Climate Ignorance

The pukka Indians defending India’s northern border at Siachen are not only being threatened by bandits and insurgents, but also by glaciers, ten soldiers already being killed during February.

The deaths are caused by avalanches, the frequency of which has increased by some 30% while the quantum of snow fall has doubled.

Minimum average temperatures have increased from minus 40°C to minus 30°C and the avereage maximum temperature increased from 13°C to 15.5°C.

The logic is that the rise in minimum temperature is not allowing snow to freeze into hard ice so it remains moist producing slippery slopes and thus fueling avalanches.

Pukka Nonsense yet again, sahib.

Ice freezes at 0°C so whether the minimum is minus 40°C or minus 30°C is neither here nor there. It will still freeze into hard ice.

No, the reason avalanches have increased 30% is due to the doubling of snow being deposited in the mountains. Overloading the existing glaciers with more snow simply means more avalanches, similar to glacier calving that is caused by massive deposition of snow upstream observed elsewhere.

H/T Anthony Watts

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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3 Responses to Climate Ignorance

  1. THX1138 says:

    Exactly. Thank you very much for the logic and the science, as opposed to the (vast) ignorance and assumptions.


  2. PeterMG says:

    When I first entered the science lab at school at about 11 or 12 we did a few fundamental experiments (that could not harm us at such a tender age) that our science teacher said we must always remember. One of these was to teach us that as water changes phase from solid to liquid and liquid to gas and on the way back that the rise or fall in temperature due to energy input or energy release at the phase change point pauses whilst the entire amount would change phase.

    This physical behaviour of water at the phase change is very important, and whilst we all know now that water is even stranger and more amazing than we could have ever imagined back then, if every child was taught some of the very basics of science properly they would quickly see the above statements for what they are, complete nonsense.

    Todays education is rubbish. I say this as a parent who has seen all 4 of my children through university, the eldest is a doctor and my youngest son has a degree in Micro biology. The other two did humanities. All of them found school science “easy” and if it was not for my wife and I challenging them to think, and engaging with them every night at the diner table they would not be as well equipped as they are, no matter how clever they think they are.


    • The really interesting fact is that the specific heat of water is double that for either ice or water vapour.


      It seems half of the required energy raises the temperature of water 1°C and the other half causing electric charge separation in water, much like charging an electrical battery, according to Gerard Pollack’s research into the fourth phase of water. This fact is not incorporated into any climate model. In fact most climate scientists have no understanding of electricity apart from the fact that it comes out of wires attached to the sockets on the wall. And geologists know even less, it seems.


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