TV Reception and Electromagnetic Wind

It is a general observation where I live that strong winds affect television reception. This implies that winds have some sort of electromagnetic property that distorts the EM signal being received by the TV antenna. The stronger the wind, the more the TV signal is affected.

Winds are horizontal flows of atmosphere, either hot or cold. These movements cannot be produced by gravity as gravity has no component in the horizontal plane though some impressive intellectual gymnastics are performed to explain wind as an atmospheric phenomena founded in gravity and thermal solar activity. An alternative mechanism must be sought.

However as the presence of high velocity winds seems to be an electromagnetic effect, this implies that moving electrically charged particles are the motive force behind wind, as recently suggested by Gerald H. Pollack. Pollack proposed that emission of protons from water into the atmosphere coupled with the rotation of the Earth causes lateral electrical charge heterogeneities and that winds are the effect of continuous lateral movement of those charges in some sort of dynamic equilibrium. He has also proposed that it is this solar induced charge separation that rotates the earth since the jet streams and winds seem to move west to east, dragging the Earth behind them. Perhaps.

But it is clear that winds are the result of horizontal movements of plasma in the dark mode, dragging neutral matter, here the atmosphere, along with it as the Earth maintains its dynamic electrical equilibrium. This mechanism is conspicuous by its absence in current (pun intended) atmospheric physics, and hence climate change theory.

The climate models don’t work because we have the basic physics wrong.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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