Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Years ago, 1977 to be precise, I travelled with friends to Canberra from Cooma to watch the first episode of the Star Wars movies. Years later I watched episode 6 in a cinema in Fremantle, Western Australia, but I didn’t for the latest version and instead watched it via Apple’s Itunes at home. It is a rip-roaring episode but I’ve noticed no one has mentioned the extremely interesting imagery showing the latest ‘ultimate’ weapon capable of destroying planets etc., and how this seemed to mimic what our ancestors might have seen in the sky millennia ago but which we have dismissed as mythology.

The sky scenes of the Star Killer chapter (1 hr o8 min 37 secs) seem to show clearly what our ancestors might have seen and described as a battle of the gods. The slow progress of the fiery solar sourced ejection towards its target, its breaking up into components just like Comet Levy-Schumacher before it hit Jupiter in our own times, essentially a cosmic scaled plasma ejection, would have created mass fear on Earth as this movie shows as the First Order invades while at the same time destroying moons etc.

Similar catastrophic imagery is used in a recent James Bond film “Die Another Day” involving the use of diamonds to create another orbiting satellite weapon, again using the sun as a power source but this time as a large destructive weapon that is described as a sort of laser weapon that electrically excavates a path on the ground. Again this catastrophic imagery has its antecedent in the Australian aboriginal mythology of a rainbow serpent that sculpted the earth’s land surface during their ‘dreamtime’ period.

The intriguing aspect of all this catastrophic imagery is the pervasive denial that it ever happened by our mainstream culture and its ‘settled-science’. This phenomenon was described decades ago by Immanuel Velikovsky in his posthumously published book ‘Mankind in Amnesia’, and developed further by the excellent work and research published  on the Planet Amnesia website.

It is strange we deny any sort of catastrophic past yet continue to assert a catastrophic future from our use of oil and coal generating a run-away greenhouse effect like Venus is imagined to have undergone. And then perhaps not so strange given the modern day mythologies constructed by our well-meaning and sincere settled scientists and settled historians with their settled beliefs; a uniformitarian denialism of immense and pervasive acculturation.

And then I wonder if these movies are the unwitting recollections of our past being expressed in the modern idiom preparing, or conditioning, us for further revelations. Unwitting because I really can’t imagine our global ruling elites having the intellectual wherewithall to actually put in place such a pyschological regime of analysis and practice.

This raises the question of how much present-day denialism exists concerning our own recent past, because it is slowly becoming clear that the Roman Empire did not collapse from internal contradictions as believed by ‘settled-science’ and ‘settled-history’ but as the result of a global climate catastrophe not too unlike that portrayed in the latest Star Wars episode of the awakening force. There are strong suspicions that the Australian aboriginal dreatime period might well relate to that event rather than to some mythological period fifty thousands of years ago. This period also seems to correlate with the collapse of the circum-pacific civilisations and other collapses in societies in a global sense. The problem is the fabrication of history during the nineteenth century by the Uniformitarians and Darwinists and which continues to the present day.

And a visit to Malaga Bay in Spain would be an efficacious remedy to shake one’s little grey cells as a prelude to revising one’s historical perceptions.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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