Bombing them into the Stone Age

Gunnar Heinsohn has discovered from the paucity of stratigraphical evidence that approximately 700 years seem to be missing from the First Millenium of this era, the Middle Dark Ages. It is a controversial hypothesis and the question arises where are the missing strata? An approximate date of about 935 CE is assigned to the end of the phantom years that started ~235 CE.

Heinsohn has pointed out the existence of Roman artifacts in anachronistic strata such as the Neolithic, which is conventionally assigned to pre-Bronze era, in Europe etc.

But if an empire decides to threaten a subject nation by bombing it to the stone-age, then surely that would also happen today if some global catastrophe occurred, like an encounter with a cosmic body via the electrical plasma medium, a Velikovsky type event, or a magnitude greater Carrington Event which would destroy all the electrical power plants, cause mass extermination of much life at the surface, and cause the survivors to eke out an existence without their iphones and other mod cons. They would literally be sent to the stone age. This seems to be what happened to some parts of the Roman Empire during the first millennium.

So I think a possible solution for the phantom missing years Gunnar Heinsohn identified is to shift the Neolithic Period to between 235CE and 935CE.

This revisionism will cause apoplexy, I suspect.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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