Grave Wiggles

I came across an interesting description of electrical and gravitational forces here and the author points out that if you wiggle electrical particles like protons and electrons, you produce electromagnetic or radio waves. And then if you wiggle a mass, you then produce gravity waves.

The author also points out that the electrical force versus the gravitational force between two electrons is some 2.4 x10^43 larger in magnitude; which makes you wonder why we bother with gravity apart from the usual problems of jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

There is also a bit of a rhetorical conundrum in the description because when you wiggle a mass, you also produce electromagnetic waves because mass is comprised of electrically charged particles, but in aggregate electrically neutral, and then maybe the wiggling produces extremely weak electromagnetic fields?

This suggests the distinction between gravitational attraction and electrical attraction/repulsion might be artificial and that gravity is some sort of electrical phenomenon. This makes sense because when Newton formulated his laws of motion, and hence gravity, to explain the motion of cosmic bodies, electricity was unknown. In Newton’s time the earth was assumed to be a perfect sphere suspended in a vacuum, along with other cosmic bodies also similarly suspended, together with a radiating sun. Logically Newton’s conclusions and description of the observed motion were correct.

Then electricity and electromagnetism were discovered but instead of reviewing the gravitational force in light of this new knowledge, it wasn’t and the electromagnetic phenomena were added to the existing gravitational assumptions.

Science had essentially turned into religion.

This leads to the present day model of electrically active matter/plasma together with gravitational effects located in barycenters or centers-of-gravity of bodies, the latter phenomena being metaphysical. One could interpret this model to the religious one in which organic matter contains the metaphysical ‘soul’.

Yet daily experience shows conclusively that mass is not to be trifled with and while short-circuiting electric assemblies causes sudden grief and often death, the weighty effects of mass are even more problematical; we simply cannot ignore gravity despite its apparent metaphysical nature as a barycenter.

Or it’s the way we think about it that might be the problem.

Update: I need to add that wiggling protons and electrons individually isn’t possible – perhaps in the imaginal world of La-La Land, but not in physical reality. What is possible is wiggling an object of matter and then are we producing electromagnetic waves and gravity waves? And all the time we are manipulating the object we are also immersed in the Earth’s ambient electric, geomagnetic and gravity fields as well.

Just saying.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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