More Green Stupidity

Steel Metallurgy – a complex topic if there ever was one. So what are the basic chemical reactions associated with manufacturing steel?


Iron ore, coke (carbon, coal) and limestone are fed into the blast furnace.

Essentially the chemical reaction is

3Fe2O3 + CO = CO2 + 2Fe3O4 which starts at 850F

Fe3O4 + CO = CO2 + 3 FeO which starts at 1100F

FeO + CO = CO2 + Fe or FeO + C = CO + Fe which starts at 1300F

The process of making steel is to remove the oxygen out of the iron ore by converting it to CO2.

But if you kill off coal mining, and also reduce emission of CO2, then you would need to also close iron ore mining and downstream steel/iron manufacturing process to remain consistent in reducing CO2 emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions thus entails not only killing off coal mining but also iron mining and terminating the iron age.

They are simply barking mad.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. I spent my professional life looking for mineral deposits, found some, and also located a number of kimberlites in NSW and Western Australia. Exploration geology is the closest one can get to practicing the scientific method, mineral exploration always being concerned with finding anomalous geophysical or geochemical data, framing a model and explanation for the anomaly and then testing it with drilling or excavation. All scientific theories are ultimately false since they invariably involved explaining something with incomplete extant knowledge. Since no one is omniscient or knows everything, so too scientific theories which are solely limited to existing knowledge. Because the future always yields new data, scientific theories must change to be compatible with the new data. Thus a true scientist is never in love with any particular theory, always knowing that when the facts change, so too must he/she change their minds.
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2 Responses to More Green Stupidity

  1. malagabay says:

    They are simply barking mad.

    I guess you’ve stopped taking the your daily medication from the Green Tube.
    The medication conveniently spherically shaped to remind everyone it complete balls πŸ™‚


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