The Stupidity of Today’s Callow Youth

Roger Franklin, editor of Quadrant online, recently published an anecdote, Modern ejukashun, Qonline 17 May 2016, concerning one written letter he received from a journalism graduate seeking work, and filed it in the round filing cabinet.

The application was dismissed on the basis of excessive political correctness and inanity as a result of the K12 education system installed in the Anglo-American sphere, among other Western nations.

The mystery cleared later on when Roger chanced on an op-ed The Age published by “English teacher and literacy researcher” Emily Frawley. In it she displayed her stupidity by wondering why girls could wear shorts to school but boys wouldn’t wear dresses; too sissy for them?

The question Emily might ponder is whether she could pee, or do number oneseys, without taking her shorts off; we boys surely can.

Which is why gels wear dresses.

And then when I was at highschool I occasionally wore a dress, but then only on parade, as an army cadet, wearing the school’s tartan, in the form of the kilt; but och aye, it’s a wee stretch calling it a dress, lassie.

Update: The source of Roger Franklin’s ejumikashun.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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