Climate Change Craziness ?

Martin Armstrong posted a neat description of EU craziness where he notes that the Germans want to have at least 1 million electric cars on the roads by 2020 while at the same time trying to eliminate the petrol and diesel consuming cars, and also to eliminate the nuclear power stations relying, I suppose, on “renewables” for their energy needs.

Unless this craziness is a ploy to wean us off petroleum based fuels and to replace it with some secret alternative power source apart from “renewables”.

The problem with free-energy sources is that introducing such sources into the existing systems will cause an economic catastrophe because having engines that don’t need fuel would in one swoop render obsolete the existing vehicle fleet, all the petroleum and coal powered generating plants, and thus the collapse of the global economies. No electricity also means no telecommunications, computers and etc. Electronic banking will also be a non-goer.

Back to the stone age!

Unless the world’s governments have some sort of new power source under wraps that could only be released once civilisation has been weaned off the hydrocarbon energy sources, petroleum, gas and coal.

This would mean a global conspiracy but the last time we had one of those, Watergate, it took only 3 months for someone to blab because humans seem to have this need to tell someone, anyone.

But as the cultural marxists are in charge, and thus the elevation of stupidity to daunting heights, this scenario seems unlikely. Why?

Friction. Machines only work because we have worked out how to minimise friction by using lubricants. No lube, no machines work. No oil, no lube. We can’t go without oil.

Of course the trick is to work out how to tap into the electric currents that pass through the earth-system as the Earth orbits its sun. Maybe the powers that be have this figured out but need to slowly wean us off the hydrocarbon fuel system by the intermediate step of renewables. And I suspect the usual cronies will be expecting to make a motza with the new propulsion systems.

And if you think I am crazy, what about the Australian Government’s recent contract for the diesel-powered submarines? Government will still be using DIESEL power decades to the future? Submarines using renewables? Solar powered submarines?

I just hope our ruling elites are not that stupid, for God help us if they are.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Climate Change Craziness ?

  1. PeterMG says:

    Some Germans are having some small victories.

    Give the chronic state of the worlds finances I don’t think many more of the craziest schemes are going to gain much traction. The cost of energy is forcing subsidy cuts as here

    Which leads to wind turbines not able to make a profit and get any return on investment. It only takes a few of these and the easy money dries up.

    There is a great deal of political agitation happening across the US and Europe at present as more and more people wake up to what’s going on. Its hitting their jobs now and finally the blinkers are coming off. It will still take some time and the surveillance state will try and quell the insurrection, but I now think it is too late.


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