Brexit and the Young

It seems the young demographic voted to remain while their grandparents, voted to leave.

This has led to the view that as the oldies are not going to be around when the UK finally exits and the elite forecasted belief that Brexit will mean an economic catastrophe for the UK, then the over 60’s should not be allowed to vote on issues that are well in the future.

This reminds me of the saying that if you are young you have a heart and believe in socialism, but if you still believe in socialism when you are older, then you have no brain.

I suspect that when they get older they might slowly realise that their parents and grandparents were right after all, and the leaving the EU was the right decision.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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5 Responses to Brexit and the Young

  1. malagabay says:

    In the Scottish referendum the older generation was blamed for voting STAY.

    In the EU referendum the older generation is being blamed for voting LEAVE.

    It’s just seems like more divide and conquer noise.

    The interesting bit is that full spectrum dominance based upon herding the younger generation of twit-ers and farce-bookers hasn’t actually achieved dominance when it comes to voting.

    But it’s an excellent rabble rousing device that can feed the old media narratives.

    And you have to remember the poor little dears have been fully exposed to EU propaganda porn for their entire lives.

    On The Road To Victory
    Inspired by the EU budget, a class of international students from Bratislava funds an adventure-packed school trip across Europe.

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    • I just watched the movie “The Ghost” directed by Roman Polanski and actors Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor. Politics of the more arcane type. The observation that many seem to only see what they believe needs to be factored into any analysis. It’s simply cultural marxism when you analyse it. But as Jane Marple might observe, the world’s changing but some haven’t changed with it.


  2. malagabay says:

    Paul Joseph Watson gives the Millennials a less charitable mauling.


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