Petroglyphs, Plasma and Comets

Flicking through Malaga Bay’s post on Justinian’s Raging Bulls,  I noticed an interesting diagram used by Clube and Napier showing various interpreted cometary shapes printed in the Chinese Mawangdui Silk Texts below, Figure 1)

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.39.30 AM.png

Figure 1

But these are simply pictures of plasma instabilities similar to the global-wide occurrences of petroglyphs described by Peratt and others. Those have been provisionally dated to some 10,000 years ago purely on the basis that they must have been carved in the neolithic period or earlier; the evolutionary apriorism theory.

However the pictures above were recorded during the Han Dynasty, ~ -200 AD to +200 AD, which is near enough to the Roman Termination Event of 650 AD. This suggests the global petroglyphs carved on various rocks might have also been carved at the same time, recording the same celestial phenomena during the iron age, when iron tools were available to carve the petroglyphs but after the cometary destruction the various global civilisations.

Which puts the neolithic period to where it belongs, after the Roman Era.

And suggests the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime period was also coincident with the Middle Dark Ages, 235 AD to 920 AD for which there are no archaeological strata but plenty of rock paintings often over the top of the vitrified Bradshaw rock art.

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6 Responses to Petroglyphs, Plasma and Comets

  1. I forgot to mention that the RTE was global, and terminated the Mayan civilisation amongst others, and was also the Pleistocene Extinction event.


  2. THX1138 says:

    I’m glad more focus from many eyes is being given to this era. I would really like to know when this series of events took place. I’m very surprised that the celestial electrical interactions might have taken place more recently than Thornhill, Talbot and Smith’s (et. al.) estimated 10-12,000 years ago. Of course, there were likely many separate interactions as the planets stabilized their orbits with respect to each other and the Sun, after a (our) Herbig Haro system entered the Solar System’s double layer (heliosphere), suddenly becoming electrically “visible” to the Sun, with the brown dwarf Saturn, Earth, Mars, Venus and perhaps others tagging along.

    Further information on the “Peratt Instabilities” can be seen at Diocotron instability – (The Plasma Universe Wikipedia-like Encyclopedia)

    “The diocotron instability (also called the slipping stream plasma instability), is “one of the most ubiquitous instabilities in low density nonneutral plasmas with shear in the flow velocity [.. that can ..] occur in propagating non-neutral electron beams and layers”.[2] [3] It may give rise to electron vortices,[4], which resembles the Kelvin-Helmholtz fluid dynamical shear instability, and occurs when charge neutrality is not locally maintained.[5] The term diocotron derives from the Greek διωκειν, meaning “pursue.”


    • Well the Han dynasty records seem to suggest similar events took place but I’m not sure the Thunderbolt people have actually assigned firm dates. They reject Charlie Ginenthal’s chronology for a start, and probably accept the standard mainstream chronology more out of habit than anything else. If you believe in biological evolution you necessarily impose a rigid structure onto one’s historical reconstruction, so stone age has to precede bronze and iron age etc.

      It may be an intellectual jump too far at present for many to make.


  3. THX1138 says:

    Since you are a history expert, I thought this link may be useful to you:

    Plasma Universe Timeline – (The Plasma Universe Wikipedia-like Encyclopedia)


    • Goodness, the time line stops at Alfven’s passing in 1995, after which nothing. Being Wiki this is of course the mainstream perspective and thus very PC.


      • THX1138 says:

        No, look again, it is not wikipedia, but is a personal website in the free “wiki” format. Alfven was, of course, the Nobel prize winning, lifelong champion of the Electric Universe theory, who was largely ignored by the scientific priesthood. Let me see if I can find another timeline that someone else has put together. By the way, it is possible for groups of people to collaborate online to produce a digital timeline, if people would be interested…

        Aha, here it is. Nothing is known about The Heinsohn Horizon, however.

        Saturnian Cosmology!date=71686364%20BC-06-30_04:34:52!


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