Slowly the Sun is getting an engine change

The standard model of the Sun used to be a radiating sphere powered by nuclear furnace at its core and where sunspots were upwellings of convection cells below the photosphere.


A star like the Sun has an internal driving in the form of a magnetic field that can be seen on the surface as sunspots. Now astrophysicists from the Niels Bohr Institute have observed a distant star in the constellation Andromeda with a different positioning of sunspots and this indicates a magnetic field that is driven by completely different internal dynamics. The results are published in the scientific journal, Nature. (H/T Athony Watts)

The first sentence is a bit of a dog’s breakfast though, ‘an internal driving in the form of a magnetic field’.

They have yet to arrive at the next step of recognising the activity of electric currents producing the magnetic fields.

At least they now don’t have to perform intellectual gymnastics to explain how a nuclear furnace can generate magnetic fields.

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One Response to Slowly the Sun is getting an engine change

  1. THX1138 says:

    Another irksome beLIEf they have is called “magnetic reconnection”, wherein they think that magnetic lines of force are real, rather than being a convenient way of mapping the continuous magnetic field to describe its strength and direction at points in space. This beLIEf is tantamount to beLIEving that lines on a topographic map are real, and can be “snapped” and “reconnected”, thus changing the morphology of terrain like a mountain.

    Once critically examined, even from a bird’s-eye view, the Electric Universe Theory makes much more sense than the “consensus” gaslight-era religion we call Science today. The Earth is connected electrically to the Sun, which is quite obviously powered externally, by Birkeland currents of electricity it receives from the arms of the Milky Way galaxy, which in turn is part of a circuit with the entire Universe. These “power lines” of Birkeland currents can sometimes be seen in glow-mode and arc-mode, but are mostly in dark mode, but even these can be easily observed by looking at the magnetic fields they create as they travel between galaxies, galactic clusters, nebulae, and the host of celestial bodies, all physically connected in a vast electrical circuit, complete with resistors, capacitors, and inductors, creating a myriad of electrical effects, including Life itself.

    Ad hoc beLIEfs created by the church of Science, like Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, black holes, neutron stars and other made-up beLIEfs, like the General and Special theories of relativity, redshift-equals-distance-and-speed, are pure fiction. Thinking this way, against Scientific dogma, especially by an academic scholar, however, will get you called a heretic and banned from this cult, losing access to scientific tools, funding, publications and all public discussion. A good recent example would be Halton “Chip” Arp, who was thus treated by the consensus astronomical community. This award-winning astronomer was banned from further telescope time when he discovered (and actually said out loud) that so-called Quasars are not nearly as distant as beLIEved, and are not traveling away from us at super-speed and that their redshift is actually a property of young, newly formed (ejected) galaxies.


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