Science or Theology?

It is well known that the Jesuit physicist, Georges LeMaitre, conceived the astronomical Big Bang Theory in order, as the late Hannes Alfven recalled, to reconcile his physics with his theology.  Afterwards Albert Einstein thought it an excellent explanation.

But which spawned what?

Clearly it was LeMaitre’s theology that spawned the Big Bang theory, partly supported by the observation of the astronomical red-shift, later shown to have been misinterpreted by the late Halton Arp, that the red-shift is not a measure of distance.

So it is theology that is driving science, rather than science, theology.

One of the problems the Big Bang theory has is explaining how, after the initial explosion where everything is moving away from everything else, that in the future, this outward motion mysteriously reverses and matter begins to accrete or accumulate. An expanding universe cannot have colliding galaxies by simple definition, and neither is it possible for matter moving away from every other particle of matter, to then suddenly reverse direction, and start to accrete; it is simply a theological nonsense in which the miraculous dominates.

Yet it is the standard astronomical model, in which stars form from gravitational accretion, along with planets. that dominates scientific modelling of the solar system and the earth leading to some novel, often bizarre, explanations.

And it all starts with the assumption of an unobserved event, Creation.

The problem for the Creationists is that it, creation, is not a physical event but an imagined event by pre-existing humans, since the humans had to first exist in order to subsequently think and then imagine concepts, in order to explain physical reality.

However, like it or not, separation of the church and state is a recent innovation of civilisation, and while theoretically established, it is clear that religion continues to determine political reality, and how science is conducted.

I cannot imagine 2.5 billion Christians, 1.5 billion Muslims, 1 billion Hindus etc contemplating a scientific theory that contradicts their core civilisational idea based on creation.

As Voltaire is alleged to have said, it is dangeous being right when government is wrong.

About Louis Hissink

Retired diamond exploration geologist. Trained by Western Mining Corporation and polished by De Beers.
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