Methane, Arctic and EZ Water

The Anthony Watts site has published a post dealing with a recent scientific experiment concerning the tracking of ocean seabed methane to the Earth’s surface. The surprise is that this methane somehow does not enter the atmosphere but seems to stop just below the ocean surface.


Ocean floor observatories, research ship and airplane were deployed to a area of 250 active methane gas flares in the Arctic Ocean. CREDIT Torger Grytå/CAGE

And it’s summer, there’s no sea ice to stop the methane from getting into the air and what’s going on?

Easy peasy – EZ water, or exclusion zone water where incident infrared radiation on water at an interface, here ocean/atmosphere, causes a depletion of protons away from the interface forming liquid crystal water in which the water molecules form ‘plates’ in an hexagonal configuration, much like ice, (see Jerry Pollack’s research work).

This liquid crystal water is reflected by pH which quantifies proton content as shown below:


Figure 1. pH and TCO2 profiles at two stations in the North Pacific vs. North Atlantic. Data were collected by Wang’s group through this project. Source

EZ water is characterised by high pH or proton poor water.  EZ water is limited to about 450 m BSL below which it then returns to bulk water that is internally structureless. (update: on second thought the lower limit might be 250m BSL, water above being proton poor, water below proton rich, the transition being at the marked kink in the pH values as one descends).

It’s EZ water that stops the methane from escaping into the atmosphere, during quiet conditions.

Of course the $64K question is where does the methane then go?  Obviously it must have settled somewhere else, which seems a bit unsettling for the settled climate marxists, so they have a lot more work to do.

And I have direct personal experience with EZ water as well, (as would anyone who has rowed a boat on still water, whether lake or ocean). During the 1960’s when I spent a short time on a Surf Life Saving Club rowing boat, me up at the bow, practice is usually scheduled during the wee hours of the morning and when there is no wind, moving the boat through the water is slower than normal because of the presence of ‘dead water’. Then we did not know it was due to the ‘EZ-Water’ effect when we were actually trying to row the boat through liquid crystal water.

And they reckon the science is settled!

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Methane, Arctic and EZ Water

  1. THX1138 says:

    I applaud your reporting on the bleeding edge of true science in today’s milieu of scientific corruption. Bravo! If I had any respect for the Nobel Prize Committee, I’d say Jerry deserved one, but I think the world should crowdfund him an equally sized award. It would be oh so much more meaningful than anything institutional “science” could award, both to Jerry and his team, and to the people as well.


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