Paradigm Threatened

Looks like the Velikovsky Affair has resulted in another victim, A. J. Peratt, author of the text ‘Physics of the Plasma Universe”, now in its second edition. David Talbott describes, in future posts, how it all came about. This is extremely sad and the standard outcome when self appointed Torquemadas decide a competent scientist has blasphemed. As a fellow blasphemer my immediate task was to counter the baleful influence Sir Charles Lyell had on geology in particular, and on science in general – Uniformitarianism, the pseudoscience of liberal creationism that spawned Charles Darwin and the social Darwinists who now control most of the West.

(Plasma Interpretion of Kayenta Pictograph)

Papers published here

I had personal contact with Tony over the years and we frequently compared notes on cameras with GPS functionality when recording data in the field, amongst other matters. I, as a field geologist, and he as a plasma physicist, had much in common, me with my field observations of vitrification of outcrop, my experience in diamond exploration, and aboriginals who possessed distinctly anachronistic knowledge of geological phenomena, and he with technical explanations for some of my observations. I still recall his instructions to orient the field of view of the petroglyphs correctly; I learnt much from Numero Uno, especially after reading his text book and scientific papers.

I never managed to locate any petroglyphs in the areas I was exploring, but was continuously experimenting with portable electronic gadgets to record field data. My interest in plasma physics arose from my experience in diamond exploration and trying to explain the mechanics of kimberlite eruption. Exploration is conducted initially by sampling drainages for kimberlite indicator minerals which then should lead to outcropping kimberlite upstream. I was regarded as one of the best in this profession, though I am now retired. As diamond pipes occur in all geological terranes, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic, success in exploration hinges much on experience and broad knowledge, which I had being initially trained by the Western Mining Corporation and subsequently by working for De Beers in Australia.

(It is pertinent to note that the Bradshaw Paintings are all under a siliceous vitrified coating throughout the Kimberley Region of Western Australia and which the present day aboriginals dismiss as rubbish paintings. The vitrification seems to have preserved the paintings, at the same time causing any earlier colours to have been transformed into the ubiquitous brown and dark colours now observed).

Kimberlite eruption theory has always been controversial and two models dominate – the Lorentz phreatomagmatic model and the Scott-Smith magmatic model, aka the De Beers Model, (I used to work for De Beers). It is known that kimberlite diatremes are formed by a downward tunneling vortex once they erupt at the surface but the physical mechanism for this remained unknown until I came across plasma physics and the realisation kimberlite pipes were actually formed by plasma vortices associated with plasma Birkeland currents. And the implication was that the initial forcing for kimberlite eruption came from outside the earth, not inside it. The Russian scientists Konstantin Khazanovitch-Wulff has a few papers published on this in the New Concepts of global Tectonics journal.

Kimberlite eruptions are essentially catastrophic in nature and caused by ‘incidents’ between the Earth and close-by interactions with external cosmic bodies via the electric plasma medium of space. The surficial vitrification often found on outcrop in the equatorial regions, and as I discovered from AJP, also on Easter Island, was caused by a large historical globally extensive thermal nuclear event conventionally dated some 10,000 years BP. Plasma eruptions are essentially nuclear explosions. Mass species extinctions are also associated with these historical plasma events.

Plasma physics is also more than capable of explaining the Earth’s weather systems and climate without needing to invoke the pseudoscientific agent of CO2, a forcing that the uniformists assume had produced the anomalous measured temperatures of Venus by a runaway Greenhouse effect to counter Velikovsky’s interpretation that Venus was hot because it was a recently formed planet. It is the fear of this previous catastrophe, which is denied by the mainstream, that has resurfaced as the present catastrophic climate change meme.

As the aboriginals assert that modern day Australia’s topography was sculpted by the Rainbow Serpent, which would be what a nomadic tribal hunter gatherer would describe as a prolonged electrical discharge between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface, it is unsurprising to find localised surface deposits of highly radioactive elements including thorium in the silicous laterites and uranium in the more iron rich laterites.

It is dangerous being right when the state is wrong.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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