Infinite Universe?

I’ve been watching some of the video taped presentations at the EU 2016 conference just held in Phoenix Arizona. In the final Q&A session the question of ‘Is the Universe infinite or not’ arose.

If the universe is finite then it must be an object and possess shape, in other words its outer bounding surface. This implies the existence of a god or creator. After all the created universe and a creator have to be distinct entities, no?

If the universe is infinite however, and then what does that mean anyway, then it is unbounded and shapeless and would exist as a unified interconnected whole. This scenario automatically precludes the existence of anything separate to the infinite universe, because if there was, then we are dealing with two entities, which have to have shape and thus means being finite.

And if you cease thinking is there still a universe?

And if you stop thinking do you still remain conscious?

In my experience I haven’t come across any god, so I accept the universe is infinite, and that it’s continuously being formed, on the fly as it were, by an underlying consciousness of which I am part, but separate from in the imaginal world of the Ego that is formed by the process of thinking which can only exist in a 3-D existence.

The important thing is not to think too much, let alone letting it become a habit, for then you become religious.

Update: Small correction above and in addition the I, the Ego, the observer is formed by the process of thinking.

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3 Responses to Infinite Universe?

  1. William Frankeberger says:


    Ha! Nice thought-provoking article. Thanks. One thing: You say, “If the universe is infinite … This scenario automatically precludes the existence of anything separate to the infinite universe, because if there was, then we are dealing with two entities, which have to have shape and thus means being finite.”

    But… what is “God” is not an “entitie”, just beyond It all and numbers and physicalities are rather beside the point?

    I’m enjoying your blog articles, by the way. Especially your thoughts on the EU.


    • Thank you 🙂

      The God issue is something I’m drafting but I need to represent it as a graphic to show the inter connectedness of all things graphically.

      Briefly, Amit Goswami’s model of monistic idealism posits a fundamental consciousness that is continuously forming an ever changing 3-D physical reality of which we are a part, obviously.

      We extend -physical reality into the imaginable by the process of thinking and generally disconnect ourselves from this reality by the act of thinking continuously. It’s a seriously addictive mental state and it is also important to understand how we think, and also why we then think.

      So God is an idea created by the thinking process of the human brain, as is this explanation…when I think about it.

      So my guess is that this super-consciousness that is forming reality is God to which we are individually connected but also disconnected by acquiring the habit of thinking.

      But the gods that our ancestors worshipped were the planets and when those receded into the distance and no longer threatened us, some people then substituted an abstraction for the removed physical. That’s the God most religions mean when they peer up to the heavens, and that story is fully described at the site.

      For most of my life I had to wear spectacles to correct the myopia I acquired when I was 10 years old or so. I discovered the Bates method of vision correction later on and discovered Bates was correct in his theory. Only recently did I come across an updated analysis of his theory and this update stressed the importance of realising that sight is essentially a mental process in which when one is looking at something it is the mind itself that is creating the image the eyes are seeing.

      But if the mind is also thinking about something else that process interferes with its visual processIng causing visual strain and thus erroneous vision. When the brain is relaxed, which means the mind is simply observing the whatever out there, one has good vision. I experience this now and my vision is now close to 20/20.

      So it’s not the physical eye that is seeing, it is the mind that is seeing, so one has to look with the mind’s eye, and not with the eyeball itself. That is a habit I must have acquired when young and it’s a workout now to get oneself out of it.

      It’s what Jiddu Krishnamurti described as the observer – observed duality created by the precess of thinking. When you fall asleep the ego, the I, the observer, the id, disappears. When we wake up our ego activates again once thought starts it’s process.

      The error we make is believing that thinking is consciousness. No it’s not as psychologist Karl Pribrahm showed in his work where the human organism became aware of an applied stimulus before the mind did. So there is an underlying, subconsciousness that we have become disconnected from by the habituating process of thinking.

      But the God discussed here is Goswami’s ‘consciousness’, or as Yoda would described it as the ‘Force” :-).

      The most difficult hurdle is to understand thought, and how it disconnects one from reality. But purposefully trying to stop thinking is still thinking and thus will never reach its goal. There is no goal actually, only there here and now, the what is. Cliched this is but it comes to you, not you to it, and it happens when the mind is relaxed, attentive but also relaxed. Meditation and other ‘religious’ exercises will never work.

      Look out to the distance. Focus you attention to whatever the scene is. But start thinking on something different while at the same time looking outwards and eye strain occurs because the mind cannot do two things at once.

      There is no separate God and us as creations, but simply one unified whole that we seem to have become disconnected from by the process of thinking.


  2. tejasvisoi says:

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