Grave Waves

It seems there is excitement at the laboratory, for the scientists have discovered that two spinning black holes have produced Gravitational Waves

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Black holes are ‘non-things’ from which nothing can escape, so they can’t emit gravitational waves, and if they do then we seem to be dealing with a lighter shade of black than theory assumes.

Spinning black holes? More like spinning reasoning, if that’s at all possible.

Space time? Neither space or nor time are physical things, space being the absence of matter and time being persistent memory.

It’s all really nonsense until you realise that these scientists are waxing metaphysically and must therefore be experiencing mystical moments.

The moral of this announcement?

Send money!

And will the CSIRO now change tack and sail towards the black holes on the newly discovered gravity waves, thereby maintaining the climate section in its new grave goal?



The confirmation of Einstein’s gravitational waves has thrown the scientific community into paroxysms of joy.

Across the world, social media has buzzed with the sound of two massive black holes colliding; the aural imprint caused by the gravitational waves of this cataclysmic event 1.3 billion light years away. (Source)

A Black Hole is a location associated with an object at which all its mass is concentrated, the object’s centre of gravity. It is, however, an abstraction invented to facilitate computation. A location is not an object and therefore cannot consist of matter let alone possess mass. Except in virtual-physics world where they always imagine six impossible things before breakfast.


Are the reported paroxysms of joy any different to the speaking of tongues or other ecclesiastical expressions of divine joy?


Update 2: Right on cue, 

CSIRO hailed contribution to gravitation waves find – for work done by axed unit.


 CSIRO executives are being accused of claiming credit for achievements of a science unit it has recently axed, amid on-going job cuts at the agency.

Read more here


About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. I spent my professional life looking for mineral deposits, found some, and also located a number of kimberlites in NSW and Western Australia. Exploration geology is the closest one can get to practicing the scientific method, mineral exploration always being concerned with finding anomalous geophysical or geochemical data, framing a model and explanation for the anomaly and then testing it with drilling or excavation. All scientific theories are ultimately false since they invariably involved explaining something with incomplete extant knowledge. Since no one is omniscient or knows everything, so too scientific theories which are solely limited to existing knowledge. Because the future always yields new data, scientific theories must change to be compatible with the new data. Thus a true scientist is never in love with any particular theory, always knowing that when the facts change, so too must he/she change their minds.
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