Gulf Stream Canaries

David Archibald has posted an interesting post at Watts Up With That (Doc) on “The Canary In The Water Column – Atlantic Ocean Heat Content Plumets”.

Seems the North Atlantic is cooling while the air above is not, or if Greenland is anything to go by, higher average temperatures causing surface melting of the ice cap, wailed at this link.

The gulf stream is an oceanic gyre and in my view powered by a telluric current. Telluric or electric currents passing through matter generate heat. Lower the voltage and/or current and the medium undergoes cooling. As David (Whom I know) writes:

As to the mechanism of the cooling of the North Atlantic water column when the atmosphere above it has yet to follow, perhaps a solar explanation is too simplistic. The scientific premise of the movie The Day After Tomorrow is that global warming will cause a slowing of the Gulf Stream and in turn that will cause severe cooling. Unless we can get up-to-date data on the Gulf Stream that disproves that theory, can it be dismissed out of hand? Counter-intuitive though it might seem, it may be that the cooling of the North Atlantic water column is the only evidence that provides proof of the AGW theory. Perhaps it is time to question some long-held beliefs.

Those long held beliefs include a belief that electricity has nothing to do with space weather, geology or cosmology.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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