The Fabrication of History, again

There must be some truth to the statement that the political left only see what they believe, and the corrollary, that the conservatives only believe what they see. So it’s interesting to read Media Watch Dog‘s analysis of the recent political advertisement of the conservative Coalition parties. The advertisement involved a ‘tradie’; I have not seen it by the way.

The Liberal Party’s “Tradie” advertisement went to air on Sunday night – and immediately sparked a “fake tradie” campaign by the Sandalista Set on Twitter. Indeed, the faketradie hashtag trended on Twitter as leftists decided that no real tradie could support a Coalition government.

By Monday morning, the powers-that-be at the ABC News and Current Affairs were well and truly on to the “Fake Tradie” scandal. The World Today knew precisely how to handle the story. It went straight to former Age journalist Andrea Carson who lectures in Media and Politics at the University of Melbourne. This is what Dr Carson (for a doctor she is) told TWT’s Tim Iggulden on Monday 20 June 2016:

Tom Iggulden : Perched nonchalantly on a workbench, nestling a coffee cup and dressed in the obligatory high-vis safety vest and khaki work clothes, an actor looks into the camera and delivers his lines….It’s the Liberal Party’s latest TV spot, which went to air last night and it’s already been derided on social media as the “fake tradie” ad. Underscoring the clunky lines are some less-than-believable visual references. Social media posts pointed out that the tradie in the ad looks like he’s set up his workbench in a laneway outside a building site, not on the site itself. And he was wearing what appeared to be a gold watch and heavy chain link jewellery. Media and Politics lecturer at the University of Melbourne, Andrea Carson, says the negative reaction on social media is justified.

Andrea Carson: There’s not too many tradies you see wearing loose chain jewellery, especially around some fairly high-powered equipment.

Tom Iggulden: Yeah, there was a circular saw there in background, wasn’t it?

Andrea Carson: That was. I mean my own background is a rural one and the first rule is you never wear jewellery once you get out and about and start mixing it with machinery…. I don’t think we can blame the actor here. I think anyone cast in this role, it’s just got a clunkiness to it because the language is not right, the “stick with you blokes”, the “stick with this mob” and ultimately these campaigns are tightly managed and the responsibility of campaign headquarters.

A brilliant analysis, to be sure. Of a kind which you would expect from a Lecturer in Media and Politics at the University of Melbourne. Er, except that the so-called “actor” was not an actor at all. He was a real tradie – a certain Andrew MacRae from Lane Cove on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. The existence of Mr MacRae was revealed shortly after noon on Monday by the Daily Mail Australia – around the same time that Tom and Andrea Carson were advising The World Today listeners that the tradie was an actor.

(Gerard Henderson describes more instances in the media on the link above).

So the person in the advertisement was actually a real tradie but how did the lefty intelligensia get it so wrong? Again. Fabricating reality that if uncorrected then becomes historical reality if some future researcher decides to rexamine the data centuries later, perhaps. And here’s the problem – the intelligensia, and they are mostly of the political left, don’t do it wilfully, they actually believe it to be so.

That is simply frightening. And as they also write history, one simply cannot take any ‘official’ history at face value.

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Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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