C’est La Vie

I’ve decided to remove myself from opinionating, both political and scientific, because I’ve realised my opinion is simply no different to trying to fly a kite in a hurricane.

So this is the last post here.

Have I given up ? No. Just fighting progressivism differently by not baring the nape of my neck.

Clue? Go read the writings of Jiddu and UG Krishnamurti.

Geology is the history of the physical evolution of the Earth, but in the here and now, this knowledge doesn’t mean anything; for it cannot be changed since it is history. But it can be interpreted, in many ways, but those interpretations remain in and of the past, and as interpretations of that past, merely extrapolations of the past to the present.

Many assert the means justify the end, and others that the end justifies the means; but for me, the means are the end.

Update: Andrew Bolt’s book launch in Melbourne Australia has been cancelled, ostensibly for family illness. But Alan Moran, Writing on Catallaxy Files hints at another reason – the foul advertisements promising to make the book launch unpleasant.  The political left seem to be gaining more courage, and as they also seem in league with the Islamicists, I would suggest potential victims should keep their heads below the parapets until this blows over as it will. I also publish on the Henry Thornton site and that has to find a new server within the month.  Times are boring at present but they will become more interesting and in order to survive one needs to be boring.

Update: And then again reading the comments below, I might have been too precipitous. I’m reading P.N. Oat’s various books (See Malaga Bay for the list) and his description of Islam is very critical but in line with what civilised peoples think of Islam – a barbarous collectivist totalitarian theology.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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12 Responses to C’est La Vie

  1. PeterMG says:

    I’m sorry to hear this, I very much enjoyed your posts, refreshing I call them and as an engineer with a love of science, if not a full understanding, I have been dismayed for a long time by how narrow minded science has become. I suppose it was the climate change meme that drove me to this view originally and alerted me as to the complacency of the general public to know-nothing experts. I think with the electric universe we are seeing a slow change in understanding. It is becoming impossible for the scientists at NASA or the European space agency to ignore what we can now see and measure with all the wonderful technology that is available. All the best and how you reconsider.

    By the way I would answer more of your posts but just run out of time everyday. I work harder now than ever, when my expectation was of being able to back off.


    • And then I might not, since changing my mind is simply being scientific.


      • William A. McQuiddy says:

        Your’s is the most trustworthy, please don’t quit.

        i spent some time many moons ago checking the data on the bible’s account in the new testament, which proved the authors were not Jewish. But, I was unable to discover where it originated. its rather long, but if you would like a copy, I could mail it -if I may have your address.

        W.A. McQuiddy, Austin, Texas



  2. Thanks for posting what you did. Cheers!


  3. THX1138 says:

    Whaaaat??? Oh No! I’ve been fascinated by what you’ve been learning and discovering and uncovering, and you have inspired me to reach farther and wider in my own new education than I ever have before. Everything you have posted is new to me, and I try to fit it all in with what I have already learned. If you really stop, I will sincerely miss your posts. Maybe just a nice vacation will renew your spirits?


  4. THX1138 says:

    Well, I’m not familiar with Henry Thornton (link?) or Tim Cullen (link?). And I’m so glad you are reconsidering.


  5. Ian MacCulloch says:

    Before you go off into the sunset there is a report for you to read that is co-authored by the USGS and Purdue University which claims >1.0 g/t of gold of tonne in the coals of Pennsylvanian age in the USA. It is true with the highest grades being reported from the Illinois Basin. I do have a copy of said report. Now at those grades and given the huge tonnages being consumed each year in the power stations then it would be fair to expect the fields of the mid west to be bathed in gold. Sadly, that is not the case. However, the coals themselves are anomalous within the stratigraphic succession with their high trace element content including sulphur as pyrite. The same can be said for the underlying mid Devonian shales that while rich in methane also contain a very high trace element load that are more akin the exhalative volcanic successions. Both these sequences are at odds with the remainder of the sedimentary succession going back to the Cambrian. It is a flight of fancy to imply the abiotic creation of methane as the active bacteria population ensures the constant supply of methane from the abundant organic material in the shales and in the coals. We recently ran a 5 year trial on continuously producing a suite of methane and above gases from coals from Bulli, Shanxi and Illinois.
    Don’t give up now the fun is only just starting.


    • Oh I have not given up, just getting jaded and wondering just what is true and false in history and so called scientific ‘facts’.

      I’ve also got down hole survey data that has quantified a serious gravity anomaly which none of the tame geophysicists I used could explain. Thornhill’s electric gravity might be a better model. And I need to get it published, which I will in NCGT Journal, once I work out how to explain the physics of that survey data.

      It’s causing my brain to hurt. 🙂


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