of making sure the data fit the entrenched belief of global warming. It is not realising that the global warming theory, or meme, is a religious movement and not a scientific one that is the real problem; religious here meant as any belief in the supremacy of authority over experience or data.  The issue becomes intractable when the sceptics are themselves of one or other religious faiths, or non-faiths, since the pattern of thinking is common to both. And when religious minds start involving themselves with science and make it political, as what happened to geology during the early 19th century, then much grief will occur.

But sheeting the political coup to the machinations of Goldman Sachs misses the point – politically a global carbon tax is going to happen – there is nothing we can do to change it. Our goal is to survive by taking advantage of it; that’s what Goldman Sachs is doing.

The real villains are the fasciuminists of the UN, if I have Moncton’s neologism spelled correctly, and their quasi-religious, political belief system. And when some of the bankers are also fasciuminists, then we have an even bigger problem.

We are living during interesting times.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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