NICE and Oil

The only reason NATO and the Anglosphere are in the Middle East is to secure the oil.

It seems the New York Times, among others, doesn’t understand the motive for the latest killing of civilians in France by muslims a day ago.

Perhaps it is the killing of people in the Middle East by NATO and its puppet masters that might offer a clue.

The West is in the Middle East for oil security.

Because they believe in Peak Oil Theory which is derived from the Biogenic theory of oil formation, which is based on creationism entailed in the cosmic Big Bang Theory. Biological life in this model only appeared 600 million years ago, and appeared spontaneously according to the theory of Evolution. So the biosphere is a surface phenomenon of finite extent, and oil deposits were solely formed from the deposition of this recent biosphere.

This theory is wrong because it is deduced not from a scientific fact but from a theological imperative of creation, the process by which something is produced from nothing.

They have it quite back to front.

Oil is formed in the upper mantle following the chemistry of the H-C system, aka as the Russian-Ukrianian theory of abiotic oil.

Coal deposits are formed from upwelling mantle methane.

Logically petroleum deposits should be found deeper underneath coal rich regions.

Abiotic oil is more or less infinite for practical purposes.

But if you believe in God or Allah, then you, of necessity, have to believe in Creation, and in the idea that something can be formed from nothing. Creation is a fiction and any theory deduced from a fiction will itself be a fiction.

As the late Oliver Cromwell pleaded with his Catholic opponents all those centuries ago, they should at least consider the possibility that they might be mistaken, paraphrasing him. But I doubt it.

But as long as the West believes in biogenic oil theory, and hence Peak Oil Theory, no good will come from our messing about in the Middle East. And I would rather attempt to stop a spooked herd of Wildebeests than try to convince the mainstream that its core premises are faulty. They are really quite, quite stupid, but then, they never learnt how to think in the first place, only what to think.


About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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5 Responses to NICE and Oil

  1. THX1138 says:

    The US, at least, has no reason to be in the Middle East insofar as petroleum is concerned. The US has huge, untapped, and even capped reserves of oil and gas. There is no shortage, there is a glut in fact. There is so much oil already brought to the surface, that many, many oil tankers are kept at sea full of oil, waiting for there to be room in the market stream to unload.

    The reason for the US, at least, and probably the UK to be in the Middle East is to push forward the Jewish, Zionist agenda, which is to own the entire Levant region, a strategically powerful trade and war zone. Israel is positioning itself to rule the world from Jerusalem, enforcing communist government on the entire Earth.


  2. THX1138 says:

    Oh, and thank you for reminding me that I still have not read the entire book, The Deep Hot Biosphere, the Myth of Fossil Fuels by Thomas Gold.. I’ll make a point now to finish it. I have a 17 MB pdf scan of the book, if you want a copy.


  3. Ian MacCulloch says:

    Hi Louis,
    It may not be the oldest recording of bacteria but the live microbes have been recovered from the Witswaterand deep mines assuming an age of somewhere about 1.25B ago.
    The aim is to try and get some of the oldest Archean samples and attempt to extract bacteria from those.


    • Hi Ian,

      Oh, that’s interesting. When I worked for De Beers we discovered the presence of worn alluvial diamonds in the Witswatersrand conglomerates, along with Au. Another anachronism.


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