Psychopaths and History

An interesting documentary is posted up here and it’s controversial. However its roots lie deep in history but we also need to remember that according to Napoleon Bonaparte , if history is a set of lies agreed upon, then we need to realise that history is not necessarily what we believe it to be.

In a very short historical summary the Earth, at some time in the past, possibly described by the legend of the Garden of Eden, with a biosphere in which humans were part, a global catastrophe happened. The survivors of that world, perhaps as described by the late Julian Jaynes in his only book “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”, would also have become psychologically disturbed by the sheer violence of that global catastrophe, much as today’s soldiers are often psychologically damaged to such an extent that their suicide rate is cause for extreme concern. Some commentators suggest we still remain in the Bronze Age, (see previous post).

The survivors of that catastrophe would essentially have also become psychopaths with the belief that, as survivors. they were chosen by their god, or authority, above all others to have survived and thus to have dominion over the rest of us. This belief in choseness has more recently been observed among the survivors of the WWII Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb explosions. And the survivors of that early catastrophe founded our Western Judaea-Christian and Islamic world view.

While many also believe the fall of the Roman Empire was induced internally, there is now solid evidence that it collapsed from an external force, not dissimilar to the one that caused the collapse of the mythical garden of eden and the inferred fall of man, the Jaynesian event.

If you are a Christian then you believe you have been saved, and thus ‘different’ to those who are not, and thereby divide humanity into the saved and the un-saved. The religious Jews divide people into the chosen, they themselves, and the rest of us as the goyim. Islam separates people further resulting in three competing totalitarian religions, two of which focus their attention to the hereafter while the third, when stripped of its metaphysical underpinnings is difficult to distinguish from communism. All three faiths anticipate utopia, one in the here and now, the others in the afterlife, or we take the second-coming literally, also in a future here-and-now.

And it is difficult to ignore the possibility of some 4 billion people who, collectively adhere to a religious belief of one or other future utopia, are purposefully acting to achieve that utopia by their present actions. The tendency to congregate in places of theological or spiritual significance, to interpret The Book literally, or not, seems to be a collective reaction to some deeply hidden and submerged fear that originated when humans first became conscious and developed memory.

Perhaps the recognition that ultimately we are all part of the same phenomenon and not separate isolated egocentrics dwelling in one other theologically based virtual worlds, will lead to a de-escalation of the madness that is the Western World.

As the Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti put it, to change the world you only need to change yourself. By which he meant self-enlightenment that does’t come from practicing ritual, praying or other egocentric escapes, but from gaining an awareness of our actual reality, not the one confected from drugs and dreams.

Only the egocentric and pathological believe they have been chosen or saved.

Update: If you believe in life after death and spiritual utopia (heaven), then this earthly existence is but a small way station the soul visits on its journey to permanent salvation etc.; So perhaps trashing the way station is expected?

Just thinking.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. I spent my professional life looking for mineral deposits, found some, and also located a number of kimberlites in NSW and Western Australia. Exploration geology is the closest one can get to practicing the scientific method, mineral exploration always being concerned with finding anomalous geophysical or geochemical data, framing a model and explanation for the anomaly and then testing it with drilling or excavation. All scientific theories are ultimately false since they invariably involved explaining something with incomplete extant knowledge. Since no one is omniscient or knows everything, so too scientific theories which are solely limited to existing knowledge. Because the future always yields new data, scientific theories must change to be compatible with the new data. Thus a true scientist is never in love with any particular theory, always knowing that when the facts change, so too must he/she change their minds.
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  1. tom0mason says:

    As always you leave me with much to think about.


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