Brexit – Leave Wins

The British have voted to leave the EU by about 1 million votes.

This means that they have CHOSEN to manage themselves rather than have Brussles manage them.

They actually chose capitalism in preference to socialism. Either authority determines how you behave, or you do it yourself.

Amazing result that the progressives probably won’t be able to comprehend.

Update: Gilad Atzmon generally confirms my interpretation

The demography of the referendum suggests that it is primarily the British working people who want to leave the EU. In the last four decades they have watched manufacturing dying out. They saw an economic bubble that left many of them impoverished and off the property ladder. But it wasn’t really the EU that caused all of it and leaving the EU may not improve things. Milton Friedman, who taught ‘free market’ philosophy to Margaret Thatcher, never lived in Brussels. Friedman believed in the service economy. He also believed that capitalism wasn’t just a great idea, it was also very good for the Jews. Goldman Sachs, George Soros and others who fecklessly destroy one country after another are also not part of the Brussels Government. The British vote was actually a vote against Goldman Sachs, Soros, Friedman and cultural Marxism, but most of them do not know it yet. 

Yesterday the Brits proved, once again, that they are a brave people. They made a decision that they understood could inflict some serious difficulties on their society. Knowing that, they marched into the Brexit with pride and I admire their courage.  The Brits voted against immigration, banksters, the global economy, the City and the two parties that have facilitated this disaster for decades.  However, the Brits failed to attack the root cause of the problem.  Leaving the EU is not going to emancipate them. For Jewish oligarchy, the Brexit is a red alert. ‘Hands off’ would be the most clever strategy. Can they follow this humble advice? I doubt it. 

The working class demographic angle is an eye opener – and the link to global cultural marxism is unsurprising and this game is still very much in play.

Update 1: More from Armstrong Economics, with an extract but the rest at the link…

Exactly on our cyclical model, the UK voted to leave the EU (52% to 48%) in a historic referendum after 43 years (half 8.6). David Cameron has announced he will resign as prime minister in October, and all one can say is good riddance. Cameron is stepping down despite the fact that 84 Eurosceptic Tory MPs signed a letter calling on David Cameron to continue as prime minister whatever the result of the referendum. That was just a joke for Cameron betrayed his own country. It would have been inconceivable for Cameron to remain as prime minister after making the biggest political decision of his life that has been proven to be spectacularly wrong.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that voters have “spoken clearly” and the government’s job is to “get on with that decision, protecting the economy and doing all we can to get the best outcome for Britain.” This is the best decision for Britain; otherwise, Brussels, which has become the sinking Titanic, will drag the country down. The attempt by Brussels to extinguish democracy with its arrogant attitude that the elite know better will now begin to set in throughout Europe. Already, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi tweeted: “We have to change (the EU) to make it more human and more just, but Europe is our home, it’s our future.”

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2 Responses to Brexit – Leave Wins

  1. THX1138 says:

    Congrats to the Brits! However, since the vote is not binding on Parliament, anything can still happen, and I can almost assure you that the people will not be happy.


  2. fabio says:

    Death to Fourth Reich !


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