Orlando and Oil

Thierry Meyssan has penned an interesting opinion that “The Drop in oil prices upsets the geopolitical chessboard“. His interpretation is based on the fallacies of Peak Oil theory initially proposed by M. King Hubbert, but based on the earlier economic fallacies of Malthus. The net result is that the industrialised West is firmly under the yoke of Malthusian economics and the belief of finite resources.

The basic error the West has made is with its belief of fossil fuels. This belief is based on the widely held belief that biological life is a recent addition to the inert physical universe created by God or Allah, or whatever miraculous deity one worships. In this world-view creation of the inert universe occurred some 14 billion years ago, the Earth some 4 billion years ago and life some 600 million years ago; fossil fuels are thus very youthful recycled deposits of biomass and thus intrinsically finite.

Meyssan also notes that global warming theory is also linked to imagined resource depletion.

The fact is that the empire’s armies need petroleum products to work, and if those petroleum reserves are finite and diminishing, according to Hubbert and his successors, then this is seen as a problem and the West’s hydrocarbon resources need to be secured.

Hence the reason the West is involved in the Middle East.

Except Peak Oil hasn’t happened — we have a veritable glut of hydrocarbons.

But the West need not meddle in the Middle East, let alone the Ukraine and the Caspian oil fields. That they do so is because their petroleum scientists remain wedded to the Fossil Fuel Theory, which itself assumes the miracle of biblical creation.

Except that biblical creation is a nonsense.

Emperically anywhere there are substantial coal deposits, there will be deeper petroleum accumulations.  Pertroleum is part of the Hydrogen-Carbon system and has nothing to do with the biosphere apart from the fact that it is the primary food/energy source for the biosphere. Petroleum is essentially a mantle product of the H-C system and is continuously being emitted as CH4, methane, towards the surface and well explained by the exponents of the Abiotic Oil theory.

Europe and England have adequate petroleum reserves under their own lands under the coal deposits as does the US and Canada, and Australia. They don’t need to be meddling in the Middle East for oil.

But because Western Science is founded on the apriorism of divine creation, which logically leads to the fabrication of our mainstream scientific beliefs, it cannot see how its world-view of scientific materialism is fundamentally flawed.

It does not help that 2.4 billion Christian and 1.5 billions Muslims together believe in miracles either, but they do, and the belief in fossil fuels will thus not be easily countered by ratiocination.

So the continued Islamic guerilla war being waged on the West in reaction to its meddling in the Middle East will continue for as long as the followers of the Abrahamic religions continue to believe their miracles.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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One Response to Orlando and Oil

  1. THX1138 says:

    Putting the words “belief” and “science” in the same sentence is a shame, but since science has become a religion, it turns out to be correct. Scientists constantly use the phrase “we believe”, call nonconformists “heretics”, and their existing gauze of theories “dogma”. They tell on themselves.

    One only need to read Dr. Thomas Gold’s “The Deep, Hot Biosphere, The Myth of Fossil Fuels” to understand that petroleum (not “fossil fuel”), is a constantly renewing resource here on earth. Supposedly dry oil wells here on Earth, capped as economically useless, have later been uncapped and discovered to be full again. Dr. Gold reveals that thermophilic, methane-eating (and other hydrocarbon-eating) Archaea live in a huge biosphere underground. In fact there is more life below the ground than above. These microbes which eat the petroleum are the reason for the contamination of petroleum with bacteria, and life-molecules. Petroleum is a product of chemical reactions between carbonaceous rock and water under heat and pressure.

    Also, just look at Saturn’s largest moon, Titan to see a huge body of even more obviously abiotic hydrocarbons. Indeed, most of the gas giant planets’ large moons are loaded with hydrocarbons.

    Russian scientists have known for decades that petroleum is an abiotic, constantly renewing resource that can be found very deep underground in all sorts of rock strata, including basalt.


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