Anti-Brexit – Democracy

Looks like a rebellion is in the offing in tthe UK – some 2 million petitioners now want a second vote as they weren’t happy with the democratic decision of 23rd June. They now want the definition of democracy to mean 60:40 and not 50+/50- that is the present definition.

So the UK may not leave the EU after all.

We live in interesting times.

The indoctrination of the young isn’t turning out as planned – why the young wastrells are starting to think. Who would have thunk.

Update: Zerohedge posts this salient observation:

Two days after the shocking Brexit result, the nightmares for the Remain camp – which refuses to accept a democratic reality – will not go away. As a result, it has gotten to the farcical point where disgruntled Remain voters have launched a petition demanding a second EU referendum, having clearly forgotten that it was the dramatically low turnout among their ranks that allowed the Leave vote to have such a knockout victory. To be sure this is a well-known technocrat approach: keep voting and revoting until the desired outcome is finally achieved.


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4 Responses to Anti-Brexit – Democracy

  1. PeterMG says:

    The numbers on the petition are being generated by bots. Its already a dead duck. Article 50 won’t be enacted until after the French and German elections next year, I would say not before NOV 2017 and perhaps later. So don’t expect anything to happen immediately.

    The whinge from the liberal left has been something to behold. And the BBC has directly aided and abetted this as they look sure to have an illegal revenue stream from the EU cut off. Interesting times yes, but not for the reasons you may imagine.

    One shocking thing to have come out of this is the baby boomers are the main group to have voted out, with the young millennials seemingly unable to think for themselves. 3 of my 4 offspring voted out, with only my eldest, a senior registrar in the NHS still brainwashed. So I get 75% which was B+ when I was at school and is A today.


  2. PeterMG says:

    And I may add the sulk from our Prime Minister is an embarrassment to his position. Just shows you how out of touch they are. He was correct to resign, but not to abandon ship and allow it to head towards the rocks. I thought he was self serving, arrogant and useless, but this just confirms it.


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