Comets and Religion

I receive email notes from Ancient-Origins website that I scan for information that might be of interest to me. The latest one humoured me, for it described the physical conditions of Saul’s conversion to Christianity, that well publicised Damascene Conversion.

In the Christian Bible, it is written that a man named Saul experienced an event so extreme that it changed his views in an instant, and he became one of the most influential evangelists in early Christianity. Saul was said to have been a vehement persecutor of the followers of Jesus and was traveling in search of disciples of Jesus for punishment. It is written in the fifth book of the New Testament, Acts of the Apostles, that Saul was on the road to Damascus, Syria, when a bright light appeared in the sky. So intense was the light that he was blinded for three days. What he heard was described as a great thunderous sound, or a divine voice. He and his companions are said to have been knocked to the ground by the force of the event. The experience was so profound that Saul changed his name to Paul, took up missionary journeys across the Mediterranean, and became instrumental in spreading Christianity. See more here

I suppose a blinding prodigy in the sky might be interpreted as a God or ‘the G-d’, depending on which fear one’s fearful of.

And given the Islam’s holiest of holies houses a piece of a meteorite, and the possibility that the Gods of other religious faiths all seem to dwell in the sky, or heaven, then Saul’s experience and conversion is quite plausible, considering the extant gullibility of humanity and the attribution of the divine to various prodigies in the heavens.

Probably why the present day environmentalists are so fearful of CO2, having been gulled into believing that Venus’ thermal state is due to a runaway greenhouse effect, when, according to Velikovsky, it’s hot because it was a recently formed planet that also had the appearance of a comet. If the Velikovskian nightmare has any validity, it’s little wonder so many deny it, and at the same time so many believe it will happen again. After all it was James Hansen, and his mentor Carl Sagan, who fabricated the runaway Venusian Greenhouse Effect.

The physical state of the surface of the Earth, and its formation, seems to have been dominated by external forces such as near and close encounters between the Earth and heavenly prodigies or comets, meteors and other cosmic bodies. And geological uniformitarianism is the mainstream denial of those forces. Which doesn’t mean that their theological nemesis is right either; after all if your divine deity is but a mere comet or meteorite, how gullible could you be? b( Update: or are they? If God was a physical comet or meteor, then yes indeed God could cause physical catastrophes on the Earth; It’s the conversion from the physical to the metaphysical that became the problem).

Geological uniformitarianism is essentially the rejection of geological interaction between the Earth and other cosmic bodies, maintaining that all observed geological phenomena are strictly limited to existing physical forcings within the hermetically sealed closed earth-system. Their view could be summarised as “Oh we know there is plasma and electricity in space, but they don’t do anything” since gravity rules supreme.

Well, in the discipline involving the plasma and electric universe theories, plasmahydrodynamics seems to be the process which has formed the fundamental geological structure of the Earth’s surface that present day physical processes are slowly modifying. The various native peoples allude to it in their creation myths and stories, but the ‘scientific elite’, the successors to the fast becoming obsolete churches, deny it and yet at the same time worship the metaphysical abstraction of the CO2 God.

It is clear that Charles Darwin’s theory of biological evolution which is based on Charles Lyell’s Principles of Geology had it’s strongest support from the catholic English Huxley family. Given that Lyell was a devout Methodist as well, and assuming that the devout could not possibly entertain a scientfic theory that was incompatible with their faith, it is clear that geological uniformitarianism is simply the creation myth stretched on the rack of religiosity.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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