Gravity Muses

Gravity – we can describe an object’s motion by maths, it works but we can’t explain it by describing exactly how gravity works. The standard cosmological model starts off with a Big Bang from which matter explodes in every direction outwards from some initial singularity. Then somehow matter starts to attract other matter to form clumps which then start aggregating to ultimately form galaxies and solar systems. The phenomenon of self-gravitation is then invoked to produce the immense temperatures and pressures inside stars and planets. Then somehow some stars start rotating, how is left to our imagination, and we get spiral galaxies and other rotational phenomena.  Mighty be the power of gravity in the theologically compatible explanation of the cosmos. Except that it’s probably wrong.

In the plasma universe theory electromagnetics are the primary driving forces and plasma Z-Pinch mechanisms can explain the formation of stars and planets. So if we have our present solar system powered by an enormous plasma Z-Pinch centred on our Sun, in which matter is compressed then how far out could this compressive force extend? Out to the solar heliosphere? And while we might think that its the solar electric field that attracts electrons and causes them to move towards the sun, or protons to move away from the sun, that does not explain coronal mass ejections that include both positive and negative particles, among others.

But if the sun is caused by a plasma Z-pinch then that force would, everything else being equal, cause matter to move to the centroid of the sun, or its centre of mass.

And as we know the Earth has Birkeland currents entering both poles, then it is likely that there is also another Z-Pinch occurring that keeps the Earth as a sphere but which because of its rotational motion, deforms as observed.

So I wonder if gravity is actually the plasma Z-Pinch mechanism underpinning stronger plasma phenomena. Anthony Peratt’s work simulating spiral galaxies ignores gravity because in comparison to the electrical force gravity is irrelevant. But if the electrical forces are in dynamic balance then gravity becomes dominant and my guess is that gravity is the plasma Z-Pinches that form the stars and planets, as stellar end products. What is interesting is that the Coulomb force has the same form as the Gravitational force mathematically. There has to be some connection.

To be continued.

In addition: The problem is how far out does the Z-Pinch force exert itself? As a very weak force at the Heliosphere?

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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